Sunday, 23 May 2010

Misha Mansoor: Ivan Chopik does the honours in this top notch interview

Always striving to expand the outer limits of their sound, Periphery is a band that’s living up to their name – and storming onto the progressive metal scene. After years of anticipation, numerous line-up changes, and several re-recordings, the Bethesda, Maryland-based unit finally unveiled their self-titled debut on April 20th, 2010.

Leading the growth of the latest movement within the metal genre, Periphery’s style pairs the grinding polyrhythmic grooves of bands such as Meshuggah and Tool with the melodic sensibilities of pop music, and supports it with a harmonic platform that’s as complex as it is fresh. Topping it off is some glorious lead work and precise production that is tastefully infused with hints of electronic music.

Periphery opened new ears, but was also received by their established following – one which has had the opportunity to experience the band’s growth and evolution since its inception in 2005, thanks to the active Internet presence of its mastermind Misha Mansoor, or “Bulb,” as he’s known across the web.

The founding member and architect of Periphery’s sound, Misha has long been refining his writing and production skills, with an online portfolio of over 100 songs and ideas to date. I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with him at the 2010 Metal & Hardcore Festival in Worcester, MA: take me to that god damn interview!

Marcelo Barbosa: guitar lesson in Portuguese 3

Video Series GUITAROSOFIA with Marcelo Barbosa. Basics Haromonia. Tonal Center Chord and tetrads (Harmonic Field) Higher. Produced by the Institute GTR Guitar

Guitarosofia 12 - Marcelo Barbosa

Dave Weiner: new CD available... now win the super cool guitar!

Hey all. I thought some of you might be interested in there. (If you don't know who I am, I've been playing in Vai's band for the last 11 years including many G3 tours with JP).

In celebration of the release of my new record "On Revolute", I'm giving away a bunch of great gear in the "Win Dave's Gear" giveaway. Prizes include an Xotic EP Booster, Digitech TL-2 Metal Distortion, Dimarzio Pickups (x4), Amplitube 3 (x3), Intellitouch Tuners (x3), Solid Cables (x3), Red Bear picks (x6), an Apple iPad and the grand prize, my last Ibanez LACS 7-string custom painted with the "On Revolute" artwork. Here's the guitar:

  1     the calm 
  2     ignition 
  3     dismantle 
  4     blue fade silver w/ Devin Bronson 
  5     moonlight path 
  6     one day more 
  7     traces of breath w/ Tony Macalpine 
  8     the mojo rhyme 
  9     other words for beautiful 
  10   reflections 
  11   on revolute 

The giveaway is worldwide but only open to the first 3000 orders. I did this so that the odds of you winning stay very good. You're automatically entered in the giveaway when you order "On Revolute" directly from

I greatly appreciate people who support my work so this giveaway is my way of saying thanks. I also wanted to give you as much for your money as possible, so the record is $15 US / $20 Int'l and includes free shipping, a custom "On Revolute" guitar pick and is signed personally to you from me. So for less than the cost of a couple of drinks at most bars, you get 76 minutes of music and have the chance to win a lot of great gear.

Feel free to post any questions or comments. I'll check back frequently to respond.

Thx guys.

Pre-order On Revolute NOW!

Allan Holdsworth, Chris Poland: just two of the players bagged by Rich Murray!

Rich Murray is over at the 40th anniversary Baked Potato festival... it looks totally awesome... he's posted some photos over at the blog... just hoping the video camera went too ;)!

Matthew Mills: Clinic and Performance at Soundwaves Music 2010

This is a Schecter guitar clinic performance of Matthew Mills at soundwaves music in summersville West Virginia. Matthew Mills is an endorsed Schecter Guitars artist. Matthew has released four studio solo albums and wrote performed with the band Forgotten Realm which featured members from Manowar Jag Panzer. all Matthew Mills albums and songs can be purchased at and also purchased through itunes Matthew can contacted at

Matthew Mills Schecter Guitar Clinic and Performance at Soundwaves Music 2010

I Wayan Balawan: tapping tastic in 2002

Balawan solo guitar

Juan Carlos Portillo: just one guy in this 6 piece internet band

I really like the idea that people can play across the globe... all by the power of the internet!

The world is still too small

he world is still too small... 6 musicians, 4 countries, 2 continents, too much work, too much friendship.
Thank you friends for your support, your effort, your friendship, your ideas, your time and for your talent.

O mundo é ainda muito pequeno... Seis músicos, quatro países, dois continentes, o trabalho duro, muito amigável.
Obrigado amigos pelo apoio, por seus esforços, por sua amizade, suas idéias, seu tempo e talento.

