Brandon Gan,Hedras Ramos, Brian Sheu: Heavy Machinery - The Holdsworth appreciation jam

Uli Jon Roth: In Trance - 2012

Brandon Gan: demos WeeBo pedal - awesome tone alert!

Andy James: new solo album in the works

Boris Ulybyshev: piano tapping and pencil picking!

Tom Richardson: announces In Motion - a new fusion EP

Tom Quayle: Modern Legato Part 2 release date announced!

George Puleo,Bruce Brucato: Gamalon - Tecumseh 2002 - great rock fusion

George Marios: Kiko Jam, the jammiest of jams

Vanny Tonon: Hybrid Larry Carlton with Kor pedal

News: 50th Anniversary - 1990's DSL1 Demo

Dhalif Ali: joins the Gangnam Style Army!

Chris Broderick: innovative new pick clip coming soon