Saturday, 12 September 2009

COMPETITION: Shred this! Top 5

If you entered the competition, I'm still accepting your top 5's, always eager to see what you think and also to allow you to praise other who you thought were excellent.

OK we've short listed to show our top 5 picks... this has been really tough... lots of heart ache as we have to decide who will go through for selection for the top 3. We've redrawn the lists on numerous occasions, discussed why we did or did not like particular aspects of playing. Even to the point of asking "Would definitely pay to see that player?" questions.

I can speak for us all when I say this was a super tough task, everyone could have been in the top 5, but we had to lose 10, as you can see I had some guys and girls that I would love to have had in the top 5 but there can only be 5. The results are posted here... in no particular order... let the flaming and hate mail begin.

Wilton Duraes: my top 5 shred this!

Shred This entrant Wilton Duraes contacted me to let me know his top 5.

1 Damjan Pejcinoski
2 Thiago Trinsi
3 Marius Pop
4 Chris Pallas
5 Silvio Gazquez

All top quality players who delivered excellent videos for the competition. Good Choice Wilton

Tom Hess: super fast super clean!

Great Shred Guitar Techniques

Adam Rogers: bring the funking fusion

While we were shortlisting, Tom Quayle couldn't resist letting me know about players that were not on my blog... so here is the first of them...

Adam Rogers Funk/Fusion

Adam Rogers guitar solo "Phrygia"

Adam Rogers - Have You Met Miss Jones

Adam Rogers & Chris Potter play ridiculous melody

Chris Potter's "Underground" - The Wheel [2009]

Yngwie Malmsteen: pollstar interview

Some people had the misconception for a while that I had something to do with the ’80s. I became known in the ’80s, or what people now think of as the ’80s. And when the ’80s became the ’90s and everybody wanted to turn everything upside down, it didn’t change what I wanted to do. I’ve never turned my coat to the wind.

It’s actually turned out, in the long run, to be the right thing to do. There’s a lot of people who were doing what I was doing 25 years ago who are not [now.] What’s ‘in’ is bound to go ‘out,’ so if you don’t have a steady course, you’re lost.

What’s more important is that, to quote [Italian musician and composer] Niccolò Paganini, ‘One must feel strongly to make others feel strongly.’ When you feel so strongly about what you do, people can’t help but like it or hate it but they won’t ignore it. If you’re real about it – what you see is what you get – that’s longevity.

I love to go on stage because every night is different – a different audience and a different show. Every time I hit the stage, I play like it’s the last show I’m going to do.
full interview

News: Memphis Guitar Center KOTB

Memphis Guitar Center KOTB

Krisztian Lovrek: hungarica

Hungarica feat. Lovrek Krisztián - Igazi hős- Live

Vinnie Moore: meltdown live

Incredible guitar solo by Vinnie Moore - Melt Down

Mathieu Rach: another cool original

MattRach continues to improve his original compositions.

Death is a Better Choice

Simon Goldsmith: fingerstyle jazz... nice!

Autumn Leaves Fingerstyle Guitar Improv

Brian Larkin: shred this, my top 5... plus some other cool players I liked!

I had a cool email from Brian Larkin who responded to my call for top 5 posts for the people who entered the competition!

Brain Larkin says:
Hey Laurie!

Okay, here it is. These are the guys who I think blew away the other 10 entries (including mine). In no particular order, because I'd have to think for days on which one is my favorite. I don't envy you guys... It's a really tough decision. No worries if mine doesn't make the cut, I think I'd actually agree. These guys smoked me:

Andrés Ludmer
Bryan Aspey
Damjan Pejcinoski
Thiago Trinsi
Vladimir Maisiuk

And here are my Top 3 that didn't make the Top 15... I didn't watch all of the Top 45, or all 165+ entries, but these are a few I really liked, if you'd mention them in the blog post:

Marius Pop
Chris Pallas
Silvio Gazquez

Thanks again for the cool contest, the kind words about my playing, and for picking me for the Top 15. With so many other amazing players in the competition I'm flattered the 3 of you thought mine was even that good. You rock!!!

Brian's entries got him a top 15 spot, I was blown away with both entries.... definitely a talent to watch for the future. In case you missed them

Shred This! Competition Entry

Shred This! outtake - "Tasteless Moron" version

Plus here's an acoustic exercise just loaded. Brain Larkin says:
This video is from April, just hadn't gotten around to uploading it until now. I wrote this earlier this year, as sort of an exercise, but now I plan to use it as an intro to a very heavy song on my upcoming album. Thought it was cool enough to share in case anyone digs it... if not, more videos (and an album) coming soon...

The guitar was borrowed from my friend Vahe Sarkissian... The output on mine is completely shot. (Thanks Vahe, you rock!)

(Yes, this was inspired by Limberneck)...

"Dabble" - acoustic fingerpicking thingy...

