Sunday, 8 November 2009

TJ Helmerich: MI JApan

TJ Helmerich teaching at the Japanese Music Institute

Tracy G: time machine lands in the middle of WWIII

... wow... I was in my time machine... and I stopped next to this video Mandy Lion and WWIII...

World War III (also WWIII, or the Third World War) denotes a hypothetical successor to World War II (1939–1945) that would be on a global scale, with common speculation that it would likely be nuclear and devastating in nature.
This war is anticipated and planned for by military and civil authorities, and explored in fiction in many countries. Concepts ranged from limited use of atomic weapons, to destruction of the planet.
With the development of the arms race, before the collapse of the Soviet Union and end of the Cold War, an apocalyptic war between the United States and the Soviet Union was considered plausible. The Doomsday Clock has served as a symbol of historic World War III close calls since the Truman Doctrine went into effect in 1947. The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 is generally thought to be the historical point at which the risk of World War III was closest. On June 12 to June 26, 1999 Russian and NATO forces had a standoff over the Pristina Airport in Kosovo. At this time one British general said "I'm not going to start the Third World War for you".[1]

Mandy Lion's WWIII "Love You To Death"

Adrian Vandenberg: 1980's the way it should be played!

I have the blue prints for a time machine... lets build it and go back in time... to the 1980's! YEAAHA... the 8 foot tall Adrian Vandenberg on this classic track from the 1980's... I'm there man!

Vandenberg - Burning Heart (Official Video)

Rob Chappers: Voodoorider gives the ML1 a spanking

Voodoorider and Rob Chappers discuss beards and head sizes while have a quick spank of the ML1 plank!

Voodoorider visits the Monkey Lord *Warning ML1 content*

Alex Arhipovsky:Balalaika... bali good shredding

Thanks to Dimitar Nalbantov

Алексей Архиповский (балалайка) - Шармарка, Charmanca

Yngwie Malmsteen: tribute to Michael Jackson announced

Yngwie Malmsteen will release a new compilation album called High Impact on December 8 . The CD featuring a "surprise" bonus track - Yngwie’s never-before-released interpretation of the MICHAEL JACKSON mega-hit classic 'Beat It'.

High Impact tracklisting:

'Caprici Di Dablo'
'Trilogy Suite'
'Red House'
'Magic City'
'Arpeggios From Hell'
'Far Beyond The Sun'
'Overture 1622'
'Beat It' (Michael Jackson cover)

Ignazio Di Salvo: 16 years old school concert

Ignazio Di Salvo posted a video on his facebook page, when he was just sixteen...

Ignazio Di Salvo

Saggese Francesco Antonio: Strings On Fire 3

The third entry from Saggese Francesco Antonio. Obviously keen to win a prize! Lots of stiff competition already though with 47 video entries to date View all entries

strings on fire with HERMAN LI - guitar contest - Saggese Francesco - TAKE 3 - last video

Oliver Eckelt: Strings On Fire

Another new face to me Oliver Eckelt.

"Strings on Fire" Guitar Solo Contest - Oliver Eckelt aka trenchdevil entry

Hi folks, nothing special. Just for fun ;-)

"Strings on Fire" Guitar Solo Contest - Oliver Eckelt aka trenchdevil entry

Richie Kotzen: shine


Beledo: more smooth fusion

Beledo Quartet at Peconic Bay Winery
Jazz on the Vine, 2009 Long Island Winterfest.
Beledo (guitar, piano), Bryan Carrott (vibes), Kip Sophos (bass), Joe Abba (drums)

No Big Deal

Echoes Ago

News: Virgin Media broadband issue a disgrace

I talked to the engineer... unable to find anything wrong with the connection... meanwhile... my connection remains terrible... I ask him if anything is going on in the network... he replies no! I ask him if I am the only on with these problems... he says that I am... well may be not... 11 pages of grief on their very own forum... how do people like Virgin think they can get away with things like this? Here's the starter:
For the past 7 days I have only been getting around a 800kbps download pipe. Speed tests on both and are consistant both on and off peak so i'm not being traffic managed.

