Sunday, 10 January 2010

Allen Hinds: AC Arion

Benjamin Barshai: a little funk

Benjamin Barshai - Ms. Lady Funk

David Wallimann: the night fly

Parker Nitefly and Guitar Rig 3

Parker Nitelfy and Boss GT8 heavy example...

Dreamfullofzen: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

For more from DFZ:

SHRED THIS 2! - My Competition Entry

Greg Howe: live in Athina, Athens

Thanks again to Chris Johnstone... Greg Howe live in Athina, Athens.

Greg Howe 1.MP4

Greg Howe 2.MP4

Greg Howe acoustic.MP4

Északi Szabolcs: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Marco Sfogli's Shred this TOO-Északi Szabolcs

Paolo Castillo: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Paolo Castillo reckons he mad the mistake of watching too many Shred This Too entries before doing his one take... anyone else have the same trouble?

Paolo Castillo says:
It's the time for improv takes! Here's mine, mistakes, crappy ending and all. Man, I swear I never should've watched Tom Quayle's take on this first. I would've had a bit of confidence. Anyway, this is a late night web-cam recording. Sorry for the tone and the crappy quality! Hope you enjoy.

Paolo Castillo - Shred This Too! (improv take)

News: Metal Scene T.V.

Metal Scene T.V Show w/Kirsty Lingman and Miss Randall Co/Hosting the show w/Ron Estrada

Karolina Sustova: new songs

Karolina Sustova says:
We have uploaded new songs called "Rainy Evening" and "Andele noci" ("Angels of the Night"). Music and lyrics are written by Karolina. It was recorded by our second band Causa Alabama.


Karolina Sustova - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Petr Susta - guitars, vocals
Ivan Christov - bass
Jiri Konrad - drums, vocals

Hope you´ll like it.

Gus G, George Lynch: ESP 2010 NAMM signings

NAMM Show Signing Schedule
Yeah, we know: not everyone can get into the NAMM Show. Maybe someday, it'll be open to the public (and maybe someday, monkeys will fly out of our butts), so the info below is only applicable to our ESP friends who are lucky enough to have a legitimate badge to the NAMM Show. But for those who are coming... get ready to seriously rock.

Friday 1/15 (2:00)

Saturday 1/16 (2:00)

All signings are held in the ESP Demo Room 213D, just up the escalator when you enter the Anaheim Convention Center. See you there!

Stephan Forte: Adagio To Support Kamelot

Adagio To Support Kamelot On Upcoming European Tour
We are very pleased to announce that Adagio will support Kamelot on it's upcoming European tour from march 25th to April 9th ! (+ 2 Headlining Shows ! )

Mar 25, 2010 Charleroi - BE - Le Coliseum
Mar 26, 2010 Tilburg - NL - O13
Mar 27, 2010 Amsterdam - NL - Paradiso
Mar 28, 2010 London - UK - Koko| tickets - tickets
Mar 31, 2010 Paris - FR - Elysée Montmartr - tickets
Apr 01, 2010 Pratteln - CH - Z7 Konzertfabrik
Apr 02, 2010 Montpellier - FR - Rockstore - tickets
Apr 03, 2010 Barcelona - ES - Salamandra 1
Apr 04, 2010 Madrid - ES - La Riviera

+ Apr 06, 2010 Cannes - FR - Palais Stephanie (HEADLINING SHOW!)
Apr 07, 2010 Dortmund - DE - FZW
Apr 08, 2010Köln - DE - Live Music Hall
Apr 09, 2010 Hamburg - DE - Markthalle

+ Apr 10, 2010 Mons - BE - Lotto Expo (HEADLINING SHOW!)

Alex Masi: new CD the theory of everything

Alex Masi saus: took a fairly long time (6 months with some time off in the middle to go to europe) but my new solo album is done, it's called "theory of everything" i played all the instruments, handled the technological aspects and produced's the first time i recorded an album all by myself if we don't count the classical cds where i was just playing guitar's a wild ride of an album with some brand new type of approaches for me, i'm truly thrilled with the way it turned out and i hope you freaks dig it as well!.

some track titles :

theory of nothing - ladies of the house - queen of headfuck - the past- breakfast at owsley's - big bad science - stretch the meat! - soul virus hack - jam on haunted hill - have a talk with god (stevie wonder cover)

i will post the exact date of release as soon as i the label tells me but it should be around springtime.

