Friday, 6 November 2009

Richie Kotzen: Doing What The Devil Says To Do Live at "Il Peocio", Trofarello (Italy) - 31/10/2009

Richie Kotzen - Doing What The Devil Says To Do Live at "Il Peocio", Trofarello (Italy) - 31/10/2009

Richie Kotzen - Doing What The Devil Says To Do

Fernando Miyata: expomusic 2009

Fernando Miyata - Expomusic 2009

Todd Duane: strangling his diezel

Stock pups in the Epi (Drop C) thru a Diezel Herbert w/ 34's- Mesa Standard cab (v30's/65's) and a Rocktron Silencer in the loop. The Zoom is on the Auto setting.

Diezel and Epiphone Les Paul

Oscar Morales: Milan's TRex monster competition

Oscar Morales Entry for Milan Polak's "T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition"

Marshall Harrison: 2^3=8

Title says it all. Be sure to hammer only no PULL-OFFs (YUCK), practice slowly too.

If in Houston on the 21 of NOV 2009, go to House of Blues to see Zappa plays Zappa. Marshall Harrison (yours truly) might make a surprise appearance.

Marshall Harrison Lesson: Hammering Octave Displacements from NOWHERE!

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: Suhr it's Milan's TRex monster competition

My entry, hope you like.

I got my new guitar today, it's a Suhr S4 !
Best guitar i've ever played... no contest!

Milan Polak's "T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition" + Suhr S4!!!

Orianthi: Thanks her fans for the support after Michael Jacksons death.

From A Message From Orianthi:
I wanted to thank you all for your support and messages. I am so grateful to have been able to play guitar with Michael Jackson and the band. Working with Michael was a life-changing experience, one I will never forget. It was awesome watching Michael dance and sing at rehearsals with us. He looked so happy. He was a musical icon and wonderful person and he has left us all too soon. I am really saddened by Michael’s passing and send my deepest condolences to his family.

You will be hearing more from me soon as I need some time to reflect. Keep checking back - the new official website will launch here soon!

- Peace and love Ori
full details and video interview

Tommy Emmanuel: tour dates announced

Where in the world is Tommy?

Upcoming Shows:

Nov 7 - Doetinchem (NL) @ Schouwburg Amphion
Nov 8 - Hengelo (NL) @ Rabotheater
Nov 10 - Karlsruhe (DE) @ Kongresszentrum / Konzerthaus
Nov 11 - Berlin(DE) @ Columbiahalle
Nov 14 - Wageningen (NL) @ Junushoff - World of Music Festival
Nov 15 - Budapest (HU) @ Palace of Arts
Nov 16 - Debrecen (HU) @ Kolcsey Convention Centre w/ Mairtin O'Connor Trio
Nov 18 - Zagreb (CT) @ Dom Sportova (Mala Dvorana) w/ Mairtin O'Connor Trio
Nov 19 - Belgrade (RS) @ Dom Sindikata
Nov 21 - Bratislava (SK) @ Istropolis w/ Mairtin O'Connor Trio
Nov 26 - Maddaloni, CE (IT) @ Teatro Alambra
Nov 27 - Roma (IT) @ Crossroads Live Club
Nov 28 - Firenze (IT) @ Saschall
Nov 29 - Cagliari, Sardegna (IT) @ Teatro Lirico di Cagliari
Dec 2 - Wolverhampton, ML (UK) @ The Robin 2
Dec 3 - London (UK) @ Shepherds Bush Empire
Dec 4 - Southampton (UK) @ The Guildhall
Dec 5 - Bristol (UK) @ Colston Hall
Dec 8 - Haifa (IL) @ Haifa Auditorium
Dec 9 - Tel Aviv (IL) @ Israeli Opera House
Dec 10 - Jerusalem (IL) @ Venue To Be Determined
Dec 18 - Almaty (KZ) @ - Diplomacy of Stars Festival

Feb 1 - Savannah, GA (US) @ Randy Wood Guitars
Feb 4-6 - Elizabethtown, KY (US) @ Hardin County PAC - TOMMYFEST KY 2010
Feb 7 - Chico, CA (US) @ Cal State Chico - Laxson Auditorium
Feb 9-10 - Malibu, CA (US) @ Smothers Theatre
Feb 12-13 - San Francisco, CA (US) @ Palace of Fine Arts
Feb 15-16 - Exeter, CA (US) @ Orange Blossom Junction
Feb 19 - Peekskill, NY (US) @ Paramount Center for the Arts - Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder / Tommy Emmanuel
Feb 20 - Troy, NY (US) @ Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

March 5-7 - London (UK) @ Harrow Arts Centre

TOMMYFEST UK 2010 - Tickets on sale AFTER the 1st of December Tel 0208 416 8989

Fabio Perciballi: Milan's TRex monster competition!

