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Bill Berends: masterminds shred this top 3

Bill Berends posted a comment list his top 3:
hey thanks Laurie, you are too kind. I picked three top shredders myself two weeks back just for fun (you can ask Cheryl) and they were...

Damjan Pejcinoski
Thiago Trinsi
Vladimir Maisiuk

Pretty close! My three favorites... a whole different story. ;) Thanks for the fun!

A reminder of Bill's excellent entry

Shred this... Bill Berends

News: top 10 shred the web announced

Richie Kotzen, Christophe Godin: french guitar festival

Festival de Guitare "Il Pleut Des Cordes" 2009

News: Shred Guitar School

Fifteen years experience in the music educational field.

All of our instructors are of the highest caliber in education and touring experience.

Using the latest HD video streaming software.

Our goal is to continue to grow and evolve, to provide you with the best educational experience.

Shred Guitar School is a new online guitar educational school. The school is founded by Leigh Williams who has been in the guitar educational field for over fifteen years. Leigh is a graduate of the Musician's Academy of London and the Musician's Institute, (Guitar Institute of Technology) Los Angeles, and he was also the owner and instructor of The Orange County School of Music, Ca. He has played in several bands, written and released his own music and he continues to work with some of the best hard rock world touring musician's. His knowledge and experience will contribute to making your education one of the best. Our online videos are going to feature educated, touring instructors beginning with Leigh himself. As the school continues to grow and evolve new instructors in all styles will be added. Our goal is to provide you with educational excellence so that you may continue to grow in your musical ability and knowledge. https://www.shredguitarschool.com/

John Mayall, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Gary Moore: break the blues

Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Taylor and Gary Moore are featured in a multi-media exhibition happening in Brighton during November. from classic rock

Called Bluesbreaking, it takes place from November 13-17 at the Al Duomo Ristorante (7 Pavilion Buildings). The exhibition is open from 11am to 6pm every day. Entry is free.

This event celebrates the British blues scene of the 1960s and 70s, and includes photographs from Peter Gibson and Alex Hooper, graphics from David Arnott, and also the screening of films on some of the artists.

The full list of musicians featured is:

John Mayall

Eric Clapton

Peter Green

Mick Taylor

John McVie

Hughie Flint

Jo Ann Kelly

Mississippi Fred McDowell

Jon Hiseman

Aynsley Dunbar

Colin Allen

Dick Heckstall- Smith

Tony Reeves

Dave Greenslade

Jimmy Litherland

Chris Rea

Paul Jones

Dave Kelly

Gary Moore

Mike Vernon

Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts

Thorsten Koehne: eden's curse new UK dates

EDEN'S CURSE will open for Scottish pirate metallers ALESTORM on their upcoming U.K. tour. Also appearing on the bill is THE ROTTED.

The dates are as follows:

Dec. 06 - Moho Live - Manchester, UK
Dec. 07 - The Corporation - Sheffield, UK
Dec. 08 - The Cathouse - Glasgow, UK
Dec. 09 - JB's - Dudley, UK
Dec. 10 - Rock City - Nottingham, UK
Dec. 11 - Central Station - Wrexham, UK

George Bellas, Daniele Liverani, Kiko Loureiro: coming soon on let there be rock

Next on Let there be Rock:

- September 29: Special Guest is George Bellas who presents his favorite tracks!

- October 6: Interview with Steven "Gaze" Sanders of Spoil Engine

- October 13: Special Guest is Kiko Loureiro (Angra) who presents his favorite tracks!

- October 20: 1-hour interview with Joe Lynn Turner

- October 13: Special Guest is Daniele Liverani (Twinspirits) presenting his favorite tracks!

Ron Coolen

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News: brutal legend full track listing

Double Fine's Brutal Legend will get inside your mind and rock your brain's ass off. It comes out in October for the PS3 and 360, and the rock and roll action game stars Jack Black and was created by Tim Schafer, the genius behind Psychonauts

And for those too lazy to click on the link, here is the tracklisting:

