Matias Kupiainen: bacon music tour interview


Baconmusic's James Allman talkes exclusively to STRATOVARIUS guitarist Matis Kupiainen, and bass player Lauri Porra, moments before the STRATOVARIUS gig at Nottingham Rescue Rooms, UK, on 16th May 2009. The band's second show with the new line-up, following the departure of Timo Tolkki.

STRATOVARIUS Interview Pt. 1 - Matias Kupiainen & Lauri Porra - 16/05/09

STRATOVARIUS Interview Pt. 2 - Matias Kupiainen & Lauri Porra - 16/05/09

Stratovarius playing the song "Foverer" with the new guitar player Matias Kupiainen, The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 16/05/09.

Stratovarius - Forever (Live in Nottingham with Matias Kupiainen)