Sunday, 22 February 2009

Dimitar Nalbantov: a flicker of hope

This is the song "A Flicker Of Hope " from my new album "Mother Earth" You can hear the sound from the PC and the Room at different spots, hope you will enjoy it!

You can buy the new CD from my web site. Thanks for your support!
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"A Flicker Of Hope " - Dimitar Nalbantov

Paul Gilbert: mr big at hard rock cafe and a new guitar battle with marty friednab

Paul Gilbert at Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo,Tokyo,JAPAN 2.9.2009 MR.BIG Reunion! Coming to Japan in June!! MR.BIG JAPAN TOUR - 6.20 at BUDOKAN!

MR.BIG - Green-Tinted Sixties Mind,In JAPAN '09(acoustic version)

MR.BIG Reunion!


Mario Parga: shows of the hand built MP guitar from vegas guitars 2

Mario Parga with the second work is courtesy of Shawna Parga, and the background baby noises courtesy of Skye Parga. Vegas Guitars' & Fender Gold Custom Shop master luthier Neil 'Smitty' Smith watches and listens in the background to the sonic qualities of this amazing guitar.

Mario Parga with the new MP 'Signature' guitar by Vegas Guitars (#2)

Ignazio Di Salvo: live two handed solo

Ignazio Di Salvo playing at Gattareddi funk live 20/2/2009... enjoy

run for cover solo

News: jon hammond cast

Keyboard player Jon Hammond has played with guitarists Joe Berger, Barry Finnerty, Cornell Dupree, amongst others. Jon says:
I just started my 26th year on cable TV in New York City of my show "The Jon Hammond Show" on MNNTV, and this is my 4th year on KYOURADIO with my daily 45 minute radio program "HammondCast Show".
Check it out for Jazz and fusion fans!

David T Chastain: guitar lesson

David T. Chastain shredding solos on various minor scales:
- melodic minor
-armonic minor
- "Gypsy" minor
sweeps scales triplets full neck

Guitar Lesson David T Chastain shredding minor scales

George Lynch: signal interview

George Lynch is interviewed by the signal:
Known for his blazing riffs, black-and-blonde hair and leading man good looks, Lynch quickly became a favorite of heavy metal magazines such as “Hit Parader” and “Cream” and some might argue, the star of the band. He and Dokken clashed almost immediately on a personal level, though Lynch acknowledged the singer’s determination and business acumen helped take them to a higher level of fame.

“Sometimes, someone may not be as talented musically, but is such a shameless self-promoter that they can really get the band’s name out there. In hindsight, I appreciate that. Because who cares how good you are if no one knows about you?” Lynch said.

Dokken’s second album, “Tooth and Nail,” was released in 1984, and went platinum on the strength of songs like “Just Got Lucky,” the power-ballad “Alone Again” and “Into the Fire.” The band decided to film a video for the latter while touring with Dio in Hawaii.

In addition to concert footage, they wanted to get pickup shots of Lynch’s guitar solo atop an active volcano. The result was something out of “Spinal Tap.”

“We were up there for so long that seismic activity developed. Everyone else had left the park, but we were so off the beaten path, we didn’t know,” Lynch said. “Steam started coming up, it was hard to breathe. Then my shoes broke through lava crust to the hot magma underneath. I could feel the heat and thought to myself, ‘Is this normal?’”

Lynch played on. As dusk came and the shoot was ending, rangers came to warn the group that needed to leave immediately. They were on the plane when the volcano blew — the camera crew spent an hour circling the eruption for extra footage.

Full interview

Bill Burke: 8 tapping in the mountains

August 2008 Loretto PA Bill Burke 8 String Guitarist performs at the Arts in the Mountains retreat Bill uses a signature tapping style on his Warr Guitar The musical style is a fresh new ambient jazz...

Bill Burke - 8 String Tap Guitarist Arts in the Mountains Video 1

Chris Poland: interview podcast

"Chris Poland Of Ohm Joins Us - 1/31/09" podcast

Barrett Tagliarino: and paul gilbert... healer

Paul Gilbert rips a guest solo on track 5 of GIT instructor Barrett Tagliarino's CD. Check out Barrett Tagliarino's blog spot: where he discusses song construction and techniques!


Matt Read: equinox guitar

Another interesting guitar shape. Original Composition by Matt Read played on Rick Canton's "Equinox" guitar. Check them out at or

Matt Read - Guitar - Original "Bluelet"

Mario Parga: shows of the hand built MP guitar from vegas guitars


This is one sweet sounding guitar in the hands of Mario Parga! Mario Parga says:
Mario Parga at the Vegas Guitars Custom Shop, Las Vegas, NV on February 18th 2009 playing the finished prototype of the Vegas Guitars' 'Mario Parga Signature' guitar.

Vegas Guitars' & Fender Gold Custom Shop master luthier Neil 'Smitty' Smith watches and listens in the background to the sonic qualities of this amazing guitar (Neil personally hand makes ALL Vegas Guitar's 'Mario Parga Signature' guitars).

Mario plays the guitar through a Peavey Classic 30, with just reverb, a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal and Boss CS-3 compressor pedal. Some of the licks he plays are purposely similar to compare tonal variation. The Rio Grande pickups are installed in the finished instrument, providing outstanding clarity, definition and warmth to the guitar.

The camera work is courtesy of Shawna Parga, and the background baby noises courtesy of Skye Parga :-)

For the full specification of this incredible guitar (hand carved and hand made from the highest quality materials!) please visit or

Mario Parga with the new MP 'Signature' guitar by Vegas Guitars (#1)

Rob Guz: is that an 11 string guitar i see before me?

Rob Guz from MAN... the guy who plays an 11 string guitar... some of the high strings I am sure only a dog will hear!

In shouty rock mode...
"10.000 tons of steel, shed from a jet in 22.000 feet altitude -- the impacts should be comparable to M.A.N's new album!"

M.A.N " My Own Sickness"

In case you missed the original post

Rob Guz - M.A.N. Guitarist

Mattias IA Eklundh: blog update

Mattias IA Eklundh posted a new freak kitchen blog post... Mattias IA Eklundh says:
Hey there! Hope you are all good wherever you are despite times of financial doom and whatnot. Everything is splendid here, I am afraid to say. Sitting in Munich about to get on a plane to Milan in a few minutes.

Five clinics in Italy coming up, arranged by the great Mogar company, the Italian distributor of Laney amplification. Did a bunch of clinics here in Germany the other week and had a great time meeting and playing for all the cool people showing up in Berlin, Hamburg, Witten and Brilon (crazy/passionate campers Jochen and Andrei drove some 800 kilometers to hook up. Gee…) Will be back in Germany soon again at the mighty Frankfurt Messe as well as a few more clinics here and there. I dig doing clinics. It keeps you focused and is a fine way to get out there and play when Freak Kitchen is gearing up for future concerts but not in actual touring frenzy. Now I am not going to write the word clinic again.

full post

Jay Parmar: visit the studio

Jay Parmar walks you around his recording studio.

Sacred Sound Tour...