News: guitar solo contest - deadline february 10th

A new competition judged by internet guitar piers and fans,
Prizes: So, that would be the prizes for the "top 3":

1st: Boss DS-1 + Guthrie Govan´s "Erotic Cakes"
2nd: Shawn Lane - Power Licks & Solos (Book + CD)
3rd: Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Guitar Strings + Guthrie Govan´s "Introducing"

1. Julian Puttins
2. Anthony McLeod (Co-Host provider of BT)
3. Laurie Monk
4. Chris (Killrbuckeye)
5. Chris Feener
6. Muris Varajic
7. Tom Quayle
8. RedSGShredder

the backing track to solo over.

Guitar Solo Contest (Deadline: February 10th)