Friday, 2 July 2010

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition

Brett wants you to play... so Shred This has lined up this awesome judging firepower:

Brett Garsed:
Rick Graham:
Tom Quayle:
Magnus Olsson:
Chris Brooks:
Laurie Monk:

The Prizes:
1 Pick Your Own DiMarzio pickups!
2 10 pack Ultimate Fusion Tuition DVD set by Derry Gabel
3 Ibanez DS7 distortion pedal from Magnus Olsson
4 Rick Graham,Chris Brooks, Magnus Olsson in Melodic Soloists CD collection
5 Tristan Klein - Universal Mojo CD

The Steps you need to take to enter:

1 Download the backing track
2 video your response solo
3 and then post your video in response to this video

4 Complete the entry form
5 promote your video
6 Win!

Backing Track Tip: BT chord sequence is Emin7 / Gmin7 / Bbmin7 / C#min7 and repeat. Key changes on every chord, scale wise one approach is to play Dorian based on the root of each chord(and of course minor pentatonic based on the root of each chord will work fine too).

All video responses

What we are looking for: Great improvisation or composition. great tone, note selection A one take solo, no harmonies, no double tracking, just you with the backing track.

Brett Garsed's music:

Competition closes 15th August 2010 at 23:00 BST. We'll then shortlist as soon as we can, but it does take some time

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition

Atanas Shishkov: he's got the funk groove going on!

Dear friends, in this video I`m just jamming over a Groove Funk track with my red amazing Tom Anderson guitar!
In background - the yellow Tom Anderson / my mate Blue2You`s axe / is resting :)))

Atanas Shishkov - Groove Funk

Stan Lassiter: He's History

Stan plays some cool half slide on a version of this classic by another guy that had an SG ;) From a past NAMM show.

Stan Lassiter with He's History

News: Grooveyard records July super deals

As our way of saying a million Thanks to our good musical brothers and sisters
worldwide, we are offering a special "KILLER GROOVEYARD XMAS IN JULY 2010
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This "Sweet Deal" only applies to 6 discs of your choice from the following list of
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If you "missed the boat" on any of these killer heavy guitar discs, now is the time
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1. MOUNTAIN OF POWER: "Volume One" (GYR025)
(Mega-Killer 70s Grooveyard heavy guitar tribute disc from Sweden
featuring tons of awesome riffage that will rock your world)

2. TRUTH: "Machine" (GYR039)
(Phenomenal top-shelf bluesy heavy guitar ripper from Sweden
featuring Sven Cirnski on Guitar & David Fremberg on Vocals)

3. BLINDSTONE: "Freedom's Calling" (GYR043)
(Mega-Awesome bluesy/funky heavy guitar power trio from Denmark
featuring killer riffage/soul-powered vox. Includes a brain-damaging
Frank Marino cover jam w/ Special Guest Axeripper - Lance Lopez)

4. BLINDSTONE: "Manifesto" (GYR044)
(Way-Kool debut studio disc by this outstanding bluesy/funky
heavy guitar power trio from Denmark. Includes 3 Killer Bonus Tracks)
5. KAMCHATKA: "Self-Titled" (GYR016)
(Killer debut studio disc by this awesome, retro-70s, cosmic, guitar heavy
power trio from Sweden featuring Thomas "Juneor" Andersson on guitar)
6. KAMCHATKA: "Volume II" (GYR033)
(Outstanding 2nd studio disc by this bad-ass, killer, retro-70s, blues-based
Hendrix/Frank Marino-inspired heavy guitar power trio from Sweden)
7. THALAMUS: "Beneath A Dying Sun" (GYR047)
(Awesome debut from this powerful heavy riff:machine from Sweden
with a killer vintage Black Sabbath meets Soundgarden vibe)

8. BILLY WHITE TRIO: "Illusionation" (GYR056)
(Outstanding deep, bluesy, soul-powered dynamic heavy guitar
power trio magic by this amazing gifted guitarist/vocalist from Texas)

9. LANCE LOPEZ: "First Things First" (GYR029)
(Excellent debut studio disc from this killer bluesy/funky Hendrix
inspired axeripper from Texas. Includes 5 bad-ass LIVE Bonus Trax)

10. LANCE LOPEZ: "Live" (GYR028)
(Killer bad-ass LIVE disc from the Dallas blues/rock axeripper
recorded in Holland on his World Domination tour)
11. LANCE LOPEZ: "Simplify Your Vision" (GYR019)
(Mega-awesome 3rd studio disc from this bad-ass, killer blues/rock
heavy guitar
 power trio axeripper who kicks serious six string ass)

