Tuesday, 17 February 2009

News: guitars and cars

Three cars, three guitars... first up Nigel Tufnel, shreds!

Volkswagen First Act Christopher Guest Ad

Volkswagen, Slash und der Jetta

John Mayer Volkswagen Commercial

Paul Gilbert: racerx 20th anniversary bash

RacerXBand says:
In order to properly celebrate the 20th anniversary of Paul Gilbert using Ibanez guitars, Ibanez promoted Racer X live! This was the first USA show since May 25, 2001.

This is Scarified and Moonage Daydream

This is recorded in 1080p, but rendered in 720p. This is the highest resolution that YouTube can display correctly.

Racer X - Scarified - NAMM 2009

Racer X - Moonage Daydream - NAMM 2009

Jonas Hörnqvist: enters the paul gilbert crafton guitar solo competition

Jonas Hörnqvist, has entered the Solomania/Crafton guitar solo competition here in Sweden. http://www.crafton.se/solomania/index.html

Listen to the entries

Christophe Godin: usa dates with morglbl

Get a chance to see this monster player and genuinely funny guy in the USA!
Blue Mouth Promotions LLC, in association with Vigier Guitars, Laney Amplifiers, and LaserCD.com is proud to announce the return of Morglbl to the USA. Stunning audiences and dropping jaws across Europe for over 10 years, Morglbl is led by the extraordinary guitarist, Christophe Godin, who is widely regarded as the best guitarist in France.

At NEARfest X last June Morglbl became the critics darling after receiving a standing ovation and a double encore.

Morglbl is:
Christophe Godin ~ Guitar and Vocal
Ivan Rougny ~ Bass
Aurelien Ouzoulias ~ Drums

The following dates are now confirmed:

Wednesday April 15 – Kartoon Guitar Clinic at the Inn at Crestwood, Blowing Rock NC 6-8PM
Thursday April 16 – Drum Clinic at the Inn at Crestwood, Blowing Rock NC 6-8PM
Friday April 17 – Bass Clinic at the Inn at Crestwood, Blowing Rock NC 6-8PM
Friday April 17 – Morglbl live at Canyon's, Blowing Rock NC 10PM
Saturday April 18 – Morglbl live at Canyon's, Blowing Rock NC 10PM
Tuesday April 21 – Morglbl live at the 10 High Club, Atlanta GA - details pending
Sunday April 26 – Morglbl Band Clinic at the Excalibur, Florence SC 3-5PM
Monday April 27 – Kartoon Guitar Clinic at the Excalibur, Florence SC 6-8PM
Tuesday April 28 – Bass Clinic at the Excalibur, Florence SC 6-8PM
Wednesday April 29 – Drum Clinic at the Excalibur, Florence SC 6-8PM
Friday May 1 – Morglbl live at the Excalibur, Florence SC 10PM
CANCELLED - Thursday May 7 – Morglbl live at Volume 11 Tavern, Raleigh NC
Saturday May 9 – Morglbl live at Orion Studios, Baltimore MD 8PM
Friday May 15 – Interview and performance taping for the Gagliarchives radio show
Saturday May 16 – Morglbl live at the New Jersey Proghouse – details pending
Sunday May 17 – Morglbl live at the North Star Bar, Philadelphia PA – 10:30PM, doors open 8PM
Friday May 22 – Morglbl live at Tail Gators, Kokomo, IN - details pending
Saturday May 23 - Morglbl live at Tail Gators, Kokomo, IN - details pending

Additional shows and clinics are still in the works. Check here frequently for the latest updates!

Nearfest gets Mörglbled!

fest gets Mörglbled! L'Ami Deglingo

George Bellas: petrucci forum interview

Thanks to Antoine Prost for this link to an interview about George Bellas and his most recent release "Step into the future" with some great pictures of his guitars and gears !!

George Bellas:
I composed "Step Into The Future" within a 6-7 week period beginning on December 7th, 2007 and completed the writing process in the middle of January 2008. For those few short weeks I was in a writing frenzy. I wrote each and every day, sometimes (a lot actually) frantically running to grab a piece of paper and pencil to capture the ideas as they poured through me. I have never once in my life had a hard time writing. I am fortunate that I can always write something that I am happy with.
full interview

News: shred knowledge looking for instructors


Guest Instructors - APPLY ONLINE!!
Do you want to be a guest instructor here at SK.com? Click the Guest Instructor Application link in the Member menu, fill out the application, and we'll review your request and contact you within a week with further instructions. We look forward to all the great lessons you have to offer!!
find out more

Guthrie Govan: featured on random axemen

Random Axeman blog arrives http://randomaxemen.wordpress.com/ and delivers some nice photos of Lord Guthrie Of Govan... which was nice... find more nice things about Guthrie Govan

