Hedras Ramos: moves to LA

Hedras Ramos
Hello guys!
After 2 years of hard work I'm happy to announce that I became USA resident! It's been already 2 weeks since I moved here with my parents, I'm so grateful and excited for this, I believe this was just another step on the direction I want to go with my music and dreams. I'm totally excited, happy and really grateful.

I'm grateful with this great country (USA) for opening it's doors to me and my music, this is the land of the guitar and music and I'm totally excited for what's coming.

I'm also grateful with my parents, for their amazing support and being with me on this new adventure and to all my friends, family, students and fans back in Guatemala I want to tell you that I love you all, I'm grateful with my country Guatemala for spending 25 years of my life there!

But from now on I will call Los Angeles, CA "home" and I will just keep doing what I do and what I love to do and I'm already making new friends here that are helping me and giving me love, support and good vibes so life is exciting and things are possible if you put all you heart on it and you push as hard as you can!!

Ok guys see ya soon!