Marcelo Barbosa: guitar lesson in Portuguese

Guitarosofia 5

Thiago Trinsi: taking guitar lesson

Want to learn some crazy tapping and composition? Well Thiago is your man. Thaigo Trinsi says:
Hi folks , Just to inform that I am teaching Guitar at my Home Studio in Akureyri/Iceland, I am already accepting reservation so if you are interested contact me soon as possible to get your spot

Paul Gilbert: metalsucks interview

When I was six, I took guitar lessons. They were so boring that I quit guitar. I’m on this mission to have that happen as little as possible. I think I have some pent-up anger for that teacher. The guy basically told me to go buy a Mel Bay book so we could go through it. Oh and we started with sight-reading, which is like teaching an infant English starting with the alphabet, instead of sounding it out. Nobody learns to read before learning how to speak. To me, music is very similar to language. To teach reading first, it’s just painful. Some people have the stamina, or have been forced by their parents, so they persevere. I’m a supporter of the ear-player, and learning to read notes later. Because it’s a painful starting point.

Just quitting the instrument that I love so much, only to pick up where I left off years later, makes me try to understand the motivational part of teaching. It’s not just giving information, it’s a matter of monitoring the student to really make sure that they’re excited about the material. Otherwise, it’s useless.
full interview

Bruno Spring: the order licks of the month.

Lick of the Month September

Lick of the Month August 2009 - Shredding by Spring from THE ORDER

The Order

THE ORDER, the new project featuring former GURD guitarist Spring and PURE INC. singer Gianni Pontillo, will release their debut album, "Son of Armageddon", on June 26 via the Hamburg, Germany-based label Dockyard 1.

"Son of Armageddon" was recorded last October at Little Creek Studios by V.O. Pulver and Frank Winkelmann of GURD. The album's projected title cut is available for download at this location.

"Son of Armageddon" track listing:

01. Skull & Bones (Intro)
02. Madmen with Loaded Guns
03. Son of Armageddon
04. On the Radio
05. Love Died
06. Sweet Stranger
07. Aint got Satisfied
08. As one Tonight
09. Loser
10. One Man

According to a press release, THE ORDER are neither a thrash metal band ala GURD or a mellow alternative rock in their vein of PURE INC. Instead, they play their own brand of "classic hard rock and modern metal."

THE ORDER lineup:

Gianni Pontillo - Vocals
Bruno Spring - Guitars
Andrej Abplanalp - Bass
Mauro Casciero - Drums

tour dates
26.09.09 - Creepers, CH-Mellingen
14.11.09 - Mischus Rock & Blues, CH-Utzenstorf
28.11.09 - Sommercasino, CH-Basel
18.12.09 - Weihnachtsrock, CH-Geuensee
06.03.10 - Rock One World, D-Esslingen

Tom Hess: neoclassical solo

Awesome Neoclassical Guitar Solo

Craig Goldy, Doug Aldrich: dio swap over

While Craig Goldy tours with Budgie in Australia, Doug Aldrich will join Ronnie James Dio, Rudy Sarzo, Simon Wright and Scott Warren for the following shows:

Nov. 21 - Glasgow, Scotland, Academy
Nov. 22 - Sheffield, UK, Academy
Nov. 24 - London, UK, Forum
Nov. 25 - Birmingham, UK, Academy
Nov. 27 - Manchester, UK, Academy
Nov. 28 - Lincoln, UK, Engine Shed
Nov. 30 - Bristol, UK, Academy
Dec. 01 - Antwerp, Belgium, Trix Hall
Dec. 02 - Tilburg, Holland, 013
Dec. 04 - Oslo, Norway, Sentrum Scene
Dec. 05 - Bergen, Norway, Peer Gynt
Dec. 07 - Gothenburg, Sweden, Tradgarn
Dec. 08 - Malmö, Sweden, Kulturbolaget
Dec. 09 - Stockholm, Sweden, Debaser
Dec. 12 - Tampere, Finland, Pakkahoune
Dec. 13 - Helsinki, Finland, Cable Factory
Dec. 16 - Bremen, Germany, Aladin
Dec. 18 - Nurnberg, Germany, Lowenssal
Dec. 19 - Reichenbach, Germany, H20
Dec. 20 - Munich, Germany, Tonhalle

Scott McGill: one take improv for blues jam tracks

Here's Scott McGill, course leader from the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, playing over a fusion backing track. This is a first-take solo.

Scott McGill guests at Bluesjamtracks

César Zolhof: tribute to jason becker and marty friedman

such an inspiring and beautiful human being!
This is my small tribute to this true genius.

If any guitar player out there wanna try the 2nd guitar, just go for it!!! :)

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for watching and don´t forget to rate!

Jason Becker & Marty Friedman - Jewel - Korg Oasys

Andy Wood: order the CD!

A Disconcerting Amalgam - Andy Wood

Sound samples and order of the CD!:

Paul set this up with Paypal so that you can get a physical copy of it. He does international shipping, too.

Alessandra Funaro: shred this my top 5!

Alessandra Funaro made it to the top 15, so I was very interested in to see the list of players Alex thought should be in the Shred This top 5. So this is Alex list:

This is my Top5 list ... I don't have doubts about the first position ..the winner for me is Damjan :) ..
1. Damjan Pejcinoski
2. Alex Kotsadoros
3. Federico Accardo
4. Brian Aspey
5. Vladimir Maisiuk

If you entered the competition and would like me to publish your top 5 then please email me or submit the on line form. We nearly there now... next stop Tom, Rick and myself will publish our top 5 lists... I must admit I was stuck on a top 7 or 8... but you have to get to a winner some how!

Marcos De Ros: eternal life part 2

Eternal Life final part . Marcos De Ros.