12. LANCE LOPEZ: "Higher Ground" (GYR027)
(Phenomenal 4th studio disc by this bad-ass, killer blues/rock
axeripper from Dallas, Texas - Includes Special Guest Wes Jeans)
13. DIRTY DAVE OSTI: "Voodoo Guitar" (GYR066)
(Awesome debut studio disc by this bad-ass, killer blues/rock
axeripper from California that will rock your blues into the dirt)
14. GUITAR PETE: "Mean Streets" (GYR046)
(Way-kool hard-hitting blues-based heavy guitar disc by this
bad-ass, killer axerippin' guitar slinger from New York City)
15. GUITAR PETE: "Live At The Blues Warehouse" (GYR057)
(Way-kool Live in the studio disc by this outstanding blues/rock
axeslinger from NYC who kicks serious six string ass)

16. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Long Hard Road" (GYR018)
(Excellent 5th studio disc from this awesome blues-based heavy guitar
band featuring 6 String Riffmaster Mike Onesko on guitar & vocals)

17. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Keepers Of The Flame" (GYR041)
(Awesome powerful 6th studio disc from this killer bluesy heavy guitar
riff:machine featuring Mike Onesko & Scotty J. on rippin' guitar.
Includes Special Guest - Davey Pattison on a deep TROWER jam
18. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Smokehouse Sessions" (GYR054)
(Way-kool BBB "tribute to the blues" with a serious heavy guitar
 from Mike Onesko & Co. that will rock your blues away)
(Awesome studio disc by this outstanding, dynamic, blues-based
soul-powered, retro-70's, heavy guitar axemaster from Iowa.
Featuring Special Guests - Glenn Hughes & Rob Lamothe)
20. CRAIG ERICKSON: "Big Highway" (GYR030)
(Outstanding 6th studio disc from this awesome bluesy heavy guitar
axeslinger/axemaster from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The REAL deal)
21. CRAIG ERICKSON: "Rare Tracks" (GYR037)
(Kool disc of rare, unreleased tracks from this outstanding
talented, world-class, blues/rock axeslinger from Iowa)

22. SCARLET RUNNER: "Groove Thang" (GYR031)
(Awesome, way-kool, blues/rock heavy guitar power trio from Iowa
featuring Special Guest Axeripper - Craig Erickson on several killer jams)
23. BRYCE JANEY: "Blues In My Soul" (GYR064)
(Phenomenal new studio disc by this outstanding blues/rock axeslinger
from Iowa who speaks the same six string language as the Guitar Greats.
Essential + Highly Recommended to fans of Robin Trower & Johnny Winter)
24. TONY SPINNER: "Rollin' & Tumblin'" (GYR051)
(Awesome studio disc from this superb, soul-powered,
 blues/rock axeslingerfrom Arkansas featuring 14 tracks that deliver the bluesy heavy guitar goods)

25. TONY SPINNER: "Live In Europe" (GYR032)
(Killer LIVE disc from this awesome blues/rock axeslinger from Arkansas
featuring a set of top-shelf, soul-powered, earthy blues/rock guitar magic)

26. CHRIS AARON: "Born With The Blues" (GYR036)
(Rare debut studio disc from this excellent blues/rock axeslinger
with special guest Corey Sterling on vox for the Bonus Track)
27. SKY HIGH: "Freedom" (GYR007)
(Mega-awesome Hendrix-Inspired heavy guitar power trio from Sweden
featuring Clas Yngstrom delivering serious blues based six string mojo)

28. SKY HIGH: "Self-Titled" (GYR014)
(Excellent debut disc from this awesome Hendrix-inspired blues/rock
power trio from Sweden featuring the legendary Clas Yngstrom on guitar)

29. SKY HIGH: "Still Rockin'" (GYR015)
(Excellent  2nd studio disc from Swedish blues/rock
stratmaster Clas Yngstrom & Co. rockin' the blues)
30. CLAS YNGSTROM: "Tribute To Hendrix" (GYR011)
(Awesome Hendrix Tribute disc by the bad-ass SKY HIGH Axemaster
Recorded Live in Sweden. Tons of killer extended six string Jimi jams)

31. DAVE D'ANGELICO: "The Blues According To Texas Son" (GYR055)
(Excellent Blues Guitar Slinger from Upstate NY who digs deep
on his Telecaster and rocks the blues like a true Axemaster )
32. TRISTAN KLEIN: "Universal Mojo" (GYR067)(Phenomenal debut disc by this brilliant, gifted, blues-based, instrumental
heavy guitar axemaster from France. Features several Special Guitar Guitarists:
Greg Koch, Craig Erickson & KM Kajdan. Essential Universal Six String Mojo )
33. PLANKTON: "Self-Titled" (GYR004)
(Mega-awesome debut studio disc by this phenomenal, dynamic, blues-based
retro-70's Hendrix-inspired dual instrumental guitar band from Sweden)
34. PLANKTON: "Humble Colossus" (GYR012)
(Outstanding blues-based instrumental dual heavy guitar band
from Sweden featuring deep/dynamic, authentic, retro-70s
vintage stratocasters thru marshalls 6 string magic)

