Guthrie Govan: 2010 Far East Asia Clinic Tour

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Guthrie Govan 2010 Far East Asia Clinic Tour

Guthrie and Ed Yoon, Suhr Guitars' Director of Marketing and Sales, will visit Suhr's fastest growing market segment in the world and conduct clinics with our dealers Uni*Sound in Hong Kong, Guitarcube in Beijing, China and Music Force in Seoul, Korea.

Due to Guthrie's busy summer concert and clinic schedule, we were forced to skip Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan this time around, but we expect to be visiting east Asia on a regular basis in the future.

This is Guthrie's first visit to Hong Kong, Beijing, and Seoul, so there's a lot of excitement amongst fans of virtuosic electric guitar playing and music there to see Guthrie live and in person.

If you are in any of these world class cities, you owe it to yourself to see Guthrie live! YouTube video clips simply do not do Guthrie justice. The live performances and product demonstrations have to be seen in person to fully appreciate Guthrie's incredible virtuosity and musicianship.

As a bonus in Seoul, Korea, Guthrie will perform with an excellent band of great local musicians for the clinic-concert and two concerts that will be filmed by Korea's EBS TV network for a future show broadcast nationally in Korea. Guthrie will also conduct a master class at the Music Force Institute on June 12.

We look forward to meeting Guthrie and Suhr fans in these exciting world-class cities in Asia and continuing to spread the word on the most exciting guitar player and the very best guitar products in the world.
June 2, 2010 (Wednesday), 8:00PM - Hong Kong, China
Clinic at Backstage Live Restaurant in Hong Kong. Please contact Brian Chan at Uni*Sound for tickets.

1/F, Somptuex Central, 52-54 Wellington Street, Hong Kong,
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GG Hong Kong Sky Line
Hong Kong Sky Line
June 6, 2010 (Sunday), 2:00PM - Beijing, China
Clinic at Little Theater of Xuanwu Wenhuaguan

Address: 20#, Yaojiajing Allery 3rd, Xuanwu District, Beijing, China

Sponsored by Guitarcube and Guitars Custom - exclusive Suhr distributor in Mainland China
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Forbidden City
June 9, 2010 (Wednesday), 8:00PM - Seoul, Korea
Clinic and concert at Hongick University V-Hall

Address: Mapo-Ku, Seokyo-Dong 356-1 Seokyo Hotel Annex

Sponsored by Music Force - exclusive dealer and distributor of Suhr products in Korea
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GG Hong Seoul Venue
Seoul Venue
June 10~11, 2010 (Wednesday & Thursday), 7:30PM - Seoul, Korea
Concert taping at EBS Broadcast Station

Address: Kangnam-Ku, Dogok-Dong, Number 463 EBS, Seoul

Sponsored by Music Force - exclusive dealer and distributor of Suhr products in Korea

Please contact Music Force regarding the details of these shows. These shows are not open to the general public.
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Map to EBS
GG Hong Seoul Venue
June 12, 2010 (Saturday), Approximately 1:00PM - Seoul, Korea
Guthrie Govan Master Class at Music Force Institute

Address: Seocho-Ku, Banpo-Dong 725-17, Kay Joon Building 3F, Seoul

Sponsored by Music Force - exclusive dealer and distributor of Suhr products in Korea

Please contact Music Force or Music Force Institute regarding the details of this master class.
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GG Hong Seoul Venue
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