Friday, 30 October 2009

News: enough guitar already... onto the pumpkins!

130 Halloween Pumpkin Carvings for Your Inspiration

Yngtchie Blacksteen: Milan's TRex monster competition

The best name in the business is back with a great tone and solo work... not one but two!!! enjoy!

Yngtchie Blacksteen says:
My contribution to the Milan Polak T-Rex Competition. This was a first-take recording that I figured was good enough to upload, tho the competition is fierce.. My timing's a bit all over the place, but let's just say that it was intentional and leave it at that. ;-P

Hope you enjoy.

Milan Polak T-Rex Competition, Yngtchie's take

Yngtchie Blacksteen says:
I decided to give this another shot, spending more time on finding the right direction for my playing. I think it's an improvement over the first video I recorded, but that's really up to the viewer to decide. So, is it a hit or a miss? :-P

Milan Polak T-Rex Competition, Yngtchie's second take

Julian Puttins, Herman Li: Strings On Fire Competition

So close you can almost taste it...

We are literally less than 2 days away from another super competition from Petruccifever... More super prizes, more super backing tracks, more super judges... and a special guest star... what are these I hear you ask? Well I can reveal the major rock star who will be the overall judge of the competition... it's Herman Li! This time you can win a custom one off design guitar singed by Herman Li...

If you've not done so already scoot on over to Petruccifever Subscribe and wait for the good news... and if you miss it there, it'll be posted here and featured on the competitions panel... need I say more?

Francesco Congiu: let the fusion flow

Shred This entrant comes back again with some super cool fusion!

D Dorico improvisation


orange jam

PLAY WITH ACID BY Congiu Francesco

Kurt James: with World War III

Kurt James sound check at the Key Club w/ World War III

Kurt James with James Kottack (Scorpions), Jimmy Bain (Dio, Rainbow), Mandy Lion (WWIII)

Maranhão: live band


Carl Verheyen: live at guitar-x

Top LA session guitarist visited Guitar-X to hold a master class for the students. Carl is joined by Guitar-X Head of Guitar John Wheatcroft on bass and degree student Niall Woods on drums.

Carl Verheyen at Guitar-X

little wing!

Carl Verheyen at Guitar-X

Marty Friedman: Japan July 2009

Marty Friedman - Yuki no Hana LIVE - Japan July 2009

Wally Voss: front runner halloween gig

Front Runner Live Wally Voss Halloween Button South

Orianthi: Michael Jacksons guitarist gets LA times coverage

The guitarist (full name: Orianthi Panagaris) expected to be well into the "This Is It" concerts by now, while preparing to release her debut solo album, "Believe," which hit retailers this week.

She began writing and recording the album for Geffen Records after arriving in Los Angeles from Adelaide, Australia, three years ago. Its release was supposed to happen during a break in the O2 schedule, but now coincides with the theatrical opening of the posthumous “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” documentary, drawn from 120 hours of rehearsal footage.

"He was a big kid who wanted to have fun, but he was so serious about his music," Orianthi said. "He was a perfectionist and wanted to make sure it came across really well for his fans. He wanted to put on the ultimate show for them."

She auditioned for Jackson in late April on a Burbank soundstage. "I was so nervous and he was staring right at me," she said, still excited by the memory. "Afterwards, he was really happy and he grabbed my arm. We started walking up and down the stage area, and he asked me if I could play the solo while walking with a real fast pace with him."

Orianthi got the job -- as guitarist and sometime vocalist -- and joined a band of veteran R&B and pop players, picking up funky instrumental bits she hadn't known before. Jackson and director Kenny Ortega also had her stretch beyond the recorded songs, she says.

"They actually wanted me to add my own flavor to it," Orianthi said. "So I added some extra stuff . . . I use my tremolo bar a lot, so I incorporated that. It's hard to solo when you're walking around, especially when you're in Michael Jackson's presence. There are easier things in life to do."
full details

News: gold plated guitar!

A mystery English celebrity living in Monaco has commissioned the ultimate in heavy metal - a classic electric guitar plated in 24-carat gold.
The Fender Stratocaster was sent to a precious metal specialist firm in Glastonbury, Somerset, for plating costing a "four-figure" sum.
Expert Graham Baker, 50, had the job of stripping the aluminium guitar down and layering it with gold plate.
He said: "This guy wants to hang it up on his wall and look at it."
'Unique look'
full story

Wayne Krantz: India tour dates

Spotted over at guitar channel
Wayne Krantz to play 2009 Jazz Utsav Fest in India :
Wayne Krantz will be playing the 2009 Jazz Utsav festival in India with Anthony Jackson, Cliff Almond and David Binney. Dates and locations below.

Nov 20th Bangalore: Ambedekar Auditorium
Nov 21st Mumbai: Priadarshini Park
Nov 22nd Delhi: FICCY Auditorium

Joe Bonamassa: planet rock presale tour tickets


Planet Rock's very own Joe Bonamassa will be hitting the road next May for a UK tour.

The blues guitarist is playing a string of dates around the country and you can be first in the queue for tickets with the Planet Rock Pre-sale this weekend (tickets go on General Sale on Monday at 9am)

Presale tickets are available NOW so to book yours please click the link below.