“A Serpentine Crave” Bishop of Hexen
“Ad Notics” Rotting Christ
“Am I Evil?” Diamond Head
“Angel Witch” Angel Witch
“Angels Don’t Kill” Children of Bodom
“Assault Attack” Michael Schenker Group
“Back at the Funny Farm” Motörhead
“Battle Angels” Sanctuary
“Battle Hymn” Judas Priest
“Believer” Ozzy Osbourne
“Betrayal” Lita Ford
“Birth of the Hero” Tvangeste
“Blackout” Scorpions
“Blitzkrieg” Deathstars
“Bomber” Girlschool
“Breadfan” Budgie
“Cathode Ray Sunshine” Dark Tranquillity
“Children of the Grave” Black Sabbath
“Crack the Skye” Mastodon
“Cremation” King Diamond
“Cry of the Banshee” Brocas Helm
“Dawn of Battle” Manowar
“Deadly Sinners” 3 Inches of Blood
“Destroy the Orcs” 3 Inches of Blood
“Diary of a Madman” Ozzy Osbourne
“Die For Metal” Manowar
“Dr. Feelgood” Mötley Crüe
“Drink the Blood of the Priest” Brocas Helm
“Fast as a Shark” Accept
“For the Glory Of” Testament
“Free Your Hate” KMFDM
“Frost” Enslaved
“Girlfriend” Kabbage Boy
“God of Thunder” Kiss
“Goliaths Disarm Their Davids” In Flames
“Hall of the Mountain King” Savatage
“Her Ghost in the Fog” Cradle of Filth
“High Speed Dirt” Megadeth
“Holiday” Scorpions
“Ignisis Dance” Wrath of Killenstein
“In the Black” Motörhead
“Insomnia” Dark Fortress
“Kickstart My Heart” Mötley Crüe
“Lay It Down” Ratt
“Leather Rebel” Judas Priest
“Live Wire” Mötley Crüe
“Loke” Enslaved
“Love Dump” Static-X
“Machine Gunn Eddie” Nitro
“March of the Crabs” Anvil
“Marching Off to War” Motörhead
“Master Exploder” Tenacious D
“Murmaider” Dethklok
“Metal Church” Metal Church
“Metal Storm/Face the Slayer” Slayer
“Metal Thrashing Mad” Anthrax
“More Than Meets the Eye” Testament
“Mr. Crowley” Ozzy Osbourne
“Mr. Scary” Dokken
“Narita” Riot
“Never Say Die” Black Sabbath
“Nightstalker” Cloven Hoof
“No Love Lost” Carcass
“Oblivion Instrumental” Mastodon
“One Shot at Glory” Judas Priest
“Overnight Sensation” FireHouse
“Painkiller” Judas Priest
“Progenies of the Great Apocalypse” Dimmu Borgir
“Pure Evil” Iced Earth
“Queen of Desire” Ostrogoth
“Queen of the Masquerade” Crimson Glory
“Riding the Storm” Running Wild
“Rip the System” KMFDM
“Road Racin” Riot
“Rock Bottom” UFO
“Rock of Ages” Def Leppard
“Skeleton on your Shoulder” Coroner
“Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” Prong
“So Frail” Mirrorthrone
“Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery” Skeletonwitch
“Stigmata” Ministry
“Still of the Night” Whitesnake
“Sulphur Injection” Apostasy
“Superbeast” Rob Zombie
“Swords and Tequila” Riot
“Symptom of the Universe” Black Sabbath
“Tag Team” Anvil
“Technical Difficulties” Racer X
“The Axeman” Omen
“The Beautiful People” Marilyn Manson
“The Hellion/Electric Eye” Judas Priest
“The Metal” Tenacious D
“The Somber Grounds of Truth” Bishop of Hexen
“The Wild and the Young” Quiet Riot
“Thieves” Ministry
“Through the Fire and Flames” DragonForce
“Thus Spake the Nightspirit” Emperor
“Tornado of Souls” Megadeth
“Warriors Dawn” Slough Feg
“(We Are) the Road Crew” Motörhead
“Welcome Home” King Diamond
“Wheels of Steel” Saxon
“When the Night Falls” Iced Earth
“Witches” Candlemass
“World of Hurt” Overkill
“Y.R.O.” Racer X
“Youth Gone Wild” Skid Row
“Zoom Club” Budgie

Prisa Adinda: the cute devil

Prisa's blog: http://sheterrorart.blogspot.com/
face book: http://www.facebook.com/prisa.adinda

Prisa plays Andy Mckee "Drifting"

prisa plays indonesia pusaka

Prisa - Kill The Kd

prisa - MUKA DUA

back in 2007

Prisa - The Curse Of Castle Dragon

Michael Angelo Batio: new clinic dates

MAB has just announced new clinic dates!

