Grizaldi Adipramasatya, Meliani Siti Sumartini: 2nd song from our EP Helaragon

Ivan Vatev: Guitar play-through of "The Last Chance"

Felipe Hervoso: Anxiety - Hope - Official Guitar Playthrough

Cristian Torres, Joshua Bayliff: Lagoon - Official Guitar Playthrough

The Circle Pit: [家族] Kazoku // An Undying Illusion - Guitar Playthrough

Rob Guz: improvising on 11-stringed guitar to Stranger Things theme

Steffen Schackinger: Part Of A View - Fire Dance

Ed Garcia, Lucas Moscardini: Pagan playthrough from CAUSA

Ryan Hamilton,Youssef Ashraf: 'The Otherside' - 'Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair.'

Rick Graham: 'Insideout' - Guitar

Toshi Yanagi, Hajime Matsuda: Live at Blue Mood Shiodome Tokyo 2016.08.07

Leda: The Premiere of strandberg 2017

Allen Hinds: PCI Demonstration Japan Instrument fair 2016

Marco Sfogli: Still Hurts, Andromeda - Guitar Show performance at Milan 20 November 2016

Jeff Loomis: Schecter live clinic solos

Reb Beach: Live solo performance with Winger at the Whiskey A Go Go

Marco Sfogli: perform PFM Band outdoor live performance

Greg Howe: Masterclass at Ridglea School of Music 11.15.16

Allen Hinds: Xotic Guitarts Cuitar Clinic @ ROCK INN 新宿

Joe Satriani: Shockwave Tour 2016 Trailer by ZZ Satriani

Jen Majura, Adrian Weiss: "Complete Cut Loose" - ENGL TV

Phil Tougas: L'entité Guitar Playthrough - First Fragment

Michael Angelo Batio: 8 Pillars Of Steel w/DV Mark DV Little 250 M

Tom Quayle: live final of Guitar Idol 2016 will be held at London’s The 100 Club