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Dan Arcamone: tides... shrine

tides - dan arcamone - shrine 5/12/10

Fernando Soto: winner Ibanez Project 2009

Video interview with Fernando Soto, winner Ibanez Project 2009. Chilean musician who represents the brand nationally.

Ibanez Guitars - Fernando Soto

Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Andy Timmons: All day, all night

three of the best guitarists in the world together, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert (Mr Big) and Andy Timmons (ex Danger Danger).


Dan Mumm: point of no return... Doug Marks looking for more like this!

Doug Marks says:
Dan Mumm checked out our YouTube Channel and sent me a message, "Awesome channel!" So, I went to Dan's channel to check out his work and to thank him for the compliment. I watched his video "Point of No Return" and thought that this is something our audience would enjoy as much as I do. Let me know what you think.

If you think that you have a video that Metal Method's audience would appreciate please let me know here:

Point of No Return - Two Hand Tapping

Lee Luland: prospekt for the sixth house solo

Here is Lee playing the 3rd solo in the Prospekt song 'The Sixth House' using his Vigier Excalibur Special and Fractal Audio Axe Fx.

Prospekt - Sixth House Solo

Prospekt - Guitar Improvisation

Tom Quayle: win some strings with a cool title for my series

Tom Quayle needs a short name for his new Lick Library tutorial series! Any suggestions? Should not be too specific and can be as amusing/cheesy or as serious as you want. There's a set of strings in it for the winner!!/tomqguitar

Marshall Harrison: Texas technocrats' début available on CD

Presto-digitation is also available on CD

News: does facebook know to much about you?

Facebook and your data 
The data for this chart was derived from my interpretation of the Facebook Terms of Service over the years, along with my personal memories of the default privacy settings for different classes of personal data. The population sizes are statistics from Google, the Facebook Data Team, and wild guesses based on what seemed reasonable to me.  This should scare you

News: Guitar Hero 6... on the way

The latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine says the new version of Guitar Hero 6 will be narrated by Gene Simmons. Throughout story mode, now called Quest Mode, players have to recruit old guitar heroes. Tracks announced to date include:

Black Sabbath
Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy

Kelly Simonz: tribute to Yngwie Malmsteen

I'll see the light tonight - Yngwie Malmsteen

Yu En Euro Kim: 14 super tribute to Yngwie!

♬ ★Brothers - 14 Year Old ( Yngwie Malmsteen) ★♪

Guthrie Govan: 2010 Far East Asia Clinic Tour

Thanks to Suhr Guitar

Guthrie Govan 2010 Far East Asia Clinic Tour

Guthrie and Ed Yoon, Suhr Guitars' Director of Marketing and Sales, will visit Suhr's fastest growing market segment in the world and conduct clinics with our dealers Uni*Sound in Hong Kong, Guitarcube in Beijing, China and Music Force in Seoul, Korea.

Due to Guthrie's busy summer concert and clinic schedule, we were forced to skip Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan this time around, but we expect to be visiting east Asia on a regular basis in the future.

This is Guthrie's first visit to Hong Kong, Beijing, and Seoul, so there's a lot of excitement amongst fans of virtuosic electric guitar playing and music there to see Guthrie live and in person.

If you are in any of these world class cities, you owe it to yourself to see Guthrie live! YouTube video clips simply do not do Guthrie justice. The live performances and product demonstrations have to be seen in person to fully appreciate Guthrie's incredible virtuosity and musicianship.

As a bonus in Seoul, Korea, Guthrie will perform with an excellent band of great local musicians for the clinic-concert and two concerts that will be filmed by Korea's EBS TV network for a future show broadcast nationally in Korea. Guthrie will also conduct a master class at the Music Force Institute on June 12.

We look forward to meeting Guthrie and Suhr fans in these exciting world-class cities in Asia and continuing to spread the word on the most exciting guitar player and the very best guitar products in the world.
June 2, 2010 (Wednesday), 8:00PM - Hong Kong, China
Clinic at Backstage Live Restaurant in Hong Kong. Please contact Brian Chan at Uni*Sound for tickets.