Most weekday clinics start at 7:00 p.m. The weekend times vary from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please check with the dealer to verify times:

Saturday October 3rd, 2009
Michael Angelo Batio guitar clinic at:

West Seneca Music center
20 Center Road
West Seneca, New York 14224
716 825-0007

Monday October 5th, 2009
Michael Angelo Batio guitar clinic at:

Big Apple Music
4456 Commercial Drive
New Hartford, New York 13413
Wednesday October 21st, 2009
Michael Angelo Batio guitar clinic at:

Educators Music
2117 Del Prado Blvd.
Cape Coral, Florida 33990

Thursday October 22nd, 2009
Michael Angelo Batio guitar clinic at:

Arc Music
8182 Glades Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33434


Thursday October 29th, 2009
Michael Angelo Batio guitar clinic at:

Halpin Music Co.
2375 Homer Adams Pkwy.
Alton, Illinois 62002


Wednesday November 11th, 2009
Michael Angelo Batio guitar clinic at:

TJ's Music
347 S. Main Street
Fall River, Massachusetts 02721


We hope to see you at the shows!

Tobias Hurwitz, Michael Angel Batio, Dave Martone: shred boot camp

Shred Boot Camp by Tobias Hurwitz, illustrated by Jesse Smolover

Shred Boot Camp is the first comic book of its kind: a complete book and CD package that guides you through the adventurous journey of saving the human race by performing heavy metal pyrotechnics on your guitar預ll while teaching you to shred like a pro! As you conquer your way through this five-week workout, you'll be exposed to the most challenging licks from The Shred Squadron. CAUTION: Shred at your own risk葉he world is depending on you!

Featuring: Tobias Hurwitz, Michael Angel Batio, Dave Martone, Glenn Riley, Kurt Bell and Chris Rainier on guitar.

Shred Boot Camp has finally arrived! The new comic book/CD package by Tobias Hurwitz and Jesse Smolover. It’s the first comic book that teaches shred guitar while you enjoy an action packed story and jam out to some awesome metal, all at once! Proudly featuring the fastest and wildest shredding of: Michael Angelo Batio! Dave Martone! Tobias Hurwitz! Glenn Riley! Kurt bell! & Chris Ranier! Hear guitars played at supersonic speeds up to 21 notes per second! Think Guitar Hero meets Enter the Dragon! Many of the characters are based on real rockers from the Baltimore scene, such as rock god - Billyjack Mast of Miseuphoria, Hunter of The Side Affects, Brent Jones of The Heaviness of the Load, and the awesome Metal Kid!

Order here: http://www.tobiashurwitz.com/

Jad Diab: swirly guitar attack

A cool looking video background, as Jad Diab has excellent video production skills. I'm not 100 % sure about the fast vibrato, but that aside, nice effort.

Lag Sonovente

Adam Fulara: two handed tapping guitar

"Two-handed tapping - guitar workshop" is the first this kind of eductional book about two-handed tapping (for standard guitar and traditional tunning EGBDAE). It will be released in October 2009. Adam Fulara has presented it at the European Tap Semminar 2009. DVD details

News: building the washburn!

Guitar World presents an exclusive tour of the Washburn Guitars custom shop in Mundelein, Illinois.

Washburn Guitars Custom Shop - Factory Tour

Stephan Forte: black box showcase

Looks like Frankfurt to me

Showcase Stéphan Forté (La Boite Noire)

need to wait for the main man to appear

Stéphan Forté et le Marshall Band (La Boite Noire)

Dario Lorina: black box demo

Démo de Dario Lorina (La Boite Noire)

Rob Chappers: more clinic details... shred medium going too!

I am going to this to meet Rob and see if I can spot the Subway Bandit! Happy to see people there!

Rob is holding a guitar clinic in Wiltshire, UK, on Saturday 3 October 2009 …

Guitar instruction from Rob Chappers for an insanely low price! Come enjoy the clinic and meet up with a whole group of the Monkey Lord’s minions! Guaranteed to be a memorable event!

This will start at 11AM and finish at 2PM, bring a guitar and if you have a small amp that takes headphones you are welcome to bring that as well. We will be covering Rock and Blues Techniques from Peter Green to Malmsteen! Coffee and Tea will be provided but bring a packed lunch.

