Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Jeremy Barnes: 13 seconds... 3500 notes!

Hopefully some longer shots posted soon. NB I didn't count the actual number of notes :)

Jeremy Barnes seen here in our showroom taking the yet-to-arrive-in-Australia Godin Progression for a test drive. Playing a very Malmsteen-esque lick, we thought to give you a teaser of what you're in for at your local Godin dealer, come late July when stock arrives!

Visit www.dynamicmusic.com.au for your nearest Godin Dealer or email info@dynamicmusic.com.au for further information.

Some info on the Progression:

The Godin Progression is the next evolution of the single-coil guitar. It features all the "slap & spank" you'll ever need, as well as extremely consistent volume output between the Godin GS-2 pickups and the unexpected power & crunch that you wouldn't expect from a single-coil guitar. The Progression combines a 25 1/2" scale neck with the added snap of a rock maple neck along with the added bonus of the High-Definition Revoicer (HDR).

The H.D.R. revoices and augments the frequency range of each pickup and allows the player to go from passive to active pickups with the simple push of a button!

It's like having 2 sets of pickups in 1 guitar for 5 pure passive tones + 5 pure active tones.

Jeremy Barnes shreds up the Godin Progression

and a longer one

Jeremy Barnes demonstrates the new Godin Progression

Jeff Loomis: Nevermore 'Emptiness Unobstructed'

Rick Emmett: to be allied forces once more?

In a nutshell, Emmett said he is ready to go, whenever the other two guys are.

"There is doubt about whether or not the band would actually ever go out and tour and play again. And, of course, Live Nation (North America's largest concert promoter) is interested, and they're sniffing around and wanting to come to town and sit down and take us out for dinner and have a conversation," Emmett said.

What it comes down to, in Emmett's estimation, is a desire on the part of Levine and Moore, the latter in particular, to embark on a Triumph tour of old with big venues, tons of lasers, lights and pyro.

Emmett and others in the industry think that's unrealistic for an act that hasn't done something of that magnitude since the days when hair metal ruled the roost.
full report

... let's hope this not "in fact a falsehood"!

Jeff Loomis: metal assault interview

Jeff Loomis of Nevermore on June 15th 2010 - a two part interview by Aniruddh Andrew Bansal for Metal Assault. Check out the website at http://metalassault.com

Jeff Loomis of Nevermore interviewed by Metal Assault - Part 1 - June 15th 2010

Jeff Loomis of Nevermore interviewed by Metal Assault - Part 2 - June 15th 2010

Tony Iommi: tribute to Dio will be made at High Voltage festival

Tony Iommi speaks out on the special performance of Heaven & Hell with Glenn Hughes and Jorn Lande to honour the memory of Ronnie James Dio.

Tickets for High Voltage festival are priced £135 (for weekend tickets) and £75 (for day tickets). There is no booking fee for Classic Rock Presents High Voltage tickets. Other VIP packages available alongside standard tickets from www.highvoltagefestival.com or 24hr cc ticketline 0871 230 5582.

Tony Iommi On High Volta

News: let there be rock program

1 - Honeymoon Suite - Bad Attitude (The big Prize)
2 - Shinedown - Junkies for fame           

Interview with Andrew Elt (Sleeze Beez), download the interview directly from this URL:  http://www.last.fm/music/LetThereBeRock/Interview+Andrew+Elt+%28Sleeze+Beez%29
3 - Sleeze Beez - House is on Fire (Live in Tokyo)
4 - Sleeze Beez - Heroes die Young (Screwed blued & Tattoed)
5 - Sleeze Beez - Bring out the rebel (Powertool )
6 - Sleeze Beez - When the brains go to the balls (Live in Tokyo)
7 - Sleeze Beez - Save myself (Insanity beach)

8 - Stone Temple Pilots - Bagman (Stone Temple Pilots)
9 - Stone Temple Pilots - Hazy Daze (Stone Temple Pilots)
10 - Stone Temple Pilots - Hickory dichotomy (Stone Temple Pilots)
11 - Aerosmith - Let the music do the talking (Done with mirrors)
12 - Aerosmith - Eat the rich (Get a grip)
13 - Aerosmith - Dude looks like a lady (Permanent vacation)
14 - Aerosmith - F.I.N.E (Pump)
15 - Aerosmith - Sweet emotion (Toys in the attic)
16 - Slash - Back from Cali (Slash)
17 - Korn - Remember who you are (III)
18 - Nevermore - Without morals (The obsidian Conspiracy)
19 - Vince Neil - Another piece of meat (Tattoos & Tequilas)
20 - Primal Fear - Battalions of hate (Live in the USA)
21 - Of Mice & Men - Farewell to shady Glade (Of Mice & Men)
22 - Year Long Disaster - Destination (Year long disaster)

Next on Let there be Rock:
- June 22: Interview with Jeff Loomis (Nevermore)
- July 20: Jason Becker birthday Special

Ron Coolen

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Richie Kotzen: Fender interview

In a windy, rainy day in Anaheim, Calif., Richie Kotzen, dressed in tattered jeans, a black T-shirt and matching stocking cap, cozies up on a sofa with a Fender Telecaster Deluxe guitar and regales a room full of Fender staff for more than an hour with his skillful playing, stories from the road and childhood recollections.
Some people are born to work a room.

"I was always one of those kids that when the whole family would come over, I would be the one trying to entertain them and it would always be song and dance," recalls Kotzen, amusement evident in his piercing blue eyes despite the rose-colored rock star shades he's wearing. "So somebody said 'Richie seems like he's into music; he should take piano lessons.'"

The piano fell by the wayside once the 7-year-old Kotzen spied a beat-up guitar at a yard sale and decided it was exactly what he needed to be as cool as his favorite rock band, Kiss.

Thirty years later, Kotzen has earned a worldwide following of his own, but his wizardry as a singer, songwriter and guitarist was something the Reading, Pa., native literally had to grow into. more

Richie Kotzen has two Fender signature models in Japan - a Stratocaster (STR-145RK) and a Telecaster (TLR-155RK). The artist tells us what initially drew him to Fender:

"It happened when I was doing a record because I started making records when I was very young and I was still kind of evolving and developing as a musician as I was putting out my records. I wasn't getting the sound that I wanted out of the instrument that I was playing, and so I realized I have to play a Fender guitar to get the sound that I'm hearing in my head onto the tape. I needed a Fender, so I went out and bought a Telecaster and a Strat on the same day. I made a record, I think it was my third solo record, and a lot of that record is a Fender Telecaster.

Ricky Furlani, Oziel Zinho,Marcelo Barbosa, Ricardo Marins,Claudio Sousa: simply stunning actualisations by the judges of Concurso Cultural Double Vision DVD

All the submitted videos

Concurso Double Vision DVD -- Jurado -- Ozielzinho

Concurso Cultural Double Vision DVD - Jurado RICKY FURLANI

Convite/Homenagem Concurso Cultural Double Vision DVD - Jurado Marcelo Barbosa

Concurso Cultural Double Vision DVD - Jurado Ricardo Marins (Atualizado)

Concurso Double Vision DVD - Jurado Luiz Cláudio Sousa

Slimer: goes all melodic for Mr Walliman

This is my entry into the great contest by David Wallimann! Thanks for the amazing bt!
Youtubers, I am very rusty because all star soccer and track just got done and i hadnt played in a month, so please be kind =) Sloth just taught me the minor scale 5 minutes ago too and this was my first time using it =) Thanks for watching =)

Thanks uncle Sloth for letting me use your gear for this =)

Melodic Solo Contest- Slimer

David Wallimann: melodic solo competition 30th June 2010

Jeff Beck: Guitar player interview Orchestral Maneuvers

What are the benefits and downsides of going into the studio without having the music fully prepared?
The benefit is that you are thrust in. In some ways it’s better to not be too prepared. The biggest pitfall there is that you are going to sound over rehearsed and too contrived. It’s a weird process to try and remember the chain of events that led up to how we did this, but my manager is very forceful, and he has a way of persuading me to go in unprepared. “Oh, it’ll be great,” he goes. And the first two weeks was miserable. Not that the other players weren’t good, but they were unsuited to the sort of thing I was looking for. It wasn’t until I came away that I realized I’d lost two really good players who just weren’t on the same wavelength with me. But you live and learn. It was folly to go in with a bassist and drummer that I’d never heard of. It was weird for me that Tal and Vinnie weren’t there—we should have gone in with a band situation. Of course, there was the stuff with just me and the orchestra, which didn’t require any bass or drums at all.