1/F, Somptuex Central, 52-54 Wellington Street, Hong Kong,
GG Asia Tour Flyer
Guthrie Govan Hong Kong Poster
GG Hong Kong Sky Line
Hong Kong Sky Line
June 6, 2010 (Sunday), 2:00PM - Beijing, China
Clinic at Little Theater of Xuanwu Wenhuaguan

Address: 20#, Yaojiajing Allery 3rd, Xuanwu District, Beijing, China

Sponsored by Guitarcube and Guitars Custom - exclusive Suhr distributor in Mainland China
GG Asia Tour Flyer
Forbidden City
June 9, 2010 (Wednesday), 8:00PM - Seoul, Korea
Clinic and concert at Hongick University V-Hall

Address: Mapo-Ku, Seokyo-Dong 356-1 Seokyo Hotel Annex

Sponsored by Music Force - exclusive dealer and distributor of Suhr products in Korea
GG Korea Tour Poster
Guthrie Govan Korea Poster
GG Hong Seoul Venue
Seoul Venue
June 10~11, 2010 (Wednesday & Thursday), 7:30PM - Seoul, Korea
Concert taping at EBS Broadcast Station

Address: Kangnam-Ku, Dogok-Dong, Number 463 EBS, Seoul

Sponsored by Music Force - exclusive dealer and distributor of Suhr products in Korea

Please contact Music Force regarding the details of these shows. These shows are not open to the general public.
GG Korea Tour Poster
Map to EBS
GG Hong Seoul Venue
June 12, 2010 (Saturday), Approximately 1:00PM - Seoul, Korea
Guthrie Govan Master Class at Music Force Institute

Address: Seocho-Ku, Banpo-Dong 725-17, Kay Joon Building 3F, Seoul

Sponsored by Music Force - exclusive dealer and distributor of Suhr products in Korea

Please contact Music Force or Music Force Institute regarding the details of this master class.
GG Asia Tour
Guthrie Govan Live
GG Hong Seoul Venue
Seoul Sky Line

Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman: Young Guitar Jam & Lesson

Paul Gilbert & Marty Friedman - Young Guitar Jam & Lesson Segment #1 *HQ Widescreen*

Paul Gilbert & Marty Friedman - Young Guitar Jam & Lesson Segment #2 *HQ Widescreen*

Matthew Mills: Guitar Clinic and Performance May 2010

Matthew Mills Guitar Clinic and Performance May 2010

Jason Becker: The Legendary Guitar of Jason Becker"

Jason Becker playing Bach Solo and a little piece of "Air", featured in
"The Legendary Guitar of Jason Becker" DVD. The tragic and ultimately heroic story of one of the most awe-inspiring and innovative metal guitar heroes of the eighties. As co-member of Cacophony, with Marty Friedman, Becker defined the liquid-smooth super-complex playing style that characterised the Los Angeles guitarists of the decade. After being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease in the early nineties, Becker has continued to play and compose. This DVD features rare and archive footage of both Cacophony and many solo performances. Furthermore, the film includes Becker's guitar clinic at the Atlanta Institute of Music, giving a poignant insight into this legendary figure.
This is one I missed... so I'm off to order my copy.

Jason Becker - Bach Solo and a little piece of "Air"

Jason Becker - Paganinis Fifth Caprice

Orianthi : VS Tommy Organ Guitar

Orianthi in "This is It"

original video was removed :(

Ronni Lé Tekrø: Live TNT Guitar solo

Ronny Le Tekrø (TNT) Guitar solo

Pedro Santos: four hands project

To find out more:


News: Firefox number one browser for shredding TIS the gory statistics

I thought I would look at the current web stats for Truth In shredding

1.Firefox 12,211 53.57%
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3.Chrome 3,546 15.56%
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6.Mozilla 149 0.65%
7.Mozilla Compatible Agent 109 0.48%
8.Opera Mini 63 0.28%
9.Camino 13 0.06%
10.Playstation 3 13 0.06%

plus a fifth of you people are using the Mac Operating system

Top viewing screen size: 1280x800
and some luck people (5%) see the blog at 1920x1200

In the world of mobile devices iPhone remains king, but with Android now showing healthy growth.

1. iPhone 400
2. iPod 63
3. Android 55

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9. marshall harrison
10. guthrie govan

The top pages on Truth In Shredding
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Truth In Shredding: Rusty Cooley: eight string super chops 1939
Truth In Shredding: News: guitar hero 5 full track listing... seems a little short on guitar players in my humble opinion! 1925

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Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - Satchel's Ultimate Guitar Solo

Steel Panther - Satchel's Ultimate Guitar Solo

Steve Vai: Guitar Nation clinics moved

Guitar Nation Live 2010 is the ultimate guitar show, a weekend of great guitar playing, loads of guitar gear, a music exhibition and festival of concerts, masterclasses, demonstrations, seminars and cutting-edge debates for guitarists and musicians serious about music.

