Monday, 20 July 2009

COMPETITION: Shred this update progress!

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Here is a selection of today's submissions!

Shred this Valde Entry

Mejdi Sulejmani was born 1st of May 1990. Started to play guitar when he was 9 years old. He has recorded a few instrumentals and he is finishing an album called ''Extraterrestrial Void'' My influences are: Muris Varajic, Emir Hot,Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen...
Mejdi Sulejmani Shred This Entry

Shred this! zaratusstra

Guthrie Govan: a second shot at pistoia

Guthrie Govan Live. Pistoia Blues Festival July 3, 2009.

Guthrie Govan Live at Pistoia July 3, 2009 [HD]

Jeff Loomis: emg jato unit

"Jato Unit" from Jeff's 'Zero Order Phase" album.

Jeff Loomis Performs "Jato Unit" At EMG

Carlos Santana: easter egg in guitar hero 5

Activision today announced that, Carlos Santana, will appear in Guitar Hero 5 come September as a playable icon with his gorgeous Paul Reed Smith guitar.

Allen Hinds: baked potato makes allen fall up!

Allen Hinds - "Falling Up" - Live at the Baked Potato in Los Angeles. Featuring Dave Hooper on drums, JV Collier on Bass, Jeff Babko on Keys, Ronnie Gutierrez on percussion and Allen Hinds on guitar.

Falling Up

Johnny Hiland: simple amps summer namm 2009

Johnny Hiland visited the Simple Amps booth at Summer NAMM 2009. Joel Jones takes him through the entire line. Johnny tears up the booth!!!

Johnny Hiland at the Simple Amps booth

News: ibanez summer namm show

A few new Ibanez guitars were shown at this booth. Most of them are collectors items

Summer NAMM 2009 Ibanez

Tommy Ermolli: twin spirits the forbidden city!

Lion Music are pleased to announce the release license for the second album from progressive metallers Twinspirits. The new album entitled “The Forbidden City” marks the debut recording performance of the band’s spectacular new vocalist Göran Nyström whose stunning range, power and projection is a perfect fit for the bands mix of technical progressive metal with melodic elements. The band is completed by keyboardist Daniele Liverani, guitarist Tommy Ermolli, bassist Alberto Rigoni and drummer Dario Ciccioni.

“The Forbidden City” will be released in September 2009 (exact date TBC) and more information on the release will follow in the run up to release.

Niels Vejlyt: infinity overture to get a lion music release

Infinity Overture debut album release date October 09:
We are really happy to announce the release of our debut album on october 09 from Lion Music. It will be released in two versions, normal cd and as a special edition cd+dvd Our debut album is entitled Kingdom of Utopia

Carljohan Grimmark: why downloading does not work!

Posted by Narnia... Regarding illegal downloading...:
Maybe it's not "politically correct" in the eyes of some people, but we feel that we'd like to share some thoughts from "the inside" regarding this matter:

Just let us try to explain that for a band of our size, every sold copy counts... If You purchase our music legally we can assure You that Your support means a lot to us. The money that we recieve from the copy that You buy, will be used to cover the costs of making that actual album, and it can help us to keep making records.

We're obviously not "in this for the money" - if so we would have chosen the wrong business.
So please, support us and other bands in the best way You can - buy simply buying our music and merchandise legally, in the store or at legal online services where You can pay a small rate per song, or for a full album.

Regarding statements made by some people saying that "illegal downloading is ok and hurts no one" - we don't think they have considered the situation of the thousands of smaller bands, contantly struggling small budgets.

Also let us give a BIG MEGA THANK YOU to all of You who chose to buy our records in the past!
We truly appreciate it and we hope You have enjoyed our music!

Thanks for Your attention and understanding
Best regards

Allan Holdsworth: canton guitar in waiting!

Rick from Canton guitars let me know he's working on a project for the super fantastic Allan Holdsworth. He's now in the process of working with Allan Holdsworth on a prototype guitar, he talked over the phone a while ago, it will be completed by late August 2009. Look for a video when it's ready. In the meantime these are the details and a photo of the prototype at early stage, which looks super cool to me:

-Alder/maple hollow body
-Trans Trem
-Custom pick-up
-Curly maple neck
-Ebony fretboard
-25" fretboard radius
-26- Dunlop 6000 frets.

Jon Finn: live gig announced!

Jon Finn Group Extragavanza Concert at BPC 8/4:
Good Music People like with a cast of thousands!
Host: Jon Finn
Date: Tuesday, 04 August 2009
Time: 20:15 - 21:45
Location: Berklee Performance Center
Street: 130 Mass Ave.
Town/City: Boston, MA

View Larger Map

Jon Finn Group, usually a 4-piece Progressive Instrumental Rock band takes full advantage of all the talent at Berklee and the local music scene. With so many great musicians around it's hard to resist the urge to put them all in one place.

Jon Finn Group will be joined by:
"Anger Management Percussion"
"Lumberjack Horns"
and the latest addition to the extravaganza concerts:
"Heart Strings"

It's amazing what happens when many people work toward the same goal: "Good Music People Like"

Too many special guest appearances to list. Ya gotta come! Bring your friends! Tix are free to Berklee students and $2.00 for non-students.

Daniele Gottardo: cd to be released!

A quick message on facebook from Daniele Gottardo seems to indicate that the CD will be released... I've heard some background on this so this will be really cool if it comes true... so by the very power of google translate Daniele Gottardo says:
"expects the contract for the cd ...."
full details when I know... could be real soon!

