Saturday, 4 April 2009

George Marios: guitar album promo and live jam

I met George Marios at musikmesse with Tom Quayle... what nice gentlemen they were too! Great fun to be with! Here's a couple of tracks George posted pre musikmesse.

New Sneaky Peak of my Debut Album

Jam night in Tune inn Club in London

Thorsten Koehne: joe lyn turner build a house of dreams


Thorsten Koehne,recorded all lead guitars and solos on 11 of the 12 tracks for the new Joe Lynn Turner solo album "SUNSTORM - House Of Dreams".

Thorsten says: " Joe Lynn Turner has been one of my heroes ever since his legendary days with Deep Purple/Rainbow and later on as singer with Yngwie Malmsteen. "Live In Leningrad" to this date is still one of my favourite records and never in my wildest dreams would I have tought that one time I..d be recording with JLT! It..s a pleasure to contribute to songs by such amazing writers like Desmond Child (Kiss, Bon Jovi), Jim Peterik, Russ Ballard and Paul Sabu and it..s an incredible honour for me to play for a true rock legend and one of the greatest singers on this planet, Joe Lynn Turner!"

SUNSTORM - House Of Dreams

The album will be out in Europe on April 17th, 2009 and in the U.S.A. and Japan on May 19th, 2009.

SUNSTORM "House of Dreams" press release
March 12, 2009


(New York, NY USA) Frontiers Records and Joe Lynn Turner are is proud to announce the release of the second SUNSTORM album, House of Dreams. This AOR masterpiece, featuring former Rainbow, Malmsteen and Deep Purple vocalist Joe Lynn Turner, will be out in Europe on April 17, 2009.

The first SUNSTORM album saw the light of day in 2006 when Turner accepted
Frontiers President Serafino Perugino's concept to blow the dust off from
some potential AOR hit songs that Joe wrote for the aborted follow up to his
1985 solo debut Rescue You. It turned out to be one of the most successful,
straight-ahead Melodic Rock releases of 2006. Jim Peterik (ex Survivor,
Pride of Lions) supplied additional tracks and the album was rounded off
with some other AOR classics picked by Joe and Serafino.

The brilliant production, courtesy of PINK CREAM 69's studio wizard Dennis
Ward, was hailed as one of the highlights and key factors to the album's
success. When the second release was being planned, it was a natural choice
to ask Ward to be a part of the project again. This time, he played bass and
sung background vocals. He also enlisted Uwe Reitenauer and Thorsten Koehne
on guitars, Chris Schmidt on drums and Gunter Werno on keyboards.

Once again, Turner dug deep into the archives and found some classy Melodic
Rock gems to resurrect. One of the highlights that might sound familiar to
fans is I Found Love, a song that Turner often used to open up his concerts
on the Rescue You tour. There's also Forever Now and Save a Place in Your
Heart, where another AOR cult-hero Paul Sabu appears among the writing

Serafino also asked Joe to finally release "his" version of the amazing
ballad Walk On, that Turner co-wrote with Desmond Child (KISS; BON JOVI etc)
for the Jimmy Barnes album Freight Train Heart in 1987. Additionally, Jim
Peterik was called in to offer his talents to SUNSTORM once again. The
results include Tears on the Pages--- a tune co-written by Jon Lind and Russ
Ballard. Peterik also contributed, Say You Will and Gutters of Gold.
Brothers Tom and James Martin (HOUSE OF LORDS, KHYMERA) wrote the remaining
tracks and were able to capture the spirit and quality of songs expected on
the SUNSTORM project.

Turner, who recently returned from a tour of Russia with Over The Rainbow,
was excited to come home and find out that House of Dreams was coming out in
April. He says, "Once again, Serafino and the staff at Frontiers have proved
that they know how to cater to Melodic Rock fans. I am glad that they
believed in the Sunstorm concept enough to get behind the release of a
second album. There are plenty of people all over the world that love this
genre of music and I still enjoy making it. It's also invigorating and
rewarding to be able to sing some of these songs that I co-wrote or
performed in the 80s that never had a chance to be released properly. Jim
Peterik came through again with incredible tracks---well structured with
compelling lyrics and melody changes. The Martin brothers also brought in
some songs that will probably translate great, live, and that the fans will
really enjoy."

SUNSTORM's House of Dreams is a real "must have" for all JLT lovers and a
stunning release for all Melodic Rock fans.

Mario Parga: new vocal project started

Fans of Mario's guitar playing and music will be pleased to know that as well as his new solo album Shadows & Light, the new Savage Paradise album and a new 'un-plugged' album, this year Mario is also collaborating with British singer Lee Small (Shy/Phenomena/Lee Small) on a special studio album that has yet to be titled. Mario will write the music for the project and play the guitars and keyboards whilst Lee will provide his voice, lyrics and vocal melodies.

Mario said of Lee: "Lee possesses an amazing voice full of soul, emotion, passion and range, and on top of this he's a super-nice guy. We've been aware of each other's music for a while, and the opportunity to work together on a joint project has now arisen. I'm looking forward to working with Lee and hearing his voice in collaboration with my music."


