Tobias Hurwitz, Michael Angel Batio, Dave Martone: shred boot camp

Shred Boot Camp by Tobias Hurwitz, illustrated by Jesse Smolover

Shred Boot Camp is the first comic book of its kind: a complete book and CD package that guides you through the adventurous journey of saving the human race by performing heavy metal pyrotechnics on your guitar預ll while teaching you to shred like a pro! As you conquer your way through this five-week workout, you'll be exposed to the most challenging licks from The Shred Squadron. CAUTION: Shred at your own risk葉he world is depending on you!

Featuring: Tobias Hurwitz, Michael Angel Batio, Dave Martone, Glenn Riley, Kurt Bell and Chris Rainier on guitar.

Shred Boot Camp has finally arrived! The new comic book/CD package by Tobias Hurwitz and Jesse Smolover. It’s the first comic book that teaches shred guitar while you enjoy an action packed story and jam out to some awesome metal, all at once! Proudly featuring the fastest and wildest shredding of: Michael Angelo Batio! Dave Martone! Tobias Hurwitz! Glenn Riley! Kurt bell! & Chris Ranier! Hear guitars played at supersonic speeds up to 21 notes per second! Think Guitar Hero meets Enter the Dragon! Many of the characters are based on real rockers from the Baltimore scene, such as rock god - Billyjack Mast of Miseuphoria, Hunter of The Side Affects, Brent Jones of The Heaviness of the Load, and the awesome Metal Kid!

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  1. How can you possibly pass this up? Save the world while becoming a shred master.


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