Atanas Shishkov: tom anderson and spiraless news

New Tom Anderson Drop Top Guitar: You can see below the new video "Urban Fusion", there is my new beautiful guitar - Tom Anderson Drop Top - this is the best guitar i`ve ever played!

Atanas Shishkov - Urban Fusion-HQ

This is the instrument specification :

Model - Drop Top
Body Finish - Trans Red with Binding
Body Wood - Figured Maple on Swamp Ash
Neck Wood - Hard Rock Maple, Rosewood Fretboard
Neck Finish - Matching Headstock, Satin Back
Nutwidth - 1 11/16 in
Frets - Heavy
Back Shape -
Hardware - Gold
Bridge - Sunken Kahler Steeler
Pickguard -
Pickups - SK1R SK1 H2+
Switching - Switcheroo
I want to thank specially to my mate and friend Todor Peev (Blue2You)!!!

SPIRALESS-2 - New album:
The new album of Spiraless is in progress - we have recorded 7 draft tracks and the new stuff is going very different than the debut album.The first recording session with the other axe of Spiraless ( Blue2You ) was so excited for me. I`ll keep you informed how the things goes with the recordings forward! New drummer and bass player joined in the band - they will be anounced soon as well.

Emir Hot: vote for the bosnia music wards

Emir Hot who released the critically acclaimed album "Sevdah Metal" which features vocalist John West (Ex Royal Hunt/Artension) and drummer Mike Terrana (Masterplan/Axel Rudi Pell) last year has been nominated for the Bosnian equivalent of a Grammy award.

"Indexi" (previously called "Davorin") has "Sevdah Metal" in their shortlist for best metal album of 2008 and you can vote at the link below.


Just scroll down until you see category
"02. Metal Album Godine" and Sevdah Metal is the third album in this category.
To vote just click the button on the right - "GLASAJ". You can vote once every 24 hours.

Please note, there is no need to register to vote so no personal details are kept or stored.

Simone Fiorletta: new cd reviewed

"W.R.I.N." First Review on METALLIFE.COM: You can read the first review of my new soloist album "When Reality Is Nothing" on

and: Simone Fiorletta
Title: When Reality Is Nothing
Year Released: 2009
Reviewer: Terry Bunch
Rating: 8

In summary, this CD will appeal to fans of guitar work, instrumentals and emotive rock music. Well worth checking out for a nice deviation from the average and mundane.

full review

August 28th 2009 marks the release of the third Simone Fiorletta solo album entitled "When Reality Is Nothing". With the album Simone takes the listener on a voyage through a myriad of rock guitar textures and expressions. A must own release for anyone with an interest in modern rock guitar.

More information on the album and a sample track can be found at

Simone Fiorletta - gtr
Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth) - keys
Matteo Raggi - bass
Marco Aiello - drums

Special Guests:
Neil Zaza
Mistheria (B. Dickinson and more)
Armando Pizzuti
Valerio D'Anna
Fabrizio Auri

At the same time, Simone become officially endorser also of "InTune Guitar Picks" (


News: bob bradshaw interview!

DunlopTV went the mountain and visited the almighty Bob Bradshaw. Bob is the guy who David Gilmour relied on to make all thos crazy Pink Floyd effects work. He also does some stuff for a few guys you may have heard of: Van Halen, Vai, Kirk Hammett, Steve Lukather, The Edge, Prince, Tom Petty, Lenny Kravitz... You get the idea. This episode goes a little longer then usual, but it's all great technical information. Fixes for tone sucking, line leveling... The guy knows everything. Hope you learn something.

DunlopTV - Bob Bradshaw

DunlopTV - Bob Bradshaw Pedalboard 101

Yoger Mucci: michael jackson tribute

Yoger Mucci says:
This is a little tribute to Michael Jackson R.I.P. LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!

Beat it Guitar Solo Michael Jackson tribute Yoger Mucci

Andy James: shred lick now on itunes

Help this guy deliver more shredding... yes Andy James albums all available on itunes... link on his myspace:

Andy says:
Hey guys, all Andy James tunes so far are available through the itunes link in my biog. That includes Machine, In the Wake of Chaos and the latest release through unbelievable records Kaos 7. Download away and make me some much needed cash LOL!!

Take care guys

Andy James.

Guthrie Govan, Mattias IA Eklundh: photos posted

Full post... more images

Plus check out the fret layout of Mattias's guitar, which are due to True Temperament frets

Jake Willson: back for more jam

Jake Willson entered the Shred this competition, here's another nice jam.

Band are as follows

Joe Suttle - Piano
Fin dow Smith (starsmith) - Sax
James Newman - Bass and modern dance
Ollie Waton - Drumings

jamming with some great friends

Victor de Andres: shred this competition entry

Victor de Andres posted some cool shred to the Shred This backing track. Some nice hybrid picking too.

Truth In Shredding: "Shred This" Victor de Andres Entry.

Scott Henderson: namm 2009 xotic interview

Interview with Scott Henderson at NAMM 2009

Andy Timmons: namm 2009 xotic interview

Interview with Andy Timmons at NAMM 2009

Steve Vai, Andy Timmons: beat it!

Steve Vai and Andy Timmons performing Michael Jacksons Beat It at the MEINL GUITAR FESTIVAL 2009 in Gutenstetten, Germany.

Steve Vai and Andy Timmons "Michael Jackson - Beat It" MEINL GUITAR FESTIVAL 2009