Michael Angelo Batio: 5 CDs that are available for immediate downloading

Michael now has 5 CDs that are available for immediate downloading. Songs from any of the CDs can be downloaded individually or as an entire CD. We have just added Michael's ORIGINAL version of his solo CD titled "Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity." Again, this is the ORIGINAL version not found anywhere else! It is only available for downloading. 

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 Michael is personally autographing every DVD cover in the "Speed Kills" and "Speed Lives" series!
This includes -
Speed Kills - advanced picking techniques
Speed Kills 2 - warm-up exercises and intense shred
Speed Kills 3 - advanced shred techniques, very challenging
Speed Lives - teaches the song No Boundaries
Speed Lives 2 - teaches the song Hands Without Shadows
Speed Lives 3 - teaches the song The Finish Line
Shred Boot CampShred Boot Camp
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The packaging we use on all MAB DVDs is not found anywhere else. We have each DVD cover specially designed for our company only!
NEW for 2010! Michael will be filming and updating his classic"Speed Kills" DVD! Filming will begin this month in Los Angeles. The DVD will be available in late Spring, early Summer 2010! 
Shred Boot Camp
Above is a photo of Michael taken with his original "Quad" Guitar. He will be debuting his NEW "Quad" Guitar in the song "Time Traveler." "Speed Kills" is one of the best selling guitar instructional programs of all time and features the famous MAB quote:"I'll give YOU the keys to the Lamborghini!" The new version will include updated lessons and information as well as