Full list of dates:

28 May HMV Hammersmith Apollo
29 May Rotherham Magna Centre
30 May Bournemouth International Centre
31 May Birmingham National Indoor Arena


Alex Lifeson: the rick mercer report!

Rick goes on a man-date with RUSH guitarist Alex Lifeson.

RMR: Rick and Alex Lifeson

News: Rock House answer all those questions you were too afraid to ask... this time speakers

From series 2, episode 6 - 05/05/1980 Customer: Mel Smith
Salesman 1: Rowan Atkinson
Salesman 2: Griff Rhys Jones

Customer: 'Scuse me...
Salesman: Yeah!
Customer: I wonder if you could help me, please... I'd like to buy a gramophone.
Salesman: A what?
Customer: A gramophone.
Salesman: Gram-o-phone...
Customer: A gramophone.
Salesman: I don't think we got any gramophones here, Grandad! (laughs)
Customer: What's that then?
Salesman: That's a tri-hour automatic cut direct-drive turntable if --- very much mistaken...
Customer: What's the difference between that and a gramophone?
Salesman: Well, about 30 years and a plastic cover to you, Chief!
Customer: Well, I'd like one of these, please.
Salesman: You're sure?
Customer: Yes, please...
Salesman: Alright... (to his collegue) This is gonna be good... Right, well as you can see, it's got all the speeds, it's got "33 and "45, and it...
Customer: Yes, but what do I do with my old 78's?
Salesman 2: (laughs)
Salesman: What d'ya say?
Customer: Nothing, nothing!
Salesman: You said "What about my old 78's", didn't you?
Customer: No, I didn't, honestly, no...
Salesman: Alright... So ya got your deck. D'you want a Dolby with it?
Customer: Um, yes please.
Salesman 2: (laughs)
Salesman: Ya only get Dolby's for tape recorders, Chief, right? D'you want an amp?
Customer: Um no, I won't bother with that...
Salesman 2: (laughs)
Salesman: You won't hear anything Grandad without an amp, I'm afraid!
Customer: Sorry! Yes, of course, I want an amp!
Salesman: Alright, what sort of output are you looking for?
Customer: What sort have you got?
Salesman: Aaah... No, no clues...
Customer: About medium...
Salesman: How many watts exactly?
Customer: Oh, I should think about... about 3?
Salesmen: (laugh hysterically)
Customer: No, 2000!
Salesmen: (laugh even harder)
Customer: 500... 30?
Salesman: 30?
Customer: 30!
Salesman: 30? So ya know all about it now then, do you? Ya want a 30W amp?
Customer: I want a 30W amp.
Salesman: D'you want speakers?
Customer: Yes.
Salesman: D'you want rumble filters?
Customer: Yes.
Salesman: D'you want a bag on your head?
Customer: Yes.
Salesman: (Puts a paper bag on the man's head) So ya got your deck, ya got your amp, ya got your rumble filters, and of course, you got your bag on your head. Now, d'you want woofers and tweeters?
Customer: No! I don't want stupid things like woofers and tweeters!
Salesman: You got them, whether you want them or not, Grandad, they're on ya speakers! You'll be tellin' us you don't want slim-line salad dressing next...
Customer: Yes, I do want slim-line salad dressing!
Salesmen: (Shoot salad dressing over the customer)

A couple of weeks ago we talked about a few different types of microphones that can be used to mic a band (How to Mic a Band - Types of Microphones). Last week we talked about pick-up and polar patterns in microphones (How to Mic a Band - Pick-up and Polar Patterns). This week we dive into the some of the different types of speakers and what their basic functions are when it comes to the sound you are wanting to get. They each have a particular use.

Types of Speakers

Gustavo Guerra: tribute to Symphony X

It's been many months since the tragic loss of Buby Guerra... I miss new videos from Gustavo Guerra... so here is a reminder of his great playing.

Orianthi: according to you

Orianthi noted for her guitar playing ramps up for new release with a cross over tune, a very catchy pop track for her record company Interscope. The album is also set to feature Orianthi's trade mark guitar playing.

Orianthi - According To You

Milan Polak: n00b pwnage - 4 note per string arps!

This lesson explains the solo of "Wannabes" of the '09 release "Murphy's Law" (Lion Music). "Murphy's Law" is available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and guitar9.

Milan Polak Guitar Lesson #8 - "Wannabes" (extreme 4 notes/string arpeggios)Milan Polak Guitar Lesson #8 - "Wannabes" (extreme 4 notes/string arpeggios)

Dimitar Nalbantov: new project, new track 5!

Another taster from the new album: great sounds

Brian Auer: highintel delivers high brow

Brian Auer (AKA) Highintel is the lead guitarist of the band Lidless Eye.

He offers !!!free lessons!!!! and demonstrations for you on youtube.

You can learn all your guitar chords, soloing techniques and phrases, song excerpts, and much more for !!!!FREE!!!!... jammin over jam tracks, Jazz and Blues lets jam CD track 8 I think.

Cool Jazzy Jam

this video is for Chris to see how well this cam works.

It's a vid of me jamming over the Lets Jam CD for jazz and blues.