13 - 14 November, Olympia London

Adam Nolly Getgood: nolly great covers of Planet X and Scar Symmetry

Cover of Per Nilsson's solo on The Illusionist, by Scar Symmetry

Planet X - Alien Hip-Hop solo

Hara Lemes: Bachianinha nº1 (Rock Version)

Bachianinha nº1 (Rock Version) - Hara Lemes

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse Guitar Solo

From Melodicrockfest 2 in Elgin, IL May 1st, 2010. Witness on of the best guitar players of our day. This guy absolutely shreds ! Not only can he seriously play but he and the rest of the band were down to earth guys who took time for pictures and meet and greet ! Haven't heard of these guys go get their albums !

Thorsten Koehne of Eden's Curse Guitar Solo

Richie Kotzen: Faith (at Freebird Live)

Thanks for Michelle Holland for posting these videos:

Richie Kotzen - Faith (at Freebird Live)

plus this classic

Richie Kotzen - Remember (Skipper's Smokehouse, Tampa, FL May 11, 2010)

Tiago de Moura: anti shred competition

Win an MXR micro flanger anti-shred competition by Tiago de Moura

Adam Moore: anti shred competition

a super anti shred solo from Adam Moore, really digging his playing... this time with fewer notes ;)

Guitar Noize Antishred Adam Moore

Raphael Fraser: anti shred competition

Jon from Guitarnoize is running a competition - an anti-shred competition. It's a nice backing track, so I had a noodle over it.

I used my Ash Customworks mostly-custom guitar ( ) with my AMT Fatal Tube, into my iMac, running Garageband. LAConvolver applied impulse responses of a Marshall JCM2000, and I stuck on a delay in software as well.

I hope you like it. Please rate/subscribe/friend/favourite/comment/ whatever ;-) follow me on Twitter: and visit me at

Guitarnoize anti-shred competition

German Schauss: Pigtronix... frying bacon!

Pigtronix Polysaturator Demo with German Schauss

German Schauss demos the Pigtronix Polysaturator and plays a few licks from his monthly shred column "Instant Shredding" in Germany's biggest guitar magazine "Gitarre & Bass"

Visit or for more info

German Schauss Pigtronix Demo

Mattias IA Eklundh: freaking tour report...

Mattias IA Eklundh delivers tour review with a bunch of cool tour photos
On the road again. We are about an hour away from Paris after a funny gig at the Hessenhalle in Giessen, Germany yesterday. We were a bit worried the local promoter had booked a slightly too massive venue since we always had a somewhat tricky time getting ourselves heard in Germany compared to the surrounding countries. We were wrong. It turned out to be a groovy evening. Myself, Björn and Chris are most grateful for everyone coming out to see the show! Spread the word so we can come back soon again.

Read and see more:

Alex Skolnick: Jazz Guitar: Breaking The Traditional Barriers available online

Jazz Guitar: Breaking The Traditional Barriers, a 3DVD instructional set.

Using basic blues progressions, he guides you through jazz concepts and shows how to follow progressions by targeting chord tones, triads, embellishments, modes and jazz patterns. He shows how to apply techniques like upper chord extensions, chromaticism, jazz licks, and to add bossa nova, swing, 6/8 time and waltz rhythmic styles to your skill set. Alex reveals how he transforms rock songs like the SCORPIONS' 'Still Loving You' into a jazz composition, as well as his approach to classic standards such as 'Autumn Leaves'.

The set is available at MI retailers around the world for $29.99 and digitally on demand. The program includes more than 40 lessons, a 62-page interactive E tab book, live performances and iPod-ready video.

Yngwie Malmsteen: donates his guitar to the city of Bologna

Yngwie Malmsteen will donate his guitar to the city of Bologna during the inauguration of Music Italy Show on Saturday, May 15th at 11:30 AM. Yngwie Malmsteen says: “This is huge honor for me, I love Italy and the Italian people, they know how to love and appreciate music."

The ceremony will open with a by the 65-piece Giuseppe Verdi Marching Band followed by Malmsteen signing and presenting his guitar to the City Of Bologna. more

Ponco Satrio: Get The Vision. a great release

I spent a week with this CD and it was worth it... Ponco Satrio delivers a polished set of great guitar nu fusion instrumentals. This is a very mature release, that of a seasoned professional, with cool songs, great guitar tones and great drumming too. Ponco has a good ear and has crafted some great memorable, melodic songs, great phrasing, super tones and slabs of high quality instrumental guitar. This release is sure to appeal to all fans of modern Govan inspired music... this one's a keeper... you can get your copy at