Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot soap on a rope

Chickenfoot's second full-length music video for the song "Soap On A Rope" off their debut self-titled album

Chickenfoot - "Soap On A Rope" Music Video

Luigi Rinaldi: tribute to Tony MacAlpine live!

Luigi Rinaldi says:
In this video I'm playing the song Tears Of Sahara, written by Tony Macalpine, at the Energie Rock Festival 2009. The solo section is all improvisation, coz I never remember the original solo LOL

Tears Of Sahara

Jean Marc Belkadi: cuban feel

Cuban Rhythm Guitar Lesson

News: aluminium guitar!

The Introduction of the Seymour Duncan Special Pick-up set LMG T... solid aluminium!

Smile on your face

Dannyjoe Carter: working with saddleback shark singer!

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Dannyjoe Carter has started writing/recording with Saddleback Shark's lead singer Drew Collins. Working together under the name StormHog, Carter and Collins are bringing together their common admiration of classic rock music with a 21st century twist for what will be a full length release. Carter, who last appeared on the compilation cd Shredding Across The World...Volume Three says "I'm very excited to work with Drew Collins, he's an amazingly versatile singer! He has a tone and texture at times as one the heaviest singers anywhere but also has a velvet growl on his softer side. While both of us are true metal fans we each have a love and a fondness of our southern roots and pay tribute in our styles to the early pioneers of southern rock. I promise you this is gonna ROCK!!"

Collins who is finishing up a Saddleback Shark release titled "Blood In The Water" says "From my first conversation with Dannyjoe Carter it became quite clear that he is not only extremely knowledgeable, humble and honest but multi-layered in his music and what he holds to be important it terms of song writing. I do not take lightly how fortunate I am that he wants to work with me. I've not been this excited about a project since Saddleback Shark."
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Reece Fullwood: eumeria video shoot

Reece Fullwood with Eumeria on their video shoot. May be some video to follow? Gallery

Andy James: webcam lessons available!

Andy James says:
Hi Guys, just blogging to tell you that I have finally figured out the online webcam lessons thing and its now tried and tested, so any of you that are thinking about having a lesson with me or would like to find out more, please contact me at Alternativly you can message me here on good ol myspace (seeing as if you here reading this, you might aswell ay!! LOL), or on youtube if you are checking out any of my vids and think I may be able to help you with your own technique in some way.

Also there are 3 new album demo's on the site, yes, thats right, THREE!!. And this also means that there will be an album in the pipeline and that I will be going into the studio fairly soon to start tracking. My good friend Scott Atkins is going to help me with this (same geezer that done the SMT album) so rest assured when its finally finished, the production at least will be top notch!. The tracks are Angel of Darkness, The Return and Burn it Down (which some of might recognise as the Greg Howe play for contest video "Metalcore Shred" with a few changes)

I have also included SMT's latest single "Anger on Reflection" and one of my fav's off our album "The Man You Tried To Hide".

Hope you guys still get time to check out whats been going on In the A to the J camp and I hope to finally see some of you again when SMT hit the road later this year.

Thats it for now, take care


Taka Minamino: guitar lessons available

Now is the time to develop your skill!

He will teach the following topics in each video,
1. Tone
2. Vibrate, bend,
3. Song writting, Arrangement
4. Teqnique (Legate, Economy picking, Alternate piacking, Sweep Picking, Tapping, making phrase)

Price: 4 video lessons for $100.00 USD ($25.00/four 30 minute lessons)
Payment method:
Delivery method: Email via

For info, please email to

Here you go, audio sample and tablature from piece of lesson.
Check it out!

Kostas Alexakis: shred this, when one is never enough!

Kostas Alexakis posted a new entry to the competition

Alex K. - "Shred This" Competition Entry

Rob Chappers: oh no, one I missed!

One I missed... most humble apologies to the Monkey Lord! Look out for the hidden messages!

Betcha can't play this - Rob Chapman from Monkey Lord

Kiko Lourerio: rock house dvd promo

Rock House instructor and guitar virtuoso Kiko Loureiro reveals the secrets behind his masterful technique. Look for Kiko's Rock House DVD CREATIVE SHRED coming October 2009.

Kiko Lourerio from his Rock House DVD "Creative Shred"

Michael Schenker: first love guitarworld interview

First Guiar Love is that special love between a guitarist and his first guitar. In this exclusive video feature sponsored by the Berklee College of Music, heavy hitters like Kerry King, Joe Satriani, Alex Lifeson, Dave Mustaine, Nuno Bettencourt, Leslie West and many others wax poetic about the first guitar they ever owned.

