Tuesday, 20 January 2009

News: liquid metal guitars

A new guitar company, with some super cool looking guitars.


This is what our guitars are like in the hands of players, this is what happens all the time.

The guitars comes with a polishing cloth and everyone that picks up a guitar asks for it. When they have the cloth in their hand, they smile and they start to polish, a faraway look comes into their eyes. They just keep smiling, polishing, smiling, and polishing...and...Smiling and polishing.

Sometime later that same day.... with the polishing finished, they plug it in, play it and experience that sound we keep talking about. At the end of the day - it is all about the sound and the sound from these guitars is incredible. It is strong, full and rich yet able to whirl up into remarkably harmonious punches and screams. Now, back to the polishers, the grin on their face is even bigger and they start to shake their heads as they laugh.

Wow…is whispered as the conclusion.

This is what our guitars are like in the hands of players, this is what happens all the time. That makes us insanely proud. There is nothing like it, as when you build something that you are truly dig, that you are really into it and you spend tons of time and energy thinking and planning and just making certain that it is perfect and someone picks it up and plays it and is blown away... we love it, absolutely love it.

Now there are many factors that have come together to make the sound so, exceptional. Some factors expected and then other ones not expected. First we sought out talented sonic masters, like TV (Tom) Jones, of TV Jones pick ups and Lindy Fralin. We have these exceptional boutique pick up magicians handcraft pickups to the qualities of vibration and sustain of our metal bodies.

The second part, the unexpected part is how the sound is generated. The sustain vibrated or "whatevered" with the metal. We had heard the sound in metal might be muddy or tinny, like an acoustic steel guitar, but that ain’t what we got. We got a sustain that is clean and long with wonderfully complex dynamics.

We would be delighted to make you one of our players.
check out the guitar eye candy

Les Robot - Winner of the North American Guitar Player Competition, playing a Liquid Metal Guitar M1 TV Jones Special


Marshall Harrison: quantum theory from five reasonable axioms

Marshall Harrison says:
Here are some patterns to move around the neck in order to get economy picking down with the diminished scale.

5 Note per String Patterns for Guitar - Lesson by Marshall Harrison

Carina Alfie: namm 2009

Carina Alfie caught at namm

Woman shredding at NAMM 2009 - Carina Alfie en NAMM 09 !!

Paul Hanson: boy toys with robert marcello

Paul Hanson shows a range of guitar tools to take the guitar to a new place!

BOSS GT-10 Closing by Paul Hanson and Rober :: ROLAND IBERIA

Paul Hanson and The VG-99 at Portland Music Company

ROLAND VG-99 PAUL HANSON :: Roland Iberia

BOSS GT-10 Rock Lead Guitar Style by Paul H :: ROLAND IBERIA

Winter NAMM 2006, Boss RC-50 (long Version)

Victor de Andres: spanish killer

Victor de Andres posts anther great guitar track, both acoustic and electric!

Victor de Andres " Spanish Killer"

Prashant Aswani: namm explosion

Prashant Aswani Digitech Clinic using GSP 1101. Custom Shop ESP Guitar. NAMM 2009... Prashant delivers top quality fusion again!

Prashant Aswani - Change - Digitech - NAMM 2009

Prashant Aswani - Rugburn - NAMM 2009 - Digitech

Prashant Aswani - Traffic - Digitech - Namm 2009

Recorded on January 15, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.


Stephan Forte: adagio post new track

The Fear Circus, first official music video have been posted online at the band's offcial myspace and features the guitar talents of Stephan Forte.

Adagio - Fear Circus

Yngwie Malmsteen: news overload

Yngwie Malmsteen will team up with DEEP PURPLE for the following Japanese dates:

April 08 - Tokyo, JPN @ International Forum
April 09 - Zepp, JPN @ Nagoya
April 10 - Hiroshima, JPN @ Koseinenkin Kaikan
April 12 - Kanazawa, JPN @ Kanko Kaikan
April 13 - Osaka, JPN @ Koseinenkin Kaikan
April 15 - Tokyo, JPN @ International Forum

Yngwie Malmsteen shredding the axe at the Marshall booth at the 2009 winter NAMM

NAMM 09 - Yngwie in the Marshall Booth

Chart Attack interview:
"So right now it's a really, really great thing in America. The energy here is fucking unbelievable. Japan is still great. Maybe it's not the same as it used to be, but it's still great. Europe isn't any different. It's always been the same. I think the most dramatic difference has been in the U.S."
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Derek Sherinian: forming progressive metal band and brett garsed to play in new cd


Derek Sherinian is looking to start a new progressive metal band. He says,
"I have the players in mind that I will be using [but] I will be searching high and low for a singer. Please email me at BeachwoodManor@aol.com with the subject title 'SINGER.' Please include a link to your MySpace site so I can hear you."

Derek Sherinian has announced plans to release an anthology/best-of CD/DVD around Christmas time to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of his debut solo record, "Planet X"... I also received confirmation from Brett Garsed that he appears on the upcoming release . Brett Garsed says:
I played on Derek Sherinian's new album and I think there's a brief soundclip on his Myspace site called "Antarctica".

Chris Impellitteri: wicked maiden europe release

"Wicked Maiden", will be released in Europe on April 24 via Metal Heaven Records. The CD's title track is available for streaming on the band's official: http://www.myspace.com/impellitteriofficialsite

Andy Timmons: sheraton support for paul gilbert

Andy Timmons @ Sheraton hotel opening for Paul Gilbert and Racer X

Andy Timmons live

Andy Timmons @ Sheraton hotel opening for Paul Gilbert and Racer X

Paul Gilbert: racer x live sheraton 2009

Racer X @ sheraton ballroom for 20th anniversary of PGM ... Paul Gilbert shreds!

Racer X- Superheroes/Dr. X live

Marty Friedman: paul gilbert, rock fujiyama

Marty Friedman, Paul Gilbert jam together in Japan under the title Big Deth!

Rock Fujiyama: Marty Friedman + Paul Gilbert

Calvin Prior: riff king entry

Calvin Prior entered the Saxon riff king competition

Riff King Competition Entry Solo

Andy James: a brief stiff one... interview that is...

Alloutguitar do a quick elevenses with Andy James. When asked who is your favourite guitarist at the moment? Andy James replies:
Its two really. Andy Timmons for phrasing and tone, and Oli Herbert from All That Remains for melodic metal soloing.
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Paul Gilbert: goomy for ibanez 20th anniversary

Again kudos to Jenn at metalichika... Paul Gilbert Sheraton Ballroom for 20th Anniversary of PGM

Paul Gilbert- Get Out of My Yard/Hurry Up live

Barack Obama: blues guitar

Congratulations to the folks of the US of A and their new president, the 44th President of the United States of America... Barack Obama... can we do it... yes we can... a bright future for guitar fans...

A little photoshop naughtiness

but the real deal, noted for his wide interval octave dispersions and when that fails, may be a blues lick

John McLaughlin: live dvd on the way

Kudos to allaboutjazz:
Abstract Logix is announcing that it will be releasing a DVD of the live performance of John McLaughlin’s and his fusion-filled 4th Dimension band filmed in Belgrade during the group’s last European tour. The official street date for the DVD will be sometime in April. However, the DVD will be available for sale to those that attend the upcoming U.S. concert tour of the Five Peace Band which features guitarist McLaughlin, keyboard player Chick Corea, bassist Christian McBride, saxophonist Kenny Garrett and Vinnie Colaiuta and Brian Blade trading drumming duties on various legs of the tour.

Francesco Artusato: new web site

Francesco Artusato has a new MySpace. Francesco Artusato Music www.myspace.com/francescoartusatomusic. Check out the sound samples, some the heaviest fusionoid soloing around, well worth checking out. I'll certainly be looking forward for musical products from this guy.

News: guitar solo contest - deadline february 10th

A new competition judged by internet guitar piers and fans,
Prizes: So, that would be the prizes for the "top 3":

1st: Boss DS-1 + Guthrie Govan´s "Erotic Cakes"
2nd: Shawn Lane - Power Licks & Solos (Book + CD)
3rd: Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Guitar Strings + Guthrie Govan´s "Introducing"

1. Julian Puttins
2. Anthony McLeod (Co-Host provider of BT)
3. Laurie Monk
4. Chris (Killrbuckeye)
5. Chris Feener
6. Muris Varajic
7. Tom Quayle
8. RedSGShredder

the backing track to solo over.

Guitar Solo Contest (Deadline: February 10th)