Carljohan Grimmark: why downloading does not work!

Posted by Narnia... Regarding illegal downloading...:
Maybe it's not "politically correct" in the eyes of some people, but we feel that we'd like to share some thoughts from "the inside" regarding this matter:

Just let us try to explain that for a band of our size, every sold copy counts... If You purchase our music legally we can assure You that Your support means a lot to us. The money that we recieve from the copy that You buy, will be used to cover the costs of making that actual album, and it can help us to keep making records.

We're obviously not "in this for the money" - if so we would have chosen the wrong business.
So please, support us and other bands in the best way You can - buy simply buying our music and merchandise legally, in the store or at legal online services where You can pay a small rate per song, or for a full album.

Regarding statements made by some people saying that "illegal downloading is ok and hurts no one" - we don't think they have considered the situation of the thousands of smaller bands, contantly struggling small budgets.

Also let us give a BIG MEGA THANK YOU to all of You who chose to buy our records in the past!
We truly appreciate it and we hope You have enjoyed our music!

Thanks for Your attention and understanding
Best regards