Joop Wolters: tribute to hendrix

Joop Wolters says:
for now here a vid that i shot and recorded on feb 15 2009 the drumsound of Patrick's kit ,, with my boss 16 track recorder ..making kind of a promo of his playing and presenting some material for a cover-album that iám working on..... i now already work with Patrick now for 17 years with projects and now in my trio since 2006 and always beeing dedicated to the music and composition that i come up with..he already did a lot of recordings in the past on my solo-albums.. the SPEED,TRAFFIC AND GUITAR-ACCIDENTS ALBUM and on the OUT OFF ORDER album...
so here you have Patrick Eijdems on drums.. drummer for the JWTrio..i think he is just great..!! www.myspace.com/patrickeijdems

this track he playing is called FREEDOM it's an Hendrix tune but i made a version with a twist ..

freedom hendrix-tune drumtake patrick eijdems

Chris Brooks: axis recording diary

Chris posted a diary on myspace of the on going recording sessions:

"Axis..." recording diary Days 1-4
January 20, 2009
Yesterday was an exciting day for me as we began the recording process of my forthcoming solo album "The Axis of All Things" (due May 09).

We're expecting a total of 4 days tracking Peter McDonaugh's drums at John Romeo's home studio in Kellyville NSW, though at the rate I think we're going the last day might end up being for editing and choosing the best of alternate takes.

Day 1 (video coming at a later date) was used for setting up the mics and channels on the computer, setting up and mic-ing Pete's kit, getting sounds, and laying down takes of three songs: "Axis...", "Feeding the Myth" and "Not the day nor the hour", the last of which we got one take of before calling it a day. "Axis was easy - two takes and a drop in and that was it!" "Feeding..." was almost the same story, maybe three takes.

Pete is bringing a very cool style and set of ideas to my songs. He knows when the song can be better, and he knows when it's perfectly fine. There's a dynamic element in each phrase that not even most good drummers have. You could edit, program and sample til the cows come home but you could never get this kind of stuff. We didn't have to workshop any of the ideas before recording because I trust in his ability to "bring it".

There are some killer fills that are very musical. You never have to guess when the next section of the song's coming when you listen to Pete track because even without listening to the guide tracks you know he's building up and simmering down to each section.

John's a dream to work with and we're on the same page. He digs the music and sonically he has way more expertise than I do. It's going to make mixing the album at the end a lot easier having a set of ears that knows more about frequencies and the sonic stuff than my own ears.

Well, that's it for day 1.

January 21, 2009

Well, Day 2 was a blur of frenzied drumming by Pete as we knocked over an incredible EIGHT songs in one 6-hour block!!!

Songs recorded: "Not the Day, Nor the Hour", "Sands of Time", "In and Out of Dreams", "Pulse", "Transfiguration", "Traversing The Blue", "Velvet Claws", and "Open Doors"!!

A mammoth effort, especially since Peter was playing these on the acoustic kit for the first time! In virtually every case we did a "vibe" take to get whatever initial performance came out (no rehearsal just straight into it), and then a second take once Pete settled in and felt happy with what he laid down. Both takes usually ended up with some magic unique to that take, and it's during the editing stage that I'll decide what worked best and go with that.

January 22, 2009

One song was all we had left to do on today's schedule. The song to end the drum sessions is also the song that will end the album; a cover of Kee Marcello's "Hammer's Heart". This song is very special to me because it was a revelation in melodic lead playing to me when I was a kid watching Europe's "Final Countdown World Tour" Video. It's a joy to be doing this song with my own touches to it and Pete breathed air into the drum parts with a very musical and spacious improvised take. Look out for the little Tico Torres tribute (inside joke). It was fun to have my dad Ken sitting in the control room with us to hear Pete finish off his contributions to the album. At 70 years of age my Dad is still a keen drummer and practices for up to 8 hours a day!

With that done and dusted, we decided to get Pete to record a drum solo whilst we had the kit all mic-ed up, and shortly after it was time to load up the McDonaugh mystery machine and give Pete a well-earned night off.

January 23, 2009

Yay - editing! To anyone that has ever spent 4 days editing the drum parts on just one song, I pity you, because THIS is a piece of cake!

What I'm all about with these tunes is getting the human dynamic across, so most of what John and I are doing involves starting with the take that has the most mojo, then doing slight alterations with anything that might have been a tiny bit too far left or right in the wav file. Pete's made it very easy for us in that regard because of the superb consistency of the tracks. He knows where the beat is and he knows how to push and pull in a very musical and creative way, and our job here is to stay true to that, and just polish the odd bit before we track the bass and guitar.