I'm quite tech savvy and very confident that there is no technical reason anything on my side of the connection is wrong, upload speed and ping times are consistant with the 10mbps connection i've previouisly enjoyed.

I've tried resetting the modem countless times to no avail, any ideas?
full dicussion Any Virgin Media users please feed back to this post.... Thanks

Richie Kotzen: Remember - one for you Gary

My Nephew has been blown away by Richie Kotzen... here's one of his favourite new tracks

Richie Kotzen Remember

Jack Gardiner: guitar idol 2010 in planning

Cheers Laurie! Andy was playing at the licklibrary stand at Music Live (Birmingham NEC). I asked a girl on the stand earlier on in the day would he be there and i was told she didn't even know who he was :S
But nontheless he melted many faces later on in the day! I didn't get a chance to film anything, but LickLibrary definately were filming!
Also, i spoke with Stuart and he said they had a meeting about Guitar Idol '10 the other day, and assured me that this year is going to be even better than last year!

Jeroen Groot Beumer: Faith guitars acoustic glory

My entry for the Acoustic glory competition by Faith guitars and Shadow electronics.
The song is called "Across the open water" and these are the first 90 seconds of it. The full version is on my site :
To all guitar players : You can enter this competition till 30 nov. 2009 and you can sign in here : Give it a shot!

Tuning is : Open D minor (D-A-D-F-A-D)

FGS 199 - Jeroen Groot Beumer - Acoustic Glory - Faith guitars - Shadow

Jan Laurenz: Faith acoustic glory competition

Jan Laurenz posted a really pleasing track for this comeptition... time is running out folks...

Enter: Acoustic Glory Faith Guitars Competition: ends 30-11-2009

FGS230 jan laurenz acoustic glory faith guitars shadow

Richie Kotzen: High Live in Telde, Gran Canaria, 30/11/2009

Thanks again to Fran Alonso for posting these videos... If you get a chance to see Richie... YOU MUST GO!

LIVE dates:
08.11 Sala Rockstarlive - BARKADERO/BILBAO (Spain)
10.11 Le Splendid - LILLE (France)
13.11 Le Forum - VAUREAL/PARIS (France)
14.11 Borderij - ZOETERMEER (Holland)
15.11 Bosuil - WEERT (Holland)
17.11 Spirit of 66 - VERVIERS (Belgium)
18.11 Franzis - WETZLAR (Germany)
20.11 Exit Chmelnice - PRAGUE (Czech Republic)
buy ticket online: or
21.11 Kulturbastion - TORGAU (Germany)
22.11 Mega Club - KATOWICE (Poland)
24.11 Progresja - WARSAW (Poland)
26.11 Blues Garage - HANNOVER (Germany)
27.11 Hamburg Ballroom - HAMBURG (Germany)
28.11 Uhlenspiegel - LEONBERG (Germany)
30.11 Reigen - WIEN (Austria)
01.12 A38 - BUDAPEST (Hungary)
02.12 Heineken Tower Stage - BRATISLAVA (Slovakia)
04.12 Stonenge - SOAVE/VERONA (Italy)
05.12 Corallo - SCANDIANO/REGGIO EMILIA (Italy)
12/12/09 San Jose, Costa Rica@Latino Rock

Richie Kotzen - High (Live in Telde, Gran Canaria, España 30/11/2009)

Ichirou Minami: Benson at 13

He always learns from songs of Yngwie.J.Malmsteen, He tried to play a song of George Benson for the first time this time.


Beledo: nu yawk fusion

Thanks to Red for spotting this one. A nice bit of fusion from Beledo,

Beledo is the epitome of excellent musical individuality and a profound example of the universality of jazz's presence and influence in every corner of our planet. His new recording, "Montevideo Jazz Dreams," exemplifies this and more." Stix Hooper

"BELEDO is considered a real myth among Uruguayan music connoisseurs," according to EL PAIS newspaper from Montevideo, Uruguay. Piano was Beledo's first instrument, however, he became a guitar hero in his late teenage years captivating audiences in Uruguay and Argentina.. Later on, his fusion effort of the early eighties in South America was noticed in the U.S. in articles for the upcoming talents in GUITAR PLAYER magazine and JAZZIZ magazine.

