Thursday, 8 April 2010

Ruggero Robin: Joey DeFrancesco, Byron Landham at Studiologic Techra

Some really great video posted from the musikmesse 2010: STUDIOLOGIC and TECHRA present Joey DeFrancesco, Byron Landham and Ruggero Robin at the Musikmesse 2010. WE saw this guys play... awesome!

Studiologic Techra part

Studiologic Techra part 1

Studiologic Techra part 2

Angel Ruiz: has a go at the Guthrie Govan playing to Larry Carlton BT

Guthrie Govan playing to Larry Carlton style track COVER by Ángel Ruiz

Deniz Demiröz: tribute to Michael Jackson

Mİchael Jackson-Give in to me by Deniz Demiröz

Andy James: tonight I'm going to be Zakk Wylde!

This Zakk Wylde Guitar Solo performance is from the DVD Quick Licks - Zakk Wylde which is available to buy from . Andy James teaches you metal guitar licks in the style of Zakk Wylde. The DVD also includes a guitar backing tracks to play your new licks along with.

For more on this guitar lesson DVD

Zakk Wylde Style - Quick Licks - Guitar Solo Performance

John 5: The Art of Malice Teaser

The brand new teaser for The Art of Malice out May 11 2010

The Art of Malice Teaser

Christophe Godin: Laney Amplification MusikMesse 2010

Laney Amplification MusikMesse 2010 Christophe Godin Compilation

Kiko Loureiro: Laney Amplification MusikMesse 2010

Laney Amplification MusikMesse 2010 Kiko Loureiro Compilation

Mattias IA Eklundh: Laney Amplification MusikMesse 2010

Laney Amplification, Frankfurt MusikMesse 2010 Mattias 'Ia' Eklundh compilation video. Don't forget to check out the other compilation videos, featuring Kiko Loureiro, Christophe Godin and much much more!

For more information on all things Laney, please go to

Laney Amplification MusikMesse 2010 Mattias 'Ia' Eklundh Compilation

Robbert Hanenberg: Wieniawski etude

Robbert Hanenberg posted some etudes recorded a couple of years back, including Wieniawski.

Robbert Hanenberg_Etude stuff.wmv

Jake Reichbart: Funk fusion G minor blues

Loving these videos that Jake Reichbart has been posting. Some Hal Leonard lessons coming soon... more details when I know.

Jazz rock funk fusion G minor blues jam, Jake Reichbart - Lead Guitar Solo

News: light bulb blues

Thanks to Kermheat for spotting this one...

Blues with 7 strings !!!! with a bulb !! awesome !!!

Robbert Hanenberg: tribute to Steve Lukather

Don't Chain My Heart - Toto (Luke) : Robbert Hanenberg

Aaron Berg: Andy James shredding competition

Aaron Berg been in the wood shed working on those burning notes! This backing track is really bringing out the shredders!

Andy James Solo Contest : Aaron Berg ( ApB )

Andy James: Shred competition. Ends on the 30th April 2010

Tosin Abasi: backstage

Backstage With... Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders

Alex Machacek: "24 Tales"

Alex Machacek (Guitars and everything else); Marco Minnemann (Drums); Sumitra (Vocals-1 track); Martin Ptak (Trombone-3 tracks)


With his provocative new release "24 Tales", Alex Machacek has sought an inventive new context for both his incredibly fluid, precise guitar work and his expanding compositional vision.