Why didn’t you want to use the bassist and drummer you’d been playing with for that last two years?
Well, to get them over to England for three or four tracks just didn’t make sense. So we ended up doing it without them. But then we had to fly Tal over to do the bass part. And to repair some of the drum parts that were not that great, we actually sent the producer over to the States to record Vinnie. So it kind of ended up costing more in the long run, but at least they’re on the album, and they did a great job on the tracks.

Homero Bittencourt: fusion in the new LCT Wave Studio

Parceria ( partnership ) com Studio LCT Wave

Produção: Gerson Jesus

Homero Bittencourt :

LCT Wave:

São Paulo - Capital (11 ) 3942-4559

Homero Bittencourt - LCT Wave Studio

Allan Holdsworth: 36 inches of baritone joy!

Allan Holdsworth with the DeLap 36 inch baritone performing in Osaka , Japan 1991


Allan Holdsworth - DeLap 36 inch Baritone in Japan

Chris Johnstone: Aussie chicken picken!

Chris Johnstone:
Here is a clip from my studio concert which I held on the weekend........this is us having a fun jam over a country groove......

My students Dan Russell (guitar) and Josh Taylor (bass), accompanied on drums by my good friend Ben Schumann......

the little boy with the Uke that keeps appearing in the clip and stealing the show is Xavier.......4 year old Wynton can be seen at the end......

It was a great afternoon of guitar........my students all played so well....

Country Lickin' Pickin' in E

Anikina Kate: stratofusion delight

Anikina Kate's done it again. She's really got that fusion vibe, great tone, great job... enjoy!

Fender Stratocaster'79 Demo Part2 by Anikina Kate

Fusion Solo

a more bluesy jam.

Fender Stratocaster'79 Demo by Anikina Kate

David Wallimann: fusion phrasing

Fusion Phrasing.mp4

Keith Whalen: whalenators tritone fascinations



Tritone Examples
When I first delved into Slonimsky's Thesaurus I was particularly absorbed by the work that was done in the dividing of octaves and in tritone progressions. Nevertheless, the examples were not well-suited for the guitar and I began to explore the possibility of creating symmetrical passages that were conducive to my style of play. I posted a video of my findings on YouTube and erroneously called it Tritone Slonimsky Stuff. And although the licks are all based on the principle element of the first chapter of the book, the material that I came up with has little to do with replicating any specific examples found within it.

My mission was to create as many bizarre examples as possible and have them all move up and down the neck in tritones, or, an augmented 4th/diminished 5th. I've created even more examples since then, the options you have are almost boundless, but for the sake of concision I've tabbed only the examples that are to be found in my video. I'll explain each of the 15 examples individually.

Messing around in photobooth and imovie on my new mac. The clips are backwards because apparently photobooth only takes flipped movies. Or maybe I'm playing in switch!

So there's an Alkan Op. 30 excerpt, a few arpeggios, an excerpt from an etude I'm writing for quick leaps, a lick dealing with the Dorian #4 mode, two diminished licks with widening and shortening intervals and two wide tritone licks.

Keith Whalen - A Few Licks (test)

News: guitar edge survey... win prizes

Hey Edgeheads,

In our efforts to make sure that Guitar Edge delivers what you want it to, we want to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to fill out this quick survey and automatically be entered for your chance to win one of 36 cool prizes! Winners will be drawn at random and remember because it’s a random drawing, how you respond has no bearing on whether or not you’re a winner - so we just ask that you give it to us straight.

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