Shane Gibson: SchwarZenatoR.. they're back

Exclusive: Austrian Death Machine Frontman, Schwarzenator Guitarist Talk All Things Arnold
Come with us if you want to live.

Ever hear a comedian tell a joke you swear you’ve heard before? It happens all the time. Some comics crib from each other - with permission or not - and sometimes it’s just a merry coincidence that they stumbled upon the same bit.

Like, in an interview yours truly did late last year with Brian Posehn - the Paul Bunyan of alternative comedy - he revealed that he and his buddy Seth Rogen had both come up with jokes revolving around the same premise: “What if my dick could fart?”

Recently, the IndiePit Blog’s nose caught the scent of another funny coincidence - this one pertaining to music, though: There are at least two parody side projects in Southern California devoted to Arnold Schwarzenegger and featuring members of two really big heavy-metal bands.

For one, there’s Austrian Death Machine, led by Tim Lambesis of San Diego death-metallers As I Lay Dying - we’ve known about them since they formed last year. But recently (thanks to IndiePit’s Kristian Habenicht), we’ve also been introduced to Schwarzenator, of which Korn guitarist (and Berklee College of Music grad, ahem) Shane Gibson is a conspirator. As it turns out, the band we just found out about has been around for much longer than ADM.
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