This is how it all began:

Marco Minnemann gave Alex Machacek and several other musicians (Trey Gunn, Mike Keneally, John Czajkowski, Mario Brinkmann and Phi Yaan-Zek) a 51 minute drum solo to compose to. Minnemann also composed his own version. The whole project ran under the title "Normalizer 2" (Minnemann released "Normalizer" based on the same concept several years ago). Minnemann's solo is a kaleidoscopic rush of rhythmic, textural, and even melodic devices, all improvised without a click track became the backdrop for "24 Tales". An astonishingly musical effort, nearly symphonic in its vast range of timbres, use of space, and elegant sense of structure and development, 24 Tales finds Machacek breaking Minnemann's solo into 24 discrete (but connected) sections. He then composed music for each section, taking extra care to make sure the transitions were smooth and musical. From rapid-fire 13/16 scrambles to resonant, chiming long tones all the while colored and propelled by Minnemann's supple tr! aps , the variety of timbres and rhythmic feels allows Machacek to explore an enormous range of guitar tones , often in quick succession, expertly creating and releasing tension and making for unexpected (and unexpectedly appealing) contrasts. Warm, classic jazz hollow-body sounds intersect with frenzied fuzz, acoustic slide, and trebly palm-muted figures, sometimes playing the same passages in unison to create an entirely new tone.

Born in 1972 and raised in Vienna, Machacek has emerged among the most riveting guitarists and improvisers of his generation, parlaying his varied background, influences, and experiences (ranging from extensive classical and jazz training to stints in rock, pop, and folk outfits) into a rich, unpredictably personal music. His prior two releases , [Sic] and Improvision (both on Abstract Logix) were widely acclaimed, and featured Machacek alongside such musicians as Terry Bozzio, Matthew Garrison, and Jeff Sipe. Upon hearing Machacek's music, guitar icon John McLaughlin exclaimed, "Alex Machacek's music starts where other music ends. He has done some very deep excavation in the mind of music."

Special Offer on the Four Pack Collection from Abstract Logix Music
Order the package today

Michael Angelo Batio: 5 CDs that are available for immediate downloading

Michael now has 5 CDs that are available for immediate downloading. Songs from any of the CDs can be downloaded individually or as an entire CD. We have just added Michael's ORIGINAL version of his solo CD titled "Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity." Again, this is the ORIGINAL version not found anywhere else! It is only available for downloading. 

To purchase any of the CDs go to the MAB Downloads section of our site. Click here for more information and ordering
 Michael is personally autographing every DVD cover in the "Speed Kills" and "Speed Lives" series!
This includes -
Speed Kills - advanced picking techniques
Speed Kills 2 - warm-up exercises and intense shred
Speed Kills 3 - advanced shred techniques, very challenging
Speed Lives - teaches the song No Boundaries
Speed Lives 2 - teaches the song Hands Without Shadows
Speed Lives 3 - teaches the song The Finish Line
Shred Boot CampShred Boot Camp
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Buy all 6 DVDs for 1 low price of $94.95. Buy now
The packaging we use on all MAB DVDs is not found anywhere else. We have each DVD cover specially designed for our company only!
NEW for 2010! Michael will be filming and updating his classic"Speed Kills" DVD! Filming will begin this month in Los Angeles. The DVD will be available in late Spring, early Summer 2010! 
Shred Boot Camp
Above is a photo of Michael taken with his original "Quad" Guitar. He will be debuting his NEW "Quad" Guitar in the song "Time Traveler." "Speed Kills" is one of the best selling guitar instructional programs of all time and features the famous MAB quote:"I'll give YOU the keys to the Lamborghini!" The new version will include updated lessons and information as well as 

Steve Hillage: gong fire up the magic teapot for another tour #2

Daevid Allen, Steve Hillage, Gilli Smyth,
Miquette Giraudy, Chris Taylor,
Dave Sturt, Ian East

After the success of their 2009 40th Anniversary UK tour and the critically acclaimed album “2032”, GONG, the legendary progressive/psychedelic rock band will return to the UK in September 2010 for three exclusive concerts in Glasgow, Manchester and London, support for these concerts will come from very special guests Nik Turner’s Space Ritual.

The forthcoming UK concerts will once again reunite core GONG members, including original founding member Daevid Allen(Guitar & Lead Vocal), Steve Hillage (Lead Guitar), Gilli Smyth (Space Whisper and Poetry), Miquette Giraudy (Synthesizer), Chris Taylor (Drums), Dave Sturt (Bass) and Ian East (Sax and Flute).

