Alessandra Funaro: shred this my top 5!

Alessandra Funaro made it to the top 15, so I was very interested in to see the list of players Alex thought should be in the Shred This top 5. So this is Alex list:

This is my Top5 list ... I don't have doubts about the first position ..the winner for me is Damjan :) ..
1. Damjan Pejcinoski
2. Alex Kotsadoros
3. Federico Accardo
4. Brian Aspey
5. Vladimir Maisiuk

If you entered the competition and would like me to publish your top 5 then please email me or submit the on line form. We nearly there now... next stop Tom, Rick and myself will publish our top 5 lists... I must admit I was stuck on a top 7 or 8... but you have to get to a winner some how!


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