Monday, 18 May 2009

Mathias Sorof: return of the tap

Two tapping pieces from Mathias Sorof, both classics... just from different eras...

Smoke on the Water - Mathias Sorof on 6-string Tap-Guitar

Bourree by J.S.Bach - Mathias Sorof on Chapman Stick

Matias Kupiainen: bacon music tour interview


Baconmusic's James Allman talkes exclusively to STRATOVARIUS guitarist Matis Kupiainen, and bass player Lauri Porra, moments before the STRATOVARIUS gig at Nottingham Rescue Rooms, UK, on 16th May 2009. The band's second show with the new line-up, following the departure of Timo Tolkki.

STRATOVARIUS Interview Pt. 1 - Matias Kupiainen & Lauri Porra - 16/05/09

STRATOVARIUS Interview Pt. 2 - Matias Kupiainen & Lauri Porra - 16/05/09

Stratovarius playing the song "Foverer" with the new guitar player Matias Kupiainen, The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 16/05/09.

Stratovarius - Forever (Live in Nottingham with Matias Kupiainen)

Ronnie Montrose: gary moore has my stolen guitar

A very interesting post from music radar

It was 1972 when Ronnie Montrose says he had his 1959 sunburst Gibson Les Paul stolen.

Montrose was then part of the Edgar Winter Group, and claims he had his rare 1959 'burst stolen from a EWG show on 20 October 1972 in Dudley, Massachusetts.

Montrose says he bought the guitar from J Geils in 1972, and used it to record the Edgar Winter Group album They Only Come Out at Night.

Montrose says he has since hired private detectives to track down the guitar, but he had no luck.

Until he saw Gary Moore's guitar collection in the British guitar magazine, Guitar Buyer.

Montrose is convinced that one of Moore's pictured Les Pauls is his missing guitar
the legal documents

Eric Clapton: the fate of guitar solos

You know the world is upside down when the Financial Times is not talking credit crunches, but guitar shredding!

Sterile virtuosity and chronic self-indulgence gave the solo a bad name in the 1970s: Clapton, in his alcoholic phase, once performed an entire show lying drunk on the floor of the stage.

Yet guitar solos survived punk – Television’s album Marquee Moon is a shrine to soloing – and then the rise of pop and R&B in the 1980s. Prince’s playing on “Purple Rain” and Eddie Van Halen’s turn on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” belong in the pantheon of classic guitar passages, while contemplative scenes in Top Gun or Miami Vice invariably found characters gazing at the sea as a moody solo delineated their inner lives.

However, a new type of lead guitarist also emerged in the 1980s. The Smiths’ Johnny Marr and U2’s The Edge led the way towards the more textural, less showy style that dominates today. Old-fashioned axe heroes still survive, in the form of The White Stripes’ Jack White or Clapton acolytes such as John Mayer and Joe Bonamassa, but the general trend has been away from soloistic virtuosity.

Jonny Greenwood is a prime example. The Radiohead guitarist is capable of cathartic bursts of action, as on “Paranoid Android” – but he more often seems content to hide himself in a wide range of tones, as if wielding multiple shimmering guitars rather than a single shrieking one.

As a schoolboy Clapton saw his first Fender guitar while watching Buddy Holly on television. “That’s the future – that’s what I want,” the thunderstruck schoolboy thought to himself. In contrast, Greenwood played viola in his school orchestra in the 1980s and claims to have been influenced as much by Messiaen as The Pixies. As rock has outgrown its blues and rockabilly roots, so the solo has lost its central role.

Can it stage a comeback? Guitars still exert much the same fascination they did in Clapton’s youth: sales last year reached a record £110m in the UK. Yet the strongest boost to axe heroics lies in an unexpected source, in the un-rock ‘n’ roll pastime of computer gaming.

A generation of tyro guitarists is being raised on games such as the Guitar Hero franchise, which has sold over 25m copies since 2005 and involves players mimicking famous rock songs on a fake guitar. There are band-themed spin-offs, with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Guitar Hero: Metallica set to be joined later this year by Guitar Hero: Van Halen. The accent is on hard rock and heavy metal: the chances of Guitar Hero: Simon & Garfunkel appearing are slim. “Shredding” – a term aficionados use for the insanely rapid fretwork of soloing heavy metal guitarists – is the principal currency.
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News: guitar idol live finalists - the statistics

A little analysis of the voting patterns for the 12 guitar idol finalists

comments per day
Silvio Gazquez 1.40
Daniele Gottardo 3.55
Oziel Zinho 0.73
Muris Varajic 3.02
Gustavo Di Padua 1.08
Damjan Pejcinoski 0.20
George Marios 0.86
Jack Thammarat 4.75
Alexandros Tefarikis 14.50
András Pálfi 2.36
Hedras Ramos 4.15
Daniel Realpe 1.48

views per vote
Silvio Gazquez 404.17
Daniele Gottardo 156.81
Oziel Zinho 131.07
Muris Varajic 69.13
Gustavo Di Padua 40.73
Damjan Pejcinoski 66.83
George Marios 31.18
Jack Thammarat 28.87
Alexandros Tefarikis 10.05
András Pálfi 7.08
Hedras Ramos 9.89
Daniel Realpe 3.54

favourite per vote
Silvio Gazquez 3.11
Daniele Gottardo 1.74
Oziel Zinho 0.52
Muris Varajic 0.62
Gustavo Di Padua 0.53
Damjan Pejcinoski 0.21
George Marios 0.12
Jack Thammarat 0.22
Alexandros Tefarikis 0.05
András Pálfi 0.03
Hedras Ramos 0.01
Daniel Realpe 0.01

Full stats:

News: guitar idol poll woes


How easy could this be? Well the Friend Connect poll I wanted to use is broken and I can't creat another one until it's fixed. So back to blogger poll... one problem, you can'r edit once it is posted... That's OK unless you forget a name on the list... ooops missed Daniele Gottardo off the list. Set up a new poll and delete the old one... sorry folks... but now you can vote for all the finalists! So apologies if you voted already... please vote again!

