Ronnie Montrose: gary moore has my stolen guitar

A very interesting post from music radar

It was 1972 when Ronnie Montrose says he had his 1959 sunburst Gibson Les Paul stolen.

Montrose was then part of the Edgar Winter Group, and claims he had his rare 1959 'burst stolen from a EWG show on 20 October 1972 in Dudley, Massachusetts.

Montrose says he bought the guitar from J Geils in 1972, and used it to record the Edgar Winter Group album They Only Come Out at Night.

Montrose says he has since hired private detectives to track down the guitar, but he had no luck.

Until he saw Gary Moore's guitar collection in the British guitar magazine, Guitar Buyer.

Montrose is convinced that one of Moore's pictured Les Pauls is his missing guitar
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