Brian Larkin: shred this, my top 5... plus some other cool players I liked!

I had a cool email from Brian Larkin who responded to my call for top 5 posts for the people who entered the competition!

Brain Larkin says:
Hey Laurie!

Okay, here it is. These are the guys who I think blew away the other 10 entries (including mine). In no particular order, because I'd have to think for days on which one is my favorite. I don't envy you guys... It's a really tough decision. No worries if mine doesn't make the cut, I think I'd actually agree. These guys smoked me:

Andrés Ludmer
Bryan Aspey
Damjan Pejcinoski
Thiago Trinsi
Vladimir Maisiuk

And here are my Top 3 that didn't make the Top 15... I didn't watch all of the Top 45, or all 165+ entries, but these are a few I really liked, if you'd mention them in the blog post:

Marius Pop
Chris Pallas
Silvio Gazquez

Thanks again for the cool contest, the kind words about my playing, and for picking me for the Top 15. With so many other amazing players in the competition I'm flattered the 3 of you thought mine was even that good. You rock!!!

Brian's entries got him a top 15 spot, I was blown away with both entries.... definitely a talent to watch for the future. In case you missed them

Shred This! Competition Entry

Shred This! outtake - "Tasteless Moron" version

Plus here's an acoustic exercise just loaded. Brain Larkin says:
This video is from April, just hadn't gotten around to uploading it until now. I wrote this earlier this year, as sort of an exercise, but now I plan to use it as an intro to a very heavy song on my upcoming album. Thought it was cool enough to share in case anyone digs it... if not, more videos (and an album) coming soon...

The guitar was borrowed from my friend Vahe Sarkissian... The output on mine is completely shot. (Thanks Vahe, you rock!)

(Yes, this was inspired by Limberneck)...

"Dabble" - acoustic fingerpicking thingy...