Guthrie Govan: no... surely not!!!

Catweazel and Guthrie... same guitars... could they be one and the same?

Francesco Congia: tribute to Guthrie Govan

waves "Guthrie Govan". Playing Francesco Congia Improvise."Alberto Locci bass"

Waves Playing Francesco Congia

Lesson 2 dorian mode in jazz improvvisation

Francesco Congia

News: Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too number one video responses

Marco Sfogli's shred this too!! ... : 57 responses

Thanks guys for posting your videos... we are number one this week! Remember all videoss entered can be added via the response URL:

Guthrie Govan: are you sure this is Guthrie?

More wild photo evidence of alleged appearances of the guitar Meister Guthrie Govan being sent in!

Shane Gibson: stork new cd

Artwork by the Amazing "Mister Sam Shearon"....

Logo Design by JP Von Hitchburg (Schwarzenator/Venison)

The new CD by band Stork is due for release in February 2010

News: Guitar International is Looking for Contributors

Guitar International is Looking for Contributors:
Hey Everyone,

GI is looking to expand it's content by welcoming new contributing writers to the site for either one off or continue contributions. If anyone wants to write an article, interview or review and have us take a look at it let me know. We can provide products to review and will always link to your homepage at the top and bottom of any article submitted to the site that's approved for publication. If anyone's interested or has any questions let me know.


Pete Pachio: unleash the beast

Pete Pachio has a new CD on the way. this is a sample from the upcoming album, "Unleash the Beast" set for release 2010.

Pete Pachio- Nightmares and Dreams Intro

Samuel Montano: Marco Sfogli's shred this too... 4

The competition that is so good, you just have to have another crack at the backing track... the main video now has 14,291 views and 111 responses... hey where's yours?! While you waiting check out the goodies so far!

Shred this too- Last Take by Jadon

Pedro Santos: jam over Guthrie Govan BT

Pedro Santos Impro BT Guthrie Govan - Fender Stratocaster Lite Ash

Juan Carlos Portillo: Vertigo 2

Before the holidays I started this project publishing only the main guitar, now (Jan 7, 2010) I've finished and this is the full version of "Vertigo". Took out my old Fender Squire Telecaster and pick up some good riffs.

My gear (in this recording)

Ibanez Prestige
Fender Squire Telecaster
Ibanez Soundgear GIO Bass
Boss GT-10
MOTU 896mk3 audio interface
Midiman USB MIDISport 4X4
Roland Fantom X8
Yamaha Motif-Rack XS
Korg M3-M
Roland XP-60
Alesis DM-5
Yamaha MG32/14FX Mixer
Digitech Studio S200
Boss CS-3
Digital Performer 6.02
EastWest Symphonic Choirs/ Word Builder

Boss GT-10/Ibanez Prestige-Vertigo 2-Juan Carlos Portillo

Guthrie Govan: look a like season continues

Keep those Guthrie Govan look a likes coming in... not sure how close this one is though!

Lucas Godoy: new cd Neverending Solutions

Lucas Godoy is at NAMM

Anaheim, California
Anaheim, California
Anaheim, California
13h00 NAMM Show
Anaheim, California

Lucas Godoy
Album: Neverending Solutions (2009)
HFM Records

Lucas Godoy - Guitar
Luis Mariutti - Bass
Marcus Dotta - Drums

Recorded with POD X3 Pro via USB.

Biohazard - Lucas Godoy (Loud Custom Shop Guitar)


During my years of playing metal with my band Thram, I developed a side "riffeiro" very interesting that can be noticed in Neverending Solutions, my first solo album.