Everyone will get a chance to play on stage for a few minutes as part of the clinic, the clinic will also be filmed for release to Rob’s Youtube the following week. This clinic will be aimed at beginner to intermediate players, but advanced players are welcome.

*Please note that the date has changed from the one originally advertised and will now take place on Saturday 3 October 2009*

For more info and to purchase your ticket(s) please click here.

Marcos De Ros: habanera part 1

Habanera instrumental part 1. Marcos De Ros.

Travis Montgomery: tribute to sybreed

Here's my cover of Sybreed's song "A.E.O.N.". This song is from their new album "The Pulse Of Awakening".

Sybreed - A.E.O.N.

Boudewijn de Koning: insane tapped sequence and the good old days


Shred Guitar Boudewijn de Koning

Giacomo Castellano: ibanex fr

A talk with Giacomo Castellano on the eve of the Tour of Gianna Nannini. Giacomo Castellano describes his lead guitar, the Ibanez FR, and we played a few.

Intervista a Giacomo Castellano

News: London Classical Guitar Festival 2009

ILAMS The Iberian and Latin American Music Society presents...

The guitar is Spain’s great gift to classical music, and its repertoire constitutes some of the most characteristic and sumptuous music of Iberia and Latin America. The London Classical Guitar Festival, now in its second year, is a Festival unique in the UK, which takes the guitar back to its origins as the definitive Latin instrument, with a feast of music from Spain, Portugal and Latin America, performed by some of the most talked-about young guitarists of the moment from both sides of the Atlantic.

Thanks to our sponsors entry to all concerts is free but you are advised to arrive at venue early to avoid disappointment, some reservations are available for ILAMS members.

'Guitarra y mujer': Here Come the Girls
Amanda Cook, Daniela Rossi and Farsa Monea

Wednesday 16 September 7.30pm

Bolívar Hall, 54 & 58 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL
Nearest Tube: Warren Street (Northern Line)

‘La guitarra es como una mujer; cuando crees que la dominas, es cuando te demuestra lo contrario’
Paco de Lucía
(‘The guitar is like a woman; just when you think you have managed to master her, she proves you wrong.’)

Women have been compared to guitars since the instrument first existed, as objects of sensitive temperament, to be played, touched and caressed – by men alone. The Latin Classical Guitar Festival kicks off with an all-female line-up from both sides of the Atlantic who will prove to you that, to the contrary, the guitar is the definitive female instrument. Programme includes Rodrigo, Dowland, Piazzolla, deLeón, Perelló, Gardel, Matamoros, Scarlatti, Torroba and Bardi

Christian Saggese (Italy):
Latin Guitar Masters on 10 Strings
Thursday 17 September 7.30pm
Bolívar Hall, 54 & 58 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL
Nearest Tube: Warren Street (Northern Line)

’...among the best European guitarists of the moment’ El País, Spain
Winner of various international competitions, including the Andrés Segovia competition in Spain, Saggese makes his London solo debut, transposing the compositions of Villa-Lobos, Ginastera and Gismonti with virtuosic bravado to the 10-string guitar.
A rare opportunity for audiences to hear well-known Latin works performed on a very special instrument.
Programme includes Aguado, Turina, Gismonti, Villa-Lobos, Paco de Lucía and Ginastera.
Commemorating the Tárrega Centenary
Fernando Espí (guitar), with pre-concert talk by Walter Aaron Clark

Friday 18 September, 7.30pm Pre-concert Talk; 8.45pm Concert

Bolívar Hall, 54 & 58 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL
Nearest Tube: Warren Street (Northern Line)

‘Fernando Espí adopts a historically informed approach. The results are sometimes beautiful, sometimes exciting...’Gramophone
Francisco Tárrega (1852-1909) is rightly regarded as the patriarch of the modern classical guitar. He was a superb virtuoso, a very influential teacher, a gifted composer, and he was also a prolific transcriber and arranger of music for the guitar. Valencian compatriot of Tárrega Fernando Espí is Spain's greatest Tárrega specialist, having recorded the complete works on the Verso label. Espi will be offering offers an overview of Tárrega’s various facets, from monumental works such as the Recuerdos de la Alhambra to some of his lesser-known gems. His recital is introduced by American musicologist Walter Clark who is known worldwide for his major biographies of Spanish composers and guitar repertoire scholarship.