Recently in the US, he participated in Manolo Badrena's percussion instructional video explaining the different voices of the Afro-Uruguayan rhythm called Candombe, and performing a candombe fusion song on guitar with Manolo on percussion.

CD are available

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009, Beledo Quartet at Saloon, NYC---Beledo (guitar)--Kim Plainfield (drums)--Lincoln Goines (bass)--Bryan Carrott (vibes)

Alex's Wedding

Greg Howe: the pepper shake - new sound

Greg with his band Howe II in 91. This has been posted before and I think "carlfia" posted the whole show. But I messed with the audio a bit, tried to clean up the overtones, take out some of the bite etc.... Whatever. It might sound a little better.

Greg Howe - The Pepper Shake

Xaxa Portilho: Strings On Fire

Xaxa Portilho "War and Peace" style says:
This is my entry to "Strings on Fire".

I hope you like it. Thank you

If you want to read more or "dig" my video's description:

I have some problems with light ambience with my last upload... so i decide to add two 150W lamps.

Wow... It was getting really hot here...

i was not satisfied with the recorded tries that i made... i started to sweat too much...

So, in one of the record (became the "final" video)... i thought that i made a mistake (0:26)... and then again (0:39)... (i thought when i was playing "another wasted take")

So, i decided to "quit" this video... and for the first time i played with no "pressure"... looked at the camera... and just "felt" the amazing backingtrack - playing what i created and having just a lot of fun!!!

(yes, the last tries i was very concentrated and never look at the camera or did something instead... playing the guitar).

When i started the "tapping" i noticed that could be a great solo... so i concentrate again... and finish the whole solo...

I wanted to do my 360º - touch the guitar on my face and move my mouth like saying "ouch"...(strings on fire!!!!)... but did not work for this one... so, i think on an "alternative ending".

What was going wrong?
Actually "nothing"...

I change "mistakes"... to "not well executed"...

(0:26) - TAB: 22-19-17 - one of the "19" were not "good"...
"Not well executed" to (0:39) too.

But the (0:47) was the best moment (in my opinion)... when i was playing a full bend... and i tapped/touched my guitar... and sounds like i picked the string again... it was awesome.

I knew that i made funny faces... but i didn't expect my "mr. Bean" moment (0:51)...

Oh, and feel yourself comfortable to decide how do you want to watch this...

If you want to watch shredding... look at my fingers only.
But if you want to laugh a little... look at my face (because i laughed, and i hope you laug too and this video make your day!!!!).

If you think that i made you waste your time reading this... remember: i said "thank you" a long time ago.

But now, another THANK YOU for reading so far...

So, i'm talking too much... sorry for my middle english skills... subscribe if you like my videos.

"Strings on Fire" - Xaxá Portilho

Jeffrey Cheah: Strings On Fire

A new comer, some nice shredding ideas and techniques in this one. Jeffrey Cheah says:
Yes, I know I have bed hair and I have the worst guitar face ever :) Hope you like it, I don't think it matches up to the other solos but meh, I had lots of fun doing it.

Jeffrey Cheah - Strings On Fire Competition

Saggese Francesco Antonio: Strings On Fire

Saggese Francesco Antonio had some sound problems on his first take... this one is much better.

"Strings on Fire" with Herman Li - Guitar Solo Contest - Saggese Francesco ENTRY - TAKE 2

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: Strings On Fire Suhr is shredding!

Atteneded a fire works party last night so missed some videos... time to catch up with some fireworks of another kind... Stelios Arnaoutoglou is normally noted for his more rock fusion sound... this time it's balls out full throttle shred, but with that lyrical touch of a fusion guy at heart.

Ibanez solo competition "Strings on Fire" by Stelios A.