El mundo sigue siendo muy pequeño... 6 músicos, 4 países, 2 continentes, mucho trabajo, mucha amistad.
Gracias amigos por su apoyo, su esfuerzo, su amistad, sus ideas, su tiempo y por su talento.

-Gracias Pedro por abrir tu mente a este proyecto.
-Thank you David Russell for the courage and the big effort.
-Gracias Ramón por tu amistad y acudir justo en el momento adecuado (y por tolerarme en el estudio, jajaja). Ramón Ayanegui, el verdadero fundador de Cocowash.
-Obrigado, Fabiano pela sua paciência e otimismo.
-Thank you David Basile for your patience and that great melodic lines, but over all, thank you for getting well.

David Russell
2003 Guild D25M acoustic guitar

Pedro Gutiérrez
Yamaha DGX 205
Yamaha Motif Rack ES
Yamaha Mixer MW12
Cubase SX3 H2O

Fabiano Rodriguo
LesPaul Stagg
amplificador Midnight Warm Music
Boss delay
boss drive
Boss GT-10
sonar e soundforge

David Basile
Fender american deluxe strat
American made Peavey Predator strat
fender hot rod deville
peavey classic 30
danelectro reel echo
Barber small fry burn unit

Ramón Ayanegui
Ibanez Soundgear Bass GIO
Boss CS-3

Juan Carlos Portillo
Ibanez RG400
Marshall VS100

John Roth: Texas Tea

John Roth was really very good with Reb Beach on the reent UK Winger tour... now proof positive this man is a real talent... check out this excellent voice box solo.

Guitar wizard John Roth from WINGER, BLACK OAK ARKANSAS and GIANT jamming the Peter Frampton song "Do You Feel Like We Do" with his band TEXAS TEA. Performed at the Tunica Roadhouse Casino, 5/22/2010. Incredible!!!

John Roth w/Texas Tea - Voice Box Solo

Eric Robillard: atoll com instrumental track

atoll com

Kiselev Roman: more blue for you

Must be all this summer sun... more blues for your delight this time from Kiselev Roman.

Киселев Роман - Blues

Richie Kotzen: live in Wyomissing

Recorded live at The Works in Wyomissing, Pa. on May 21, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Richie Kotzen - Faith - Live 5/21/10

Richie Kotzen - Fooled Again - Live 5/21/10

Tristan Klein: blue shred on the old lag

Man a bit of sun and there's just one thing to do... jam some shredding bluesy licks... Tristan Klein obliges with the added edge of \m/ WIN zm/

tristan klein has some fun with the Lâg roxanne

Check out the hot new album on Grooveyard:

Kaki King: live tapping solos

Kaki King: performing live at El Rey Theater 05/22/10. Guitar Solo.

Daniele Tornaghi: tribute to David Gilmour

It is hot and sunny here so time for a little Gilmour style noodling... enjoy! Demonstration of the David Gilmour guitar solo, recorded live at Cold Fusion studios on 16/05/2010

Daniele Tornaghi - Another brick in the wall part.2 (Pink Floyd)

News: Truth In Shredding refreshed working with Internet Explorer

Laurie Monk:
I have updated the site design this afternoon, gone for a more sparse, black and white feel. I have tested in most major web browsers. It works great for me on Internet Explorer 8 now, but let me know if it's broken for you.

Ichirou Minami: Yngwie at 13

He tried play masterpiece song LIKE AN ANGEL of Yngwie .J.Malmsteen this time. He likes this song very much.
He is 13 years old.
LIKE AN ANGEL. by Yngwie Malmsteen cover - my arrangement

Annie Grunwald: Formless Logo competition

Formless Update and Logo Contest information.

Send your logo and address to

Check out our site:

You guys are awesome, thanks for all the continuous support - our demo will be out very soon, we can't wait to share it with all of you!

Formless Logo Contest

News: google chrome to add web apps shop... HTML5 is the future

Check out the features planned and the use of HTML5... bye bye to PC applications.

Google I/O 2010 Keynote Day 1, pt. 5

Yngwie Malmsteen: Dio... I'm deeply saddened by the devastating news.

Yngwie Malmsteen has released the following statement regarding the passing of legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW):

"I'm deeply saddened by the devastating news.

"Ronnie was a dear friend and without a doubt the most brilliant of all rock sirens. He lives forever in our hearts and will never be a equaled.

"Long live Ronnie James Dio."
reported by blabbermouth

Yngwie Malmsteen & Dio - Dream On

Lee Peterson: review of Line 6 POD X3

In this video I demonstrate the different distortion tones available on the LINE 6 POD X3 LIVE.

Check out my channel for other LINE 6 demo's and settings.