Many of my ideas in this period were not used for Thram, not necessarily fit the style of the band, or even show me, "lover of ballads guitar solo." Thus it was inevitable that the record album entitled "Endless Solutions," makes a connection between the various ways to solve musical phrases and the various possibilities for real-world problems. I also wanted to make the album had the idea of cycle ... something infinite ... something recyclable ...

Despite being a solo album, I insisted that he had a face that band of people gathered to make a sound. The work was facilitated by following up with Marcus Dotta on drums, who already plays with me a long time and my brother Gabriel Godoy on bass, both play in Thram. Moreover, participation has more than special Luis Mariutti, playing bass on 3 songs. During the recording and mixing, gave special attention to the instruments sounded very natural but at the same time and dirty, like a rock band should be.

Craziness aside, I wanted to comment track by track below. Hope you enjoy:

The connection with the name of the album is PERFECT. I used the tuning DADGBE, which allows the creation of Riffs VERY heavy, I hope that Dimebag Darrell is proud! The percussion part at the end creates a cool atmosphere that struck me much later that she was ready. Extra weight in the bass by Luis Mariutti.

Provisionally entitled "Rock Doric," and knowing that the Dorian mode is the second mode of a larger scale, we already know the main reason for its title. Being the second song on the album also contributes to this. I think my music is a crazy, was that more work has to sound cool with the band, due to many different pieces and many different climates. Try to understand the madness.

It was my first solo song compound. The campus when I was invited to play in Guitar Player Festival and wanted to play something unique. I changed very little since its initial release because I was really pleased with it. The only song I used the guitar on the album, perhaps because of this, consider a lighter. Surely one of the band's most striking of all.

You never dreamed that he was killing? [CREDO] never imagined the amount of things that are the head of a guy in fractions of seconds during the fall of a building? It's what I was thinking when I wrote the main riff. Interestingly, I wrote much of the music using samples of battery Line 6 Spider Jam. Cool!

Totally inspired by Metallica, I wanted to use wah-wah from start to finish and maintain the foundation as high in the mix for this music had to sound really heavy and strange. Notice that the term "stranger" can be used in more songs on the album and it makes me very happy. No one believes when I say that the pitch used in First Blood is standard. Focus on the bottom line of Luis Mariutti which significantly with its unmistakable footprint.

Believe me, the confusion and astonishment in my head! When did this song, I thought of totally different styles, with different scales and different sounds. I do not know how the combination of it all made sense on paper and in practice because this is one of the most beautiful songs of the album. The music with more layers of guitar and also the music you used different models of guitar.

Perhaps the fact that music sound good 'Brazilianization "due to the use of so mixo to relate with my house. For a period of my life have I wanted to go anywhere that was not coming home ... that was the connection. This is another song that I used the tuning DADGBE.

My first music I was recording low. Experience really cool, but complicated. Who do you think are similar instruments, care. It is another universe entirely. His references change, the positioning of the music changes and how to write changes. To make a ballad of this kind is essential to know how to apply the Aeolian mode.

The name says it how it is redundant and contradictory. Infinity has no end ... but who says that? A math very confusing. This is the cycle.


Click the "Shop" and purchase the album Neverending Solution for a special price. Also has access to my discography and other items.

News: phone -> mobile device -> instrument!

I remember well know ICT guru Simon Moores saying this would never happen... would you like some custard with that... Oye Como Va by Santana. iBone

iBone with Santana

Dave Martone: NAMM 2009

Dave Martone giving an amazing performance at NAMM 2009 for Parker Guitars and US Music. Video by Fernando Garces and Jeffrey A. Rivera. Produced by

Dave Martone performing at NAMM 2009 for Parker Guitars Cam 1

Dave Martone performing at NAMM 2009 for Parker Guitars and US Music

Dave Martone performing at NAMM 2009 for Parker Guitars and US Music

Dave Martone live at NAMM 2009 for Parker Guitars/US Music

George Lynch: NAMM 2009

George Lynch performing at NAMM 2009

Chek: Marco Sfogli's shred this too the contest version!

Chek The Metal - Shred This Too!! (Thailand Entry) (For Contest)