Chris Poland, Robertino Pagliari, Kofi Baker: OHM The Baked Potato 12 2004

Chris Poland: at the Stone Tone booth plays some metal, including Black Friday.

Chris Poland: with Nick Menza will perform at a benefit concert for Poland's OHM: bandmate David Eagle

Eric Miley,Brett Garsed, Chris Poland: Hardwired II and Hard Wired - smoking rock fusion

Chris Poland: jamming at Schecter NAMM 1/22/2015

Chris Poland: OHM playing at eminence booth at NAMM 2015

Chris Poland: shredding for

Xander Demos, Blues Saraceno, Chris Poland: Guitar Wizards Vol. III - cover artwork and album details revealed

Chris Poland: Schecter Guitar Party NAMM 2013

Chris Poland, Robertino Pagliari,David Eagle: OHM at the Eminence booth NAMM 2014

Chris Poland: Wiki metal interview

Chris Poland: Live at The Grove NAMM 2013

Chris Poland: Chats With Kelly Z - NAMM 2013

Chris Poland: Emminence Speaker Demo NAMM 2013

Chris Poland: Schecter Guitar Party NAMM 2013

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Chris Poland: guests solos on lion_drome

Chris Poland: Ohm Baked Potato 2012

Chris Poland, Percy Jones: Polcat's jamming the Iridium tonight and tomorrow!

Marty Friedman,Chris Poland: What we have in common is that we are both strange musos