Alex Skolnick: Jazz Guitar: Breaking The Traditional Barriers available online

Jazz Guitar: Breaking The Traditional Barriers, a 3DVD instructional set.

Using basic blues progressions, he guides you through jazz concepts and shows how to follow progressions by targeting chord tones, triads, embellishments, modes and jazz patterns. He shows how to apply techniques like upper chord extensions, chromaticism, jazz licks, and to add bossa nova, swing, 6/8 time and waltz rhythmic styles to your skill set. Alex reveals how he transforms rock songs like the SCORPIONS' 'Still Loving You' into a jazz composition, as well as his approach to classic standards such as 'Autumn Leaves'.

The set is available at MI retailers around the world for $29.99 and digitally on demand. The program includes more than 40 lessons, a 62-page interactive E tab book, live performances and iPod-ready video.