Freddy, Ryuji : Serenity In Murder - Texture great Symphonic metal from Japan

TEXTURE - guitar playthrough by Serenity In Murder's guitarist Freddy and Ryuji.
Serenity In Murder - Symphonic Death Metal hailing from Japan
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Serenity In Murder 3rd Full Album "THE ECLIPSE"
‐ 2 0 1 7 . 2 . 8 O U T ‐
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Engineered, mixed and mastered by Hiro
Recorded at STUDIO PRISONER, Japan, 2016
Composed by Freddy

Filmed by focusus
Director : Shin Ishihara
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Coordinator : Wataru Nakada, Masanari Higashida

Serenity In Murder - TEXTURE|Freddy and Ryuji Guitar Playthrough