Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Chris Broderick: megadeth preview posted

Megadeth - Headcrusher Preview Andy Sneap Endgame

Joe Satriani: vox big bad wah and time machine pedal

VOX Amplification caught up with Joe Satriani recently and he unveiled a secret feature of the Big Bad Wah

Joe Satriani unveils secret feature of the VOX Big Bad Wah

Joe Satriani Talks About the Vox Time Machine Pedal

John Sykes: quits thin lizzy

Kudos classic rock:
Thin Lizzy have parted company with guitarist/vocalist John Sykes.

Scott Gorham intends to announce future plans for Thin Lizzy shortly. All Thin Lizzy shows confirmed for 2009 will be cancelled or postponed until further notice.
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Jeff Kollman: meatbats announce new cd release date

CHAD SMITH'S BOMBASTIC MEATBATS' debut CD, "Meet The Meatbats", will be in stores and iTunes on September 15, released by Warrior Records via Universal Music Group distribution.

CHAD SMITH'S BOMBASTIC MEATBATS recently finished tracking its second studio album with engineer/producer Ryan Hewitt at a Venice, California facility. "We played the songs a bit live before going into the studio," states Kollman. "We cut all 12 tracks live over a three day period in March. All without a click track. Old school. Just how the BATS like it."

Reece Fullwood: will deliver live guitar for aeon zen

In association with Time Divide Records, I am pleased to be sourcing additional musicians for a live band, with concerts planned to start at the end of the year.

I can confirm that Reece Fullwood will join the Aeon Zen live lineup.

Reece is an amazing talent and it is great that he can join us.
You can see more of him on youtube at:


You can get a copy of Aeon Zen
A Mind's Portrait

Livio Lamonea: live dates update

Next gigs: Livio Lamonea Trio

Livio Lamonea - 6 & 7 Strings Guitars
Claudio Romano - Drums
Vittorio Pepe - Bass

July 9, 10 Pm
Il giardino degli aranci Music hall
Corso 1 ottobre 19, 81024 Maddaloni (Ce)
Info 3349626082

Livio Lamonea - 6 & 7 Strings Guitars
Gino Pisani - Drums
Vittorio Pepe - Bass

July 13, 10 Pm
Via Morghen 34 bis, 80100 Napoli ; tel 3409225475

Jungle city - Livio Lamonea

Dave Martone: set to appear at SIMM

Kudos to Adam Pietrykowski

Dave Martone, Vox artist, is set to appear at a free show:
Pavillon SIMM-GM, Village de la musique, Saturday, July 11, 2009 at 4:30 PM Mind-boggling picker Dave Martone has played with some true guitar legends like Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen, toured with big-time rock acts like 3 Doors Down, and released scads of mind-blowing original music. He has also taught clinics at the National Guitar Workshop and the Berklee College of Music.

Victor de Andres: stratoballad

soul ballad by Victor de Andres

Joop Wolters: in from the cold

Joop Wolters says:
album released first time in 1998 later via LionMusic in 2003 ,'s the openingtrack of my debut album.. wrote this tune back in 95 ..inspired by the shrapnell aera ,throwing in some mystique..didn't play the tune anymore after i recorded it for workshop 14 years ago...untill last week,,, i started recording this new version on an afternoon,, june 28 2009 i sat down recorded again new: drums,bass ,rithem guitars..and played here on this video the twin melodyparts(worked out parts) and the lead-parts (improvised in the spirit of the song and for my own enjoyment) that your hearing..and made a vid out of it again, to share it here again...
for sound i used the mc-7 by BO-EL and the pod-x3 ...for drums i used the easy drummer sound and my boss dr-880 to make the the drumpart..for bass i used a 5 string yamaha bass.... cheers and be sure to check out the albums and other vid's...


Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: red house jam session

drum maurizio mirabelli
guitar 2 pino ciappetta
live 2009 b side

jam session paul gilbert - billy sheehan (red house jimi hendrix)

Robben Ford: harmony central interview

The great Robben Ford talks guitars, gear and song-writing.

Robben Ford Interview

Johnny Hiland: thunder in the valley

Johnny Hiland - Thunder in the Valley 2009 - Johnstown, PA

News: bloggers take note, a chance to interview top guitar players

Just to let you know interviews are available now in email or phone format with the following Lion Music artists in the following languages:
  • Milan Polak (English, German or Italian)
  • Sean Baker Orchestra (English)
  • Xanima - (Swedish or English)
  • Lars Eric Mattsson (English or Swedish)
  • Joe Stump (English)
  • Mastercastle (English or Italian)
  • Ashent (English, Italian or Swedish)
  • Strings 24 (English or Italian)
  • Astra (English or Italian)
  • Tony Hernando (English or Spanish)
  • Miosis (English or Swedish)
  • George Bellas (English)
If you wish to do an email interview simply forward questions to me at, likewise use the same email with your phoner requirements.
Many thanks,

Andy Craven

Lion Music Promotion

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot breaks a wing!

Hello People of the Foot!

We've got a late last minute addition to the tour schedule here in the US-- BALTIMORE, MD on August 18th at the Lyric Opera House. The presale starts Wed (today) for fan club members. As usual, log in and for your presale code.

Tickets and ticket packages are available at Ticketmaster:

Presale tickets are only available to members of the official Chickenfoot Fan Club. Joining the Chickenfoot Fan Club get you access to presales, an exclusive "Chickenheads" fan club t-shirt and 10% ongoing discount in the Official Chickenfoot online store. Click here to join.


For those following along at home, check out the new video clip on the site (link over there in the sidebar to the left) that shows a small glimpse into the wild energy going on at the shows thus far. Unfortunately, we also have some bad news to report...


We are sorry to inform our Spanish fans that Chickenfoot cannot perform their July 1st show in Madrid due to a serious injury to drummer Chad Smith. Chad was performing on stage last night in Paris and during the show he hurt his right arm badly. He has torn his small bicep and cannot play the show Weds July 1st. The band is very sorry they cannot play for their Spanish fans this week and plan to return as soon as possible.


We've heard from all of the People of the Foot over in Ohio that they are confused and/or frustrated about how to get tickets to the free show at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame on Aug 15.

We've heard you and been hard at work and are happy to announce that we have made arrangements to secure hundreds of tickets to the show. We will be distributing them to all Fan Club members who as of June 30th are members in good standing with the state of Ohio in their profile. We also will be doing a random contest give away for some additional tickets that will be open to all members of the community regardless of their fan club status or location.

Paul Gilbert: more clinic dates

Here are some more exciting PG clinics, just announced last night... Thansk again to Jenn the fount of all Gilbertian knowledge .

July 23 — Italy, in the city of Isola d’ Elba / Capoliveri (LI) at Piazza Matteotti. (more info: )

FREE August 12 — USA, at Guitar Center (Hollywood, CA on Sunset Blvd.)

aul Gilbert (MR. BIG, RACER X) wil hold a free clinic at Guitar Center in Hollywood, California on August 12.

The details are as follows:

Event: Guitar Clinic at Guitar Center Hollywood

Cost: Free to the public

Date: August 12

Guitar Center
7425 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90046
United States
Tel: 323-874-1060