Line 6 POD X3 - Distortion

Ron Thal: signing sessions on the way

Bumblefoot Hey all,

I'll be doing some meet-n-greets during the upcoming GNR tour - bring your cameras, Bumblefoot & GNR CDs, anything you want signed... (if not, we'll have autograph cards.)

There will be drawings to win CDs - and in Helsinki & Aalborg, a pair of tickets to that day's GNR show as my personal guest.

Details coming soon, will keep you posted!


Chris Brooks: I won't teach you if you burn discs of illegal downloads.

This is the real pain of P2P and illegal file sharing. Interesting to see what happens to limewire and their court case.

Chris Brooks Just had to fill in 3 pain in the ass forms to have my music removed from illegal download services. What a pain!

Chris Buchli I showed one of your songs to a student the other day and he goes "is it on limewire?". I had to give him the 'this music does not make itself' spiel.

People don't seem to understand how this affects artists who do this for a living!

Chris Brooks Your student sucks.

Eric Maldonado I am so sorry you have to go through that man, you should be selling thousands of copies a day. Instead, jerks put it on limewire and stupid torrent files. You deserve so many more buys and fans. I think you are the next Satriani or Vai! :)

Chris Brooks Thanks Eric!

Chris Johnstone Yeh I give all my students an earful too but they just don't get it......

Even an artist like Brett Garsed wonders whether doing another project is really worth just think that if you have an album out then you are a billionare.......

The music industry has really changed, but I sorta don't mind cause I by all my stuff direct from the artist, and if everyone else did the same that would be ideal..........

Chris Brooks Yeah, at one point I even went as far as telling my guitar kids that I wouldn't teach them from burnt discs of illegal downloads. Their impression was that their idiot parents only paid for music because they didn't know how to use the internet.

Rick Graham Really? Holy shit that does not bode well for the future especially for independent artists. When I was a kid I used to religiously save up my pocket money to go and buy music I wanted. The whole process of it from saving up to getting the vinyl home and on the record player was a great experience. I think education (or failing that a few fatal beatings) is in order for this new generation.

Chris Brooks Yeah, you're REALLY gonna have to watch your back with this stuff Rick. There's only so much you can do when it's p2p but the torrent sites seems fairly amiable when it comes to removing you from their listings. The sites I had to tackle today were some torrent sites and MegaUpload. One of them has already removed it so YAY for me.

Rick Graham Nice one Chris, glad you're getting it sorted. Thanks for the heads up too. It's hard enough with multiple companies taking a massive cut from CD sales never mind spotty little kids who hand out your music for free.

Andrew Soto: sweep tapping and alternate picking exercises

Guitar Exercises (Sweeping, Tapping, Alternate picking)

Lee Peterson: reviews Marshall Class 5

Went looking for a small practise amp, ended up getting the Marshall Class 5.

Check it out at

Purchased from World Guitars -

Marshall Class 5

Alex Skolnick: remembering Dio

Alex Skolnick:
This past weekend, we lost Ronnie James Dio, not only one of the best singers in hard rock and heavy metal, but someone who was polite, well spoken and gentlemanly, something of an anomaly in a genre where ‘bad boy’ behavior is embraced and expected of its frontmen. When someone of his stature of passes away, there is a collective void felt by millions of fans, creating a sense of unity. This feeling takes on an even more sad, surreal quality when it is someone that you were on a first name basis with.


One day, I was trying to reach my friend Lorenzo, who was on Dio’s sound crew. This was the early 00’s and our tours were crossing paths in Cleveland. I’d been unable to make the Dio concert, but another friend of mine went to the show and bumped into Lorenzo, who told him to say hi to me and pass on his new phone number.

When I called a day or so later, the voice didn’t sound like Lorenzo’s. “Alex Skolnick! How are you? I’ve always liked your guitar playing.” He asked what I was up to and how this person was and how that person was, asking me to please say hello to these people for him. This guy obviously knew me and others I knew, but I didn’t recognize his voice. Who could it be? I hesitantly asked. He laughed and said “Alex, it’s Ronnie Dio!”

My jaw dropped. He explained that either he’d lost his cell phone and had been borrowing Lorenzo’s or vice versa (I forget), then nicely offered to pass on the message and have him call me, then we said goodbye. Whatever the situation was, I barely processed it and it scarcely mattered…I was on the phone with Dio!
full report

Christophe Godin, Pascal Vigne, Jean Fontanille:Morglbl'n Friends gig

Morglbl'n Friends : Morglbl + Pascal Vigné + Jean Fontanille

Date: Saturday, 29 May 2010
Time: 20:30 - 23:30
Location: Annecy
Concert au "Brise glace" à Annecy "Morglbl and Friends" :
Morglbl + Pascal Vigné + Jean Fontanille