Fabio Perciballi for "T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition"

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Your chance to win a FREE T-Rex ToneBug Overdrive, ToneBug Reverb or copy of "Murphy's Law" (Lion Music)! Follow the instructions in the video:
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2) Download the "Torn" playback track:
3) Record your own solo on video
4) MUST post as video response to THIS video!

All entries must be submitted BEFORE 7th of December 2009!!
Winners will be announced 14th of December 2009!!!

Don't forget to rate and publish your videos everywhere! SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

The "Torn" chord progression:
Emin - D/F# - Gmaj - Cmaj 2x
Gmaj - Cmaj - Emin - Dmaj
Fmaj - Cmaj - Gmaj - Gmaj
Key: E-minor (standard tuning)

Shane Gibson: SchwarZenatoR.. they're back

Exclusive: Austrian Death Machine Frontman, Schwarzenator Guitarist Talk All Things Arnold
Come with us if you want to live.

Ever hear a comedian tell a joke you swear you’ve heard before? It happens all the time. Some comics crib from each other - with permission or not - and sometimes it’s just a merry coincidence that they stumbled upon the same bit.

Like, in an interview yours truly did late last year with Brian Posehn - the Paul Bunyan of alternative comedy - he revealed that he and his buddy Seth Rogen had both come up with jokes revolving around the same premise: “What if my dick could fart?”

Recently, the IndiePit Blog’s nose caught the scent of another funny coincidence - this one pertaining to music, though: There are at least two parody side projects in Southern California devoted to Arnold Schwarzenegger and featuring members of two really big heavy-metal bands.

For one, there’s Austrian Death Machine, led by Tim Lambesis of San Diego death-metallers As I Lay Dying - we’ve known about them since they formed last year. But recently (thanks to IndiePit’s Kristian Habenicht), we’ve also been introduced to Schwarzenator, of which Korn guitarist (and Berklee College of Music grad, ahem) Shane Gibson is a conspirator. As it turns out, the band we just found out about has been around for much longer than ADM.
full interview

Facebook fan club:

Schwarzenator "Conan"


Mika Tyyskä: fastfinger's blog is back online!

The power of 5 chords [ Big Trummors ]
5 chords aka power chords are absolutely beautiful. They leave more options on what you play on top of them. As you probably know 5 chords are made of just the root and the fifth note. No thirds to make it major or minor. Some people say 5 chords are not really chords at all, it's just the interval of five. I love power CHORDS!

Here's a funny thing that happened with the solo of Big Trummors (from Mr. Fastfinger's album). When I was working on the solo I automatically started playing on Aeolian mode / minor scale together with minor pentatonic scale ( with perhaps a hint of blues pentatonic).
Full post:

Tony Smotherman: bet you can't play this 4

Tony Smotherman lays down the ultimate challenge in this exclusive Guitar World video.

Betcha Can't Play This with Tony Smotherman (#2)

Paulo Barros: clinic details

R Elias Garcia, 241 - S. Galleries Joseph (in front of Babylon CC Minutes of the 3rd season of CP)
It is with great honor that the 4th of December 2009, Friday, around 19 pm will conduct a workshop at the music store carbon Amadora (Amateur) based on my most recent original work, Karma 6.

I am very happy to accept this invitation, Carbono Amadora is a specialty store selling CDs and vinyl with a personalized service, they lack commercial spaces like this which make us feel at home.

Paulo Barros
Guitar Workshop
December 4, 2009 (Friday)
Carbono Amadora - Store discs

Daddo Oreskovich: wins the top prize for Broadjam competition

Broadjam Winner!!!!

Congratulations to Daddo Oreskovich for being the Premier Guitar Challenge Electric winner with his song The Temple! full details

Grand Prize Package (Electric Category)
Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul GX
Signed note from artist judge, Marcus Henderson
Certificate of Achievement from Premier Guitar
One-year Primo MoB membership to Broadjam
One-year subscription to Premier Guitar
Promotional feature in one issue of Premier Guitar's print and digital editions
Special mention in Broadjam's newsletter
Promotion on

Buy Daddo's awesome CD The Other Side

Parody of Sound

Daddo Oreskovich | MySpace Video

Jose Luis Santander: Leprechaun now available to purchase

Jose Luis Santander says:
Leprechaun is a Chilean band that delivers prog rock with a jazz-rock orientation. The band was founded and is currently led by guitarist Jose Luis Santander (experienced in the world of prog as a member of Subterra); he's supported by drummer Gonzalo Ubilla, keyboardist Martin Sepulveda and bassist Miguel Fonseca. Fonseca entered the band in early 2007, which meant the current line-up was complete. The band's material will catch the attention of informed listeners while also appealing to wider audiences; the individual tracks somewhat compact, yet demanding in terms of melodic arrangement and performance. The jazzy flavors are predominant, combining the energy of classic fusion bands such as Return To Forever and Weather Report with the power of contemporary references such as Tribal Tech and Planet X.

Guitar 9:
CD Baby: