Yngtchie Blacksteen: Milan's TRex monster competition

The best name in the business is back with a great tone and solo work... not one but two!!! enjoy!

Yngtchie Blacksteen says:
My contribution to the Milan Polak T-Rex Competition. This was a first-take recording that I figured was good enough to upload, tho the competition is fierce.. My timing's a bit all over the place, but let's just say that it was intentional and leave it at that. ;-P

Hope you enjoy.

Milan Polak T-Rex Competition, Yngtchie's take

Yngtchie Blacksteen says:
I decided to give this another shot, spending more time on finding the right direction for my playing. I think it's an improvement over the first video I recorded, but that's really up to the viewer to decide. So, is it a hit or a miss? :-P

Milan Polak T-Rex Competition, Yngtchie's second take


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