So, in the next few weeks between other work I'll endeavor to get rhythm guitars done before getting my bass players in for some low end madness!
Stay tuned and thanks for the comments and support!'

Ignazio Di Salvo: improvised guitar solo

Ignazio Di Salvo a first take solo over this beautiful backing track.

Ignazio Di Salvo contemporary shred solo

Paul Gilbert: italy gets the clinic dates

Again major thanks to Jenn over at http://metalichicka.wordpress.com/... Jenn seems to have the inside track on the Paul Gilbert scoops!

Source of course: http://www.paulgilbert.com/Tour2009.html
2009 =- Italian clinic tour:
Here are the dates, cities, venues, and websites for more information:

4/5 PISA - Borderline - www.myspace.com/borderlineclub
4/6 MILANO - Accademia Del Suono - www.accademiadelsuono.it
4/7 LATINA - Teatro Tirreno - 0773-660530 www.myspace.com/obiettivomusica
4/8 COSENZA - Venue TBA - 328-7355199 www.myspace.com/pinociappetta76
4/9 ROCCAFORZATA(TA) - Go West Saloon - www.myspace.com/gowestsaloon
4/10 CASERTA - Oddly Shed - www.myspace.com/mannaciro
4/11 MONTEGRANARO(AP) - Modern Music Institute - 338-5386120
4/12 Day Off
4/13 CASTELNUOVO D'ASOLA(MN) - The Piper - info.mmi-mantova@libero.it
4/14 MONTEBELLUNA(TV) - Essemusic - www.essemusic.it
4/15 TRIESTE - Scuola Di Musica 55 - www.scuoladimusica55.it
4/16 BOLOGNA - Music Academy 2000 - www.musicacademyitaly.it/bologna
4/17 ARCOLE (VERONA) - Stonehenge - www.myspace.com/stonehengelivepub

Paul Gilbert: italy gets th



Paul Gilbert: guitar workshop dates


The National Guitar Workshop is proud to announce our 2009 season. This year National Guitar Workshop will be presenting week long workshops across the country and featuring guest artists such as Paul Gilbert, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Herring, Pat Metheny, Jimmie Vaughan, and many more.

Litchfield, CT—Februrary 17, 2009 – The National Guitar Workshop is excited to announce the curriculum and guest artists for the 2009 season. This year’s program will feature Paul Gilbert, Buddy Guy, Pat Metheny, Jimmy Herring, Oteil Burbridge, Pat Martino, Robben Ford, David Wilcox, Robert Lee Castleman, Brent Mason, Stu Hamm, Peppino D”Agostino, Ed Gerhard, Andrew York and John 5. Courses will be offered in rock, blues, jazz, country, classical, music technology, songwriting, and guitar exploration.

Download our 2009 brochure at www.guitarworkshop.com for more information.

NGW features locations nation-wide with campuses in New York, Austin, Washington DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Each location offers a wide variety of courses, all taught by world renowned musicians.

In association with Performing Songwriter Magazine, NGW is proud to present the Songwriting Summit featuring David Wilcox and Robert Lee Castleman. In addition, the workshop is offering a seminar on Country Guitar featuring Brent Mason, and a special Modern Acoustic seminar with Ed Gerhard and Peppino D’Agostino.

Events are happening across the country for rock players. The New York campus will hold two Rock Summits featuring Paul Gilbert and very special guest to be announced, while the LA Rock Summit will include a clinic by world renowned shred virtuoso John-5. Also at our LA Rock Summit we are happy to announce that bassist Stu Hamm will be an Artist in Residence during the summit.

The Jam Summit, taking place at our New York campus will feature both Jimmy Herring (Widespread Panic) and Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band) giving a special clinic on improvisation and presenting their unique take on the Jam scene.

Taking place in Austin, Chicago, and Connecticut are three Blues Summits, which will include appearances by some of the most influential bluest guitarists in the world. NGW is pleased to have Buddy Guy making a rare clinic appearance in Chicago. Jimmie Vaughan will be giving a clinic on his unique style in Austin, and the New York campus will feature the legendary blues guitarist Robben Ford.

The National Guitar Workshop is very excited to present The Pat Metheny at the Jazz Summit in New York. This will be a rare chance to be a part of an intimate workshop with one of the most respected jazz guitarists in history. A great addition to the McLean, VA campus will be the appearance of one of the fathers of modern jazz guitar, Pat Martino, who will be a featured guest in the Giants of Jazz guitar seminar.

Our curriculum has also expanded to also include classes on Pro Tools, Abelton Live, and developing a Home Studio. These music technology classes are powered by Apple®.