Dickinson’s Real Cuban Deal: Tribute to Ñico Rojas
Ahmed Dickinson, guitar (Cuba) & Hammadi Rencurrell, percussion (Cuba)
Wednesday 23 September, 7.30pm
Bolívar Hall, 54 & 58 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL
Nearest Tube: Warren Street (Northern Line)

‘Dickinson is clearly a real find.’ Songlines Magazine
Highly acclaimed Cuban artist Ahmed Dickinson pays homage to Ñico Rojas, one of the greats of the 'Filin' era, in this special London Latin Classical Guitar Festival appearance. Combining traditional Cuban rhythms and classical genres, with harmonies deeply penetrated by jazz. Ahmed's refined guitar playing, accompanied by fellow Cuban percussionist Hammadi Rencurrell, bring the sounds of 50's bohemian Havana to London. Programme includes a selection of songs by Rojas from his debut album Ahmed Dickinson Plays Ñico Rojas, plus songs by Eduardo Martín.
‘En Homenaje’: Morgan Szymanski and Guillaume Lacoste
Thursday 24 September 7.30pm

Bolívar Hall, 54 & 58 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL
Nearest Tube: Warren Street (Northern Line)

‘Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, save perhaps two.’ Frédéric Chopin
2009 is an exceptionally busy year for Latin composer anniversaries, and several of these are brought together in a new collaboration between the UK's most gifted guitarist, YCAT winner Morgan Szymanski and Chilean-French guitarist Guillaume Lacoste, commemorating the life and works of Albéniz (100 years of death), Tárrega (100 years of death), Rodrigo (ten years of death), and the 60th and 70th birthdays of Jorge Cardoso and Leo Brouwer, plus works by Falla, Cordero and Bellinati.

Gala Concert
Friday 25 September 7.30pm

Bolívar Hall, 54 & 58 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL
Nearest Tube: Warren Street (Northern Line)

An exciting selection of the Festival artists are joined by some very special guests.
Artists include: Farsa Monea, Ahmed Dickinson, Amanda Cooke, Morgan Szymanski & Guillaume Lacoste, and Daniela Rossi.
For more information on this and all concerts see: http://www.ilams.org.uk/concerts.htm

‘Perspectives on Joaquín Rodrigo Ten Years after his Death’
Lecture by Graham Wade
Thursday 1 October 7.30pm

Canning House, 2 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8JP
Graham Wade is the undisputed expert on the life and works of Joaquín Rodrigo, both in the UK and worldwide. A regular author of programme and liner notes on the composer, Wade’s research culminated in his book Joaquín Rodrigo: Travelling to Aranjuez (Press). In his talk, Wade will examine Rodrigo’s position ten years after his death, and will discuss the 21st century future of this consummately 20th-century artist.
Lecture Tickets: £6 (£4 for ILAMS members)

‘Aranjuez mon amour’:
The Life and Music of Joaquín Rodrigo in his Own Words’

narrated by Cecilia Rodrigo with Carlos Bonell on guitar
Wednesday 7 October 7.30pm
Canning House, 2 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8JP
Cecilia Rodrigo introduces and reads a fascinating collection of letters and essays written by her father, composer Joaquin Rodrigo, with a script compiled by guitarist Carlos Bonell. Together with Bonell playing music by Falla, Sanz, Sainz de la Maza and Rodrigo himself, the presentation will include letters to some of Spain’s leading artists of the last century, including to Segovia, Mompou, and Manuel de Falla, and his future wife Victoria K. The letters reveal a personal and artistic struggle to find success and satisfaction, and are a vivid evocation of the turbulent times which Joaquin Rodrigo’s long life (1901-1999) encompassed.
Carlos Bonell, is one of the UK's most prominent guitarists, he studied at the Royal College of Music with John Williams, where he was appointed the youngest ever professor in 1972. He gained prominence in 1981 through his recording for Decca of Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez. He has made more than 20 LP, CD and DVD recordings, received a Grammy nomination, and has been awarded the prestigious Spanish prize Premio Trujamán
Recital/Lecture Tickets: £15 (£10 for ILAMS members)

Jeff Kollman: bombastic meatbats

Ian Gillan



click for hi res


From the powerhouse drummer behind the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the recently formed supergroup 'Chickenfoot', comes Chad Smith's new instrumental band Bombastic Meatbats, and their debut album 'Meet the Meatbats'. The album will be released in the UK on Monday 12th October by new international rock music label earMUSIC.