Carljohan Grimmark: narnia cd details and tour dates


Finally we can proudly announce the track listing and cover artwork of our new album "Course of a generation", below. The artwork was made my Carlos Barbosa/Artiside, Brazil and the logo was redesigned by Rainer Mittelstädt, InLine design, Germany. The album has now been mixed by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at legendary Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden - and the result is simply: the NARNIA album we've been waiting for! Studio Fredman has been the choice of bands like In Flames, Soilwork, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir and many others.

The songs are:

1. Sail around the world
2. When the stars are falling
3. Curse of a generation
4. Scared
5. Kings will come
6. Rain
7. Armageddon
8. One way to freedom
9. Miles away
10. Behind the curtain

Tour Dates:

Jul 17 2009 6:00P Jesusrock Kramfors, SE
Aug 7 2009 6:00P Frizon Kumla/Örebro, SE
Sep 5 2009 6:00P Zaragon Rock Club Jönköping, SE
Sep 18 2009 6:00P Club Monster Gävle, SE
Sep 19 2009 6:00P Metal Sanctuary, Folkets Hus Kumla, SE, Örebro län
Oct 2 2009 6:00P Pub Anchor Stockholm, SE
Oct 3 2009 6:00P Pub Anchor Stockholm, SE
Oct 16 2009 6:00P TBA TBA
Oct 17 2009 6:00P TBA Jönköping, SE
Oct 30 2009 6:00P TBA TBA
Nov 13 2009 6:00P TBA TBA
Nov 14 2009 6:00P Brainstorm Festival Apeldoorn, NL

News: will wolframalpha help you more with music than google?

Check out C Minor Scale search: and you get amongst the results, a diagram of the notes on a piano, but the musical notation of the scale and

Alternate scale names:
Natural minor
Gregorian scale 2
Asavari Thaat
2906 H12–digit binaryL

Relative major:
EÙ major
Related modes:
Dorian mode on F
Phrygian mode on G
Lydian mode on AÙ
Mixolydian mode on BÙ
Locrian mode on D

So you get actual content, whereas google just gives you a link to the content

Thorsten Koehne: edens curse... you can't keep a good song down

Live from the Rescue Rooms The first of 3 bands on the the night which included Stratovarius and Firewind. A track from their 2nd cd The Second Coming.

Sail On 'Live' Eden's Curse at the Rescue Rooms 16 May 2009

Hiroaki Tagawa: blind guitar star

A Young Guitar demonstration by blind guitarist Hiroaki Tagawa.

Hiroaki Tagawa - Miraculous Star

Hiroaki Tagawa - Seascape

Syu Merupakan: seasons cry

Syu Merupakan live solo.

Galneryus - Seasons Cry (Live at Shibuya)

Tom Quayle: and ewe and I

No need for Tom to feel sheepish in this one, chops aside, this videos shows what happens when you short change yourself in the tea department... Tom, a sad preacher nailed upon the coloured door of time; insane teacher be there reminded of the rhyme... oops a little yes moment there... Tom Quayle, says:
Hi everyone! Another improvisation here over some changes I came up with using a pedal for the top note. There are two horrible mistakes in this video for which I apologise! Thus is the nature of improvisation and part of the reason I love it so much... I hope you enjoy it. Ignore the sheep thing on my sofa - it's called Samuel and belongs to my Girlfriends daughter who, incidentally, plays guitar!! Thanks to you all, Tom

Improv Solo over Changes

News: win guitar related prizes


Looks like a blog dedicated to online guitar related prizes that can be won. Check it out.

Ricardo Walls: rob chappers meyones guitar solo competition

Ricardo Walls pulls out all the stops and gurning faces to try and win the top prize for this competition! I be Rob Chappers is kicking himself, having to short list all these great solos!

Mayones guitar competition (ricardo walls)

Matias Rengel: rob chappers meyones guitar solo competition

Wow up to 95 response in the Rob Chappers competition! Full list Matias Rengel joins the fight for the exciting grand prize with his own solo. Fans will recall that Matias Rengel was also a top 3 finishers in the recent Petruccifever competition.

Mayones Guitars Competition Entry by Matias T Rengel

Akira Takasaki: loudness new track samples available


According to Mamas Fallen Angels:
Loudness will be releasing their new album on the 27th, and there are some audio samples available. The clips are very short, and there are just two of them, but I really liked the Flame of Rock excerpt. The Everlasting was just ok, but hopefully the whole album is good. These guys certainly don't get the credit that they deserve.

01. Hit The Rails
02. Flame Of Rock (audio)
03. I Wonder
04. The Everlasting (audio)
05. Life Goes On
06. Let It Rock
07. Crystal Moon
08. Change
09. Rock Into The Night
10. I'm In Pain
11. Thunder Burn
12. Desperate Religion