For all press enquiries please contact Shawna at

Paul Gilbert: musikmesse 2009


The first of a number of video to come out of musikmesse 2009! This time three from his live show... sounds a little boomy...

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot at musikmesse, a music radar interview

MusicRadar and Joe Satriani chat Chickenfoot, Vox pedals and more at Frankfurt Musicmesse 2009.

Video interview: Joe Satriani talks Vox, Chickenfoot

Tristan Klein: musikmesse 2009

Another player I missed at Musikmesse was Tristan Klein... CAn't win them all.. Fortunately, Rick Graham happened to catch him and was singing his praises and Tristan has done the business posting the videos on YouTube!

Tristan Klein musikmesse 2009

Rob Balducci: lick of the week compendium

In case you missed any... here's the last 5 weeks worth from Rob Balducci.

News: google in talks to buy twitter

All you tweeting guitar people... Google in talks to buy Twitter

TechCrunch today reported Google buying Twitter is a huge possibility as Google and Twitter are in negotiations right now. A Google Twitter buyout has been predicted here for a while now.

Here’s a heck of a rumor that we’ve sourced from two separate people close to the negotiations: Google is in late stage negotiations to acquire Twitter. We don’t know the price but can assume its well, well north of the $250 million valuation that they saw in their recent funding.

Twitter turned down an offer to be bought by Facebook just a few months ago for half a billion dollars, although that was based partially on overvalued Facebook stock. Google would be paying in cash and/or publicly valued stock, which is equivalent to cash. So whatever the final acquisition value might be, it can’t be compared apples-to-apples with the Facebook deal.
full post

Lai Youttitham: internet jam collaboration

Kudos to guitar mx for spotting this video, plus big Kudos to Lai Youttitham for organising the track:

Me jamming with friends more info later.
We're not pros but we still wanna have some fun.Me jamming with friends more info later.
We're not pros but we still wanna have some fun.
Please check out these guys:

Guthrie Govan: guitar break in review

While over in the musikmesse Guthrie Govan had an amazing day in Bath, UK with guitar break, check out their photos

Cesar Huesca: video various

Cesar Huesca with a bunch of videos including a really great improvisation by Cesar Huesca and Neftali Lopez and a discussion about Cesar's study routine.

Tim Miller: extending the range for fusion

Kudos to Rick for letting me know about this video. Tim Miller- Playing the Canton-Tim Miller Model - Extended Range Guitar
Vardan Ovsepian-Keys,
Hogyu Wang- Bass,
Austin McMahon -Drums

Tim Miller - Fall Solo

Tim Miller Extended Range Guitar

Alex Skolnick: rockers resort interview

Rocker's Resort - your online rock and metal show! Interview With Testament, featuring Alex Skolnick.


Rusty Cooley: this play can't betcha!

Rusty Cooley Betcha Can't Play This... or may be you can? Great to see this guitar... shame Rusty wasn't at musikmesse, but the great Michael Angelo Batio was... what a great character and showman, great to see MAB is such a big draw in Germany!

Rusty Cooley Betcha Can't Play This

Shawn Lane: rockefellers 2!

Thanks to willjay!

Shawn Lane - Gray Pianos Flying (Rockefellers - 29th Jan 1993) (slideshow)

Shawn Lane - Guitar solo (Rockefellers - 29th Jan 1993) (slideshow)

News: guitar idol finalists please read!

All those who are through to the final online heat from heat 1 and 2, (and soon to be heat 3), who wish to change their entry, please email

Email me:
the link to your current entry
the youtube link to the new video you wish to submit
the new text about the song if you wish

You do not need to put in a new entry, but the option is available to you. Please remember that if you make it through to london, then this is the song you must play live (unless there is a major reason as to why you can't)


Paul Gilbert: sydney and jenn's pg quest


Paul Gilbert: Workshop in Sydney

Plus Jenn over at metalichicka has begun a Paul Gilbert videoathon... to be viewed on YouTube: lots more video to follow.

News: guitar fight club musikmesse day 3

Thanks to Jenn for comping these for me... musikmesse is a crazy place full of great guitar players, so it's great to see the videos going on... mine in due course.

Guitar Fight Club | Musikmesse FFM 2009 | Tag 3

Guitar Fight Club | Uwe Kropinski

Guitar Fight Club | Christian Röver

Guitar Fight Club | Michael Sagmeister

Guitar Fight Club | Jil Y Creek

Jan Laurenz: lamento part three

This guy is the real deal, check out the latest two handed extravaganza! How does he do it?

Lamento part three by Jan Laurenz

Adrian Galysh: venture blvd

Adrian Galysh live at the Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa, CA. July 2008. Adrian Galysh on guitar, Maureen Baker on keyboards, Charlie Waymire on drums, Chuck Wright on bass.

Adrian Galysh "Ventura Blvd."