Described as exhilarating, compelling and other worldly, GONG’s 2009 “2032” album represented the first time Hillage has recorded with original Gong founder, Daevid Allen, since 1974’s “You” album.

“2032” continues Gong’s famous ‘Radio Gnome’ album trilogy which includes the psychedelic progressive rock albums “Flying Teapot” (1973), “Angel’s Egg” (1973), and “You” (1974). “2032” is the year that the Planet Gong makes full contact with the Planet Earth - a major new chapter in the continually evolving Gong mythology.

Gong September 2010 UK Tour Dates
Ticket Hotline: 0871 230 0333
Date: Thursday 9th September 2010
Venue: Glasgow 02 ABC
Box Office: 0871 230 0333
Address: 300 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JA

Date: Friday 10th September 2010
Venue: Manchester Academy
Box Office: 0871 230 0333
Address: Manchester University Union, Manchester, M13 9PR

Date: Saturday 11th September 2010
Venue: London HMV Forum
Box Office: 0871 230 0333
Address: 9-17 Highgate Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5 1JY

full details

Andrea Accorsi: Hybrid Funk

Some very tasty playing on this one from Andrea Accorsi

Hybrid Funk scale by Andrea Accors

Ron Thal: instrumentalcase interview

IC: Your last solo album, "Abnormal," was released back in '08, and is even available as an instrumental mix through iTunes. What's next for you as far as solo releases go?

BBF: I honestly don't know. When I'm touring, the writing goes dry. And there's plenty of touring planned for the near future. I'm not gonna force it, just gonna see where things go. Would love to do "How To Play [Album]" DVDs and TAB books for every album, breaking down the how-and-why of everything for each album. Maybe I can use those stems I'm making of the old recordings for Rock Band versions of the songs, or my own "Make Your Own Mix Of [Song]" where you can set your own levels and make your own versions of the songs. Hmmmm...

Full interview:

Chris Letchford: InstruMentalCase "Age of the Tide" Lick Lesson

InstruMentalCase is back! subscribe and

Chris Letchford of Scale the Summit - "Age of the Tide" Lick Lesson - 1/2

Chris Letchford of Scale the Summit - "Age of the Tide" Lick Lesson - 2/2

Dreamfullofzen: dudek v guitar

Duduk & Guitar Improv

Kiko Loureiro,Guthrie Govan: live jam

Kiko Loureiro and Guthrie Govan

News: Guitar Workshop adds a chat feature.

Have a Question? We Have the Answer!

We're making it easier for you to get the answers you need when you need them. We have just added a new live chat feature to our homepage. All you have to do is visit our website,, and click the live chat button.

You will be connected to a NGW staff member that can answer any questions you might have. If you don't have time to email, or you aren't able to call, just send a quick message. Live Chat will be available Monday-Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST. We look forward to chatting with you!

Tommy Emmanuel: auctioning guitars for charity appeal #2

Hey All!

“Three more of Tommy’s personal guitars are being auctioned on eBay for a very worthy cause. 

The guitars are :

(1) The custom made Maton white electric guitar that Tommy played in the closing ceremonies for the 2000 Olympics held in Australia.  That eBay auction number is  360250857338  

(2) A custom made prototype guitar made for Tommy by Guild.  This guitar is an acoustic/electric dreadnought guitar, and is on eBay as 360250856560

(3) The final guitar is a Larivee OM-09 with cutaway.  It has beautiful bear claw spruce and a B-Band pickup and mic combo.  It is on eBay number 360250855076 

Tommy donated these guitars to Guitar Ministries, Inc..  This company, headed up by Carlton Jones, a trusted friend of Tommy’s, buys quality guitars and ships them free of charge to missionaries and Christian workers all over the world.  He has been doing this for over 10 years, and Tommy has really taken an interest in this effort.   
Here is a chance for you guitar collectors to own a piece of history and help a very worth cause.”