For a complete list of dates, locations, guest artists and classes offered please check out our website:


If you are interested in connecting with other musicians and learning more about National Guitar Workshop from a student’s perspective, you can join our free community site:


Paul Gilbert: tuska festival date

Paul Gilbert plays a finish open air show.

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 26.-28.6. Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, Finland
Performer mm. VOLBEAT, Neurosis, BULLET FOR MY VALENTIN,
Tickets for sale 3.3.2009

Systems already in twelfth-Summer festival is held again in Helsinki Kaisa Niemi, at the time 26.-28.6.2009. The old model of three-stage occurs within three days during the 32 bands. Next summer, Kaisa Niemi rowdy held in Finland in the concert halls filled Danish VOLBEAT, long-awaited and heavily tunnelmoiva American Neurosis and the guitar heroes aatelia representative PAUL GILBERT. 80-lukulainen thrash-metal will be represented in two generations, when the Dutch legend PESTILENCE and a new generation of kaljarässerit, Irish GAMA BOMB kurittavat Kaisa Niemeä.

Domestic experience in representing mm. Amorphis, Ensiferum, and Rotten Sound. New concentrated north inner landscape illuminating mm. DEATHCHAIN, MEDEIA, Dauntless and TUKKANUOTTA.

At the moment, are confirmed in Tuska 2009-artists:
Bullet For My Valentine
Paul Gilbert
My Dying Bride
Parkway Drive
Legion of the Damned
Jon Oliva's Pain
Rotten Sound
Gama Bomb
Profane Omen

Neal Schon: brian tarquin interviews about I on U

Neal Schon says: I definitely wanted to give it a bit more of an edge. On the Higher Octave releases I
recorded what they wanted and dabbled in that area for a bit, and it was fun for a second. But I look at it like each solo project should all be different. I don’t want to repeat myself on any one record; I’d rather go all over different genres.
full interview

Joel Gregoire: phrase construction II lesson

Joel Gregoire says:
Hi, and welcome to Phrase Construction. This is an essential part of soloing, for this is the topic you should think of the most when you are trying to create a memorable solo. Let's take a trip back in time and think of some of the greatest phrases on the guitar ever: Eric Clapton in his intro phrase on "Layla," Jimmy Page and his solo work on "Stairway to Heaven," Brian May of Queen when he did "Bohemian Rhapsody," and Tom Schultz of Boston and his solo work on "More Than A Feeling." These were all memorable solos that we can whistle as we walk down the street. It just takes a little more time and patience to do this. And with these exercises in this lesson, maybe it will help you in carving that unforgettable melody phrase.

Simone Fiorletta: heading to the studio

Simone Fiorletta says:
20th February sees me heading to the studio to begin the recording of my new solo album. Drums will be recordings at "BlabLab" by Sandro Assante while the others instruments will be recorded at "SF Studio" by myself as well as all editing, mixing and mastering will be done by me as well.

Anton Oparin: the return of the wunderkind part IV

Two more videos from Anton Oparin from the Gary Kramer Guitar gig held at a Guitar Clinic, West L.A. Music.

Anton Oparin - Gary Kramer Guitar - Guitar Clinic Part 7

Anton Oparin - Gary Kramer Guitar - Guitar Clinic Part 8

Rafael Nery: wowee wah demo


Rafael Nery demonstrates the GLAB Wowee Wah is available from BlackHawkMusic.co.uk for just £129.99 delivered!

Rafael Nery - G-LAB Wowee Wah - Demonstration - Good Quality

Allan Holdsworth: gary husband all about jazz interview

An extensive interview with Gary Husband titled There were these three Yorkshiremen...

AAJ: I hear this from a lot of musicians, that they feel that the music comes through them, as though they are some kind of portal. Let's talk about Allan Holdsworth. He's undoubtedly one of the most influential guitarists ever—I mean everyone talks about I.O.U. In what way has he inspired your music-making?

GH: He's been such a predominant figure in my own development for sure, as he actually was the first one to hire me and let me really play and not try and change it all. Back in the old days, I was a little bit on the intense side for most people's tastes as a drummer. I was always into something with a lot of reach and fire, and he was the first one who said, "Bring it on, go for it." And he really loves that from a drummer—a very improvisational input and participation.

He doesn't like rigidity, and in that respect I felt I'd found a place where I could reach a lot with someone. I wonder sometimes if it isn't very close to what Elvin felt like with John Coltrane, or Tony Williams with Miles.
At that time it was perfect for me—a very big stepping stone insofar as how my development was about to take shape. And there is no question that a lot of significant movement was arising as a direct result of the musical relationship with Allan. I also always felt very naturally his (quite uncommon) way and just understood it immediately. That's another thing. Very much as if we were brothers or something. Peculiar.
full interview