Sense I don't really play either style I thought it would be interesting to tape it as I improvise over the tracks without ever hearing them. Notice I cut the beginnings

web cam hd and Jazz Backing track

Richie Kotzen: Save Me

Richie Kotzen - Save Me - Live in Roma XRoads 22 11 2009

Save Me

John Petrucci: Bologna meet and greet

A video mus have been taken at full zoom from about a mile away... I felt a bit sea sick by the end ;)

John Petrucci - Meet & Greet Bologna - 29 Ottobre 2009

Richie Kotzen: gundam new guitar!

Thanks to Michelle Holland: Richie's new Tele with his, now endorsed, N-Tune installed.

Plus a couple of oldies

MAD Z Gundam OP Transcending Times Ver 2009 Richie Kotzen:Zガンダム 水の星へ愛をこめて

MAD Z Gundam OP Go Beyond The Time Ver 2009 Richie Kotzen:Zガンダム Z・刻をこえて

Julian Puttins: Petruccifever coming back with a super competition

We are literally days away from another super competition from Petruccifever... More super prizes, more super backing tracks, more super judges... and a special guest star... what are these I hear you ask? Well firstly... Oh that would be telling!... just a few days more and you'll know the full details... If you've not done so already scoot on over to Petruccifever Subscribe and wait for the good news... and if you miss it there, it'll be posted here and featured on the competitions panel... need I say more?

Salvatore Russo: La Touche Manouche

Salvatore Russo's La Touche Manouche is his 2009 acoustic guitar CD done in the Gypsy Jazz style associated with guitarists such as Django Reinhardt, and features the guitar work of Stochelo Rosenberg in all tracks. Russo comments, "Only a few years ago I would have never imagined recording this CD with Stochelo Rosenberg. His touch, his taste, his sound and his elegance are those of one of the greatest ever Django Reinhardt-style guitarists. During these last three years, playing several gigs around Italy together, Stochelo has shared his people's culture with me, the culture of Holland's Sinti, allowing me to discover new musical horizons, teaching me the art of Manouche guitar the same way he'd learnt it in his village through the oral tradition. Our different cultures (apparently so far apart but nevertheless so close and similar with regards to the most important values of life) meet in this musical project where the alternation of mine, Stochelo's and Django's compositions give birth to this work which has got the strong feeling of friendship animating us as its main point."

Matthew Mills: 4th of July 2009 compilation

Matthew Mills Show 4th of July 2009

Dimitar Nalbantov: down to 4 strings

Dimitar Nalbantov says:
Just found an old video of me , recording the bass track for one of my old songs :)

Playing bass

Playing bass

Trey Gunn: is on twitter

Catch up with the tweats here:

Tommy Ermolli: giving guitar lessons



Per chi fosse interessato a lezioni di chitarra con me, mi contatti all'indirizzo e-mail, oppure al numero 3404023745.
Insegno nel mio studio a Pernumia, provincia di Padova.
Lezioni disponibili anche per chi è alle prime armi.
Sono disponibili lezioni intensive una volta al mese od ogni due settimane.


For those interested in guitar lessons with me, contact me by e-mail, or the number 3404023745.
I teach in my studio in Pernumia, province of Padua.
Lessons also available for those who are beginners.
Intensive lessons are available once a month or every two weeks.

Kee Marcello: rock eyes interview

Kee Marcello I first turned the offer down, but changed my mind after thinking it over for a while. I wasn’t really a big fan of the band, and it took me some time to figure out what my place in the band would be. I don’t regret it though, I’m proud of my time in the band. In retrospective, for me the best EUROPE albums are "Out Of This World" and "Prisoners In Paradise", not only because I play on them, it’s because the songs, arrangements and the musicality is at it best there, and partly because I never really liked EUROPE with John Norum on the guitar.

Brian Rademacher: Right now you’re working on "K2" plus other projects, seems like every want Kee Marcello…do you have anything else in the works, beside I heard you are working on a new solo release for 2010, can you tell us anything about that?

Kee Marcello Well, the K2 album and my solo release are the same! K2 was firstly my solo project that now has turned into a real band.

Brian Rademacher: How is your relationship with Joey Tempest these days?

Kee Marcello Non existing...
full interview

Bryan Aspey: Milan's TRex monster competition.... with a guest appearence from Shred This

Another great entry, touch, tone, a little flash, perfect for the chord sequence. Great to see Bryan Aspey using the MI Audio Tube Zone Pedal he won from the recent summer Shred This competition. News is we are working on Shred This Too and it's coming along very nicely... I hope with a few surprises!

Bryan Aspey from
Here's my solo over a nice mellow backing track from "Torn" by Milan Polak - a cool song, and another cool competition!

Steinberger ZT-3 - my first look at this amazing new guitar (check out that leg rest!)
MI Audio Tube Zone Pedal (thanks Laurie & gang!)
Tech 21 Trademark 60 (going direct!)

Bryan Aspey - Milan Polak's "T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition"

The competition details
The responses to the competition

Marco De Cave: Milan's TRex monster competition

Some really nice ideas in this solo.

Marco De Cave for "T-Rex Monster pedal competition"