Ines Soriano: Me and My other me

Vladimir Pocorschi: Pre-Production - New Project - ripping soloing

Damjan Pejcinoski, Pellumb Qerimi: fluid melodicity - two players at the top their game

David Maxim Micic, Aaron Marshall: new album announced "Who Bit The Moon!"

Mathias Sorof: Clown's Paradise - improvisation for two-handed-tapping singletone lines.

John Petrucci: Rockstars In Cars with Cosmo Music

Dylan Mattheisen: Tiny Moving Parts - "Good Enough" - progressive cinematic metal from Nashville

Austin Woodward: Echopraxia - Mortal Coil Guitar Playthrough - 080 and 060 by Aristides Guitars

Yvette Young: the brand new track from Covet - Ares - US tour dates

Arya Akbara, Reza Akbar Felayati, Malik Ganis: Methiums - The Undone - instrumental metalcore fusion from indonesia

Freddy, Ryuji : Serenity In Murder - Texture great Symphonic metal from Japan

Yohalmo Zelaya: Stuck in limbo - tastful two handed guitar playthrough

Lucas Moscardini: Vitalism guitarist shows a little part of the song Luxata from Causa EP

Christian Colabelli,Matt Guglielmo: Astaroth - Circuitry - dingwall, legator, ibanez

Larry Mitchell, Monette Marino, Frank Steffen Mueller: Larry Mitchell & Friends at Marriott | Godin Multiac

Daniele Raciti: Guitar Shred on Drum and Bass - Practicing time feel and legato

Rick Graham: My guest solo on 'Hos Down' by Jason Richardson

Nili Brosh: Nilick of the Week #109 - Over The Bar Line Lydian Arpeggios

Jess Lewis: Moving On And Getting Over

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh, Nita Strauss: Jill Janus Sound check Live # of Beast

Plini: "CASCADE" in North America plus UK/Europe tour dates

Scott Van Zen: "Sort Of Minor Blues" - super tasty from a master guitar player