First Guitar Love: Michael Schenker

Rusty Cooley: on youtube

In case you did not know Rusty Cooley is on YouTube

Rusty Cooley Betcha Cant Play This March 2008 Guitar World Magazine

News: nearly 500,000 views! Get ready to snap that moment!

Yes that's right, just less than 1000 visits off the first 500,000 visitors! Incredible... that means at the current rate this should happen sometime on Thursday next week. I'll tell you what if you see the counter on the home page on the 500,000 figure exactly... not one more or one less, then I'm sure I can arrange a special prize for you. All you have to do is send me a screen grab to

How to do a screen capture

Rick Graham: suhr is one mighty fine guitar

Rick Graham just took delivery of his new Suhr guitar... hopefully some video to follow soon. I'll post it when I see it! Meanwhile feast your eyes on this beauty!

Feedback and comment on the Petrucciforum

Nataly Makovskaya: classical class

Roland Dyens, Songe capricorne, classical guitar Nataly Makovskaya

John Dowland, Lachrimae Pavan, classical guitar Nataly Makovskaya

Damir Puh: Macedonia shredding this!

Damir Puh says:
This is my entry for the Shred This guitar competition. Best of luck to all contestants and big greetings to Laurie for making this happen. I hope you'll like it. D.P.

Some cool legato in this one as well.

Damir Puh - Shred This competition entry

George Lynch: twitter presence spotted

George Lynch on twitter... dare you follow?

Dave Kilminster: blue rock weekend now booking November

Dave Kilminster Weekend:
Blues/Rock Level 2/3
Where & when: Barnett Hill, Guildford,UK
Saturday/Sunday 28 & 29 November 2009
Tutors: Neville Marten, Jason Sidwell & Dave Kilminster

The course
If the emotive bending of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour moves you, the note flurries of Carlos Santana grab you or the sophisticated phrasing of Robben Ford drops your jaw then this weekend is for you!

Over a weekend in the lovely surroundings of Barnett Hill, Wonersh, Jason Sidwell and Neville Marten will lift the lid on the trademarks of some of the greatest blues rock soloists ever.

Joining them will be special guest tutor, Dave Kilminster who not only possesses outrageous rock chops but has played lead/rhythm guitar for Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on two world tours. It’s not an understatement to say that few guitarists (if any) know Gilmour’s style more in depth than Kilminster!

During the weekend, there will be copious amounts of technique, theory and playing from tutors all rooted in ‘real world’ applications (ie benefitial to gigging). Of course, you’ve come to play too so there will be many chances to try out the new ideas in tutorial sessions and informal jam scenarios.

As well as providing music handouts for core playing foundations, Guitar Break encourages students to raise playing aspects of concern which are then addressed in depth. It’s a bespoke foundation to a weekend and always proves invaluable to students.

With the knowledge and ability these three tutors offer it is recommended you book early to avoid disappointment. Sadly, their last two breaks meant some students were declined a place due to being fully subscribed. Book now so it doesn’t happen to you!

What to bring
To bring - guitar, amp, lead and note book. Use of recording equipment is permitted during the day. You will be provided with course material as well as blank tab sheets.

What's included
The course consists of two full days (10am-5pm) of first class tuition from Neville, Jason & Dave K, all-day refreshments*, lunch, evening meal on Saturday and all your course materials.

*Includes coffee, tea and water and excludes alcoholic beverages.

Accommodation is not included in the package but Guitar Break B&B rates are available by quoting 'Guitar Break' when you contact the venue. An evening meal on the Saturday is included although is optional.

If you wish to book just the Saturday or Sunday then please call 0845 458 7372. more

Lucky Singh: haygate show lined up

"7" Newsletter

"7" are Playing their first support show tomorrow night (Thursday 20th August) at The Haygate, £1 entry! All 3 albums will be available on the night for just £6 each, yes £6! So for "£7" you could enjoy some great live music and walk away with any one of the 3 CDs packed with 13 tracks for you to take home and listen to (unless you buy all 3 albums) For more info about the CDs please visit our website

Venue - The Haygate 20/08/09 @ 9pm
Bands - "7", Absolute Ataxia, The Yipes
Entry fee - £1