Along with guitar star Jeff Kollman, multi-faceted keyboardist Ed Roth, and Motor City bass ace Kevin Chown, they have created one of the most interesting and unpredictable instrumental bands in years; Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats. Their sound creates a cutting edge sonic experience fusing together Classic Rock, Old School Funk, Punk, and seventies R&B.

click for his res
Photo Credit: ©Tina Korhonen c/o www.tina-k.com

The Meatbats' sound is as uncalculated and spontaneous as their accidental beginnings, forged as an outgrowth of Jeff, Ed, and Chad's recording and touring with rock legend, Glenn Hughes. Kollman recalls, "Whenever I would jam with Ed and Chad at Glenn Hughes' rehearsals, we would warm up with some impromptu Jeff Beck-esque grooves. One day Chad said, 'Hey, we should record something like this!' Next thing you know we were in the studio making an album!"

Needing a bass player to round out the group, Kollman contacted long time friend, bassist Kevin Chown. "I called him on the day of the first recording session," continued Kollman. "He came over and saved the day - we got five tunes down in no time and the rest is history!"

Stretching the envelope with their exhilarating live performances, often deviating from the original arrangements to keep things fresh, no one quite knows (even the band it seems at times) just where the Meatbats will go next. Each performance becomes a unique experience enjoyed by the listener.

"My influences, through my brother, were so many of the groups that came out of England in the late 60's and early 70's," reflects Chad, "Led Zeppelin's John Bonham, Ginger Baker from Cream, Deep Purple with Ian Paice, Queen's Roger Taylor, Keith Moon with the Who; those groups were the ones that I really loved. I wanted to play like those guys. When I started learning to read music in school during fourth grade, initially I held the sticks in the traditional grip. But, I remember practicing and thinking if I turned my left stick around I could get a lot more power and hit a lot harder. I like to hit hard. Hitting hard is very important for me - that's the way I play and the way I feel it. Playing guitar, that's all great and everything, but hittin' stuff... AWESOME!"

the band
Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats (from left to right): Jeff Kollman (guitar), Ed Roth (keyboards), Kevin Chown (bass) and Chad Smith (drums). Photo Credit: © Scott Mitchell

Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats debut album, "Meet The Meatbats," speaks for itself. Consisting of 10 songs written over a few days in Chad's pool house in Malibu (known as "The Tiki Room"), songs including "Need Strange," "Oops! I Spilled My Beer," "Battle For Ventura Blvd.," and the hauntingly beautiful "Night Sweats," exude a live wire feel, sarcasm, and excitement rarely found in the current world of digitally induced "perfection." It is instrumental music with a soul and a sense of humour.



"This was the least amount of time each of us has spent agonizing over a record," notes Kollman. "It's funky, musical, and compositional. The melody is king."

These recordings are very much live in the studio... it's totally old school that way," adds Ed Roth. "Nothing feels as good as a record cut with four guys recording live together, listening, and playing off of each other. Even without a vocal, you can sing almost everything that everyone played on this record. That's real soul."

Since their first live performance in 2007, the Meatbats has sold out a Japanese tour, have thrilled American audiences and regularly perform at L.A.'s famed Jazz venue, the Baked Potato.

"This band has a thing!" insists Kollman. "You can tell Chown and Chad both did their time in Detroit. They come from the same place musically and geographically. They are the funky heartbeat of this group. Chown's a mix of Detroit Rock and Motown, while Chad brings that sick rock/funk groove that has helped sustain the Chili Peppers for all these years. Ed's got the gritty funk and 70's R&B thing going on. His clavinet playing is genius and he's so great with leaving space in the arrangements. He has taste, knows just what to play, and his life goal is always 'keeping it sexy.' As for myself, I protect and defend the rock guitar!"

click here for hi res
Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats (from left to right): Ed Roth (keyboards), Kevin Chown (bass), Jeff Kollman (guitar) and Chad Smith (drums) Photo Credit: © Autumn Lee


Official Myspace:

Official Facebook:

Label Website: