News: liquid metal guitars

A new guitar company, with some super cool looking guitars.

This is what our guitars are like in the hands of players, this is what happens all the time.

The guitars comes with a polishing cloth and everyone that picks up a guitar asks for it. When they have the cloth in their hand, they smile and they start to polish, a faraway look comes into their eyes. They just keep smiling, polishing, smiling, and polishing...and...Smiling and polishing.

Sometime later that same day.... with the polishing finished, they plug it in, play it and experience that sound we keep talking about. At the end of the day - it is all about the sound and the sound from these guitars is incredible. It is strong, full and rich yet able to whirl up into remarkably harmonious punches and screams. Now, back to the polishers, the grin on their face is even bigger and they start to shake their heads as they laugh.

Wow…is whispered as the conclusion.

This is what our guitars are like in the hands of players, this is what happens all the time. That makes us insanely proud. There is nothing like it, as when you build something that you are truly dig, that you are really into it and you spend tons of time and energy thinking and planning and just making certain that it is perfect and someone picks it up and plays it and is blown away... we love it, absolutely love it.

Now there are many factors that have come together to make the sound so, exceptional. Some factors expected and then other ones not expected. First we sought out talented sonic masters, like TV (Tom) Jones, of TV Jones pick ups and Lindy Fralin. We have these exceptional boutique pick up magicians handcraft pickups to the qualities of vibration and sustain of our metal bodies.

The second part, the unexpected part is how the sound is generated. The sustain vibrated or "whatevered" with the metal. We had heard the sound in metal might be muddy or tinny, like an acoustic steel guitar, but that ain’t what we got. We got a sustain that is clean and long with wonderfully complex dynamics.

We would be delighted to make you one of our players.
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Les Robot - Winner of the North American Guitar Player Competition, playing a Liquid Metal Guitar M1 TV Jones Special