Bartłomiej Węgliński, Paweł Brzóska: Inspire Official guitar playthrough video for "Supernova".

Lizzy Black: Horizon Devices #dreamrigsolocontest

Lee Luland: Prospekt - Where Masters Fall (Solo)

I Wayan Balawan: Janger Bali - two necks, two hands

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Acoustic San Diego 2017

Yohei Kimura: Arch Echo 'Hip Dipper' cover

Sergey Golovin: Lick 18 - incredible fan picking

Hedras Ramos: moves to LA

Atanas Shishkov: "Minor Slow Funk" - Ibanez Prestige RG3250MZ DY

Sam Bell: Eternal Guitars 'Ariel' Demo

Rick Beato: Top 5 80's Metal Guitarists By Category - building the list with Chris Green

Travis Montgomery: Threat Signal - Walking Alone (Solo Playthrough)

Damian Salazar: We Are The World - street guitar jam by real player

Sarah Longfield: Autumn Air - stunning studio playthrough

Kaspar Jalily: Stunning Synth guitar jam - Jamorigin Midi guitar

Marshall Harrison: Friday Night Guitar - battling the gremlins to get those notes out on time

Walter Trout: Vintage Guitar magazine - Fargo Blues Festival

Dan James Griffin: Butterfly - Behind The Shoots and Playthrough

Steve Terreberry: Auto-Tuning Guitar! 53 and one half step bend.

Sophie Lloyd: Made of Wax from upcoming EP

Sarah Draper: two handed, eight string etude

Nicolas Waldo: Nebula - fret board melting Official Video Clip (2018)

Tim Pierce, Reece Phillips: 1959 Gibson ES-345 & 1959 Les Paul Reissue

Michael Dolce: playing over a Luca Mantovanelli backing track