35. PLANKTON: "3" (GYR021)
(Phenomenal 3rd studio disc by this amazing, authentic, bluesy
retro-70s Swedish Hendrix-inspired dual heavy guitar band)
36. BLUESTONE COMPANY: "Supernatural Delight" (GYR048)
(Awesome blues-based instrumental heavy guitar band from Japan
with a strong Gov't Mule meets Allman Bros. vibe. Phenomenal guitarist)

37. THOMAS LARSSON: "Harmonic Passion" (GYR023)
(Top-shelf bluesy instrumental heavy guitar disc full of style/class
from this outstanding awesome Swedish axemaster)

38. ANDY JAMES: "In the Wake of Chaos" (GYR035)
(Mega-Awesome new instrumental heavy guitar axemaster from England.
Phenomenal powerful debut studio disc that will fry your heavy guitar mind)

39. RANDY McSTINE: "Guitarizm" (GYR017)
(Remarkable young, gifted instrumental axeripper from New York
with an awesome, legit, classic, bluesy retro-70s heavy guitar vibe)

40. AL ESTRADA: "Riffage" (GYR013)
(Mind-blowing killer instrumental heavy guitar shred monster)

41. ROB LAMOTHE: "Above The Wing Is Heaven" (SGR043)
(Remarkable, deep, bluesy/soulful, laid-back acoustic
grooves from the gifted ex-Riverdogs vocalist)

For more info + MP3s on the above awesome discs,
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Thanks for your continued interest and support
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Guthrie Govan: new jam track central tracks announced

During the next two or three weeks, we'll be releasing two exciting new products featuring the amazing Guthrie Govan. First of all, we're making a full download package from the solo Guthrie improvised over our "Funky Blues" jamtrack. This was originally an exclusive for our Youtube channel, but we'll now be adding all the usual trimmings... audio and video versions, backing track, full Tab and lesson notes.

As if that wasn't enough, we're then going to launch a complete set of backing tracks for Guthrie's stunning album ‘Erotic Cakes’. We've had more requests for this than anything else over the years, and we're delighted that it's finally going to happen. We're still consulting with Guthrie about the exact contents, but the package will include full backing tracks and some juicy extra stuff!

Derry Gabel: friends of Dan interview

Derryl Gabel:
Hi guitar friends, hope you all are doing well out there. Recently I was interviewed by Dan Miles for his internet podcast program.

All my instructional DVDs are available for immediate download in the MP4 format. Most all up to date media players are compatible with this format. The price for each video with the included transcription is only $24.95. This is a special introductory price that will end July 12th. The regular price will be $29.95.

I will begin filming for my Supersonic Sweeping part 2 DVD this coming week and hope to be finished and release it some time in late July or early August.

I'm thinking of starting a subscription service for downloadable video guitar lessons. Each month you would get a video lesson with the transcription and backing. You would also gain access to 8 other guitar lesson sites from a vendor I do business with. The cost of the subscription would be $19.95 a month and you could cancel at any time. Please email me to let me know if you would subscribe to this. If I get a large enough response I will set this up.

Once SS2 DVD is finished and the subscription service is under way I will begin focusing my attention on a new album.

News: The Manson’s Guitar Show details

"The Manson’s Guitar Show (MGS), is back for its 16th spectacular year and will again be held at the Riverside Leisure Centre, Exeter on October 23rd and 24th 2010. Tickets are on sale now and the first 250 bookings will receive a free set of Rotosound R9 or R10 top selling nickel on steel guitar strings worth £6.50.

MGS is the UK’s biggest regional guitar show and over the last two years has seen Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and Pink Floyd’s Guy Pratt make appearances. It will feature over forty exhibitors displaying some of the coolest gear ready for you to check out. Already confirmed exhibitors include Roland, Bare Knuckle Pickups, Marshall, Orange, Freshman, PRS and Rotosound, who have announced Walter Trout will be having a signing session on their stand at 3pm on Sunday 24th.

Whether you play the electric, acoustic or bass guitar; whatever your style is, rock, jazz, classical or simply strumming, over the two days the show will offer you real hands on experience trying new products and guitar accessories. In addition, this incredible show will offer you the opportunity to see gear demonstrations (Martin Barre from Jethro Tull is confirmed to appear), take part in workshops as well as ask the experts all those burning questions you have. In fact MGS 2010 offers you practically everything to do with guitars, plus there will be great shows deals and amazing prizes!

Ticket prices have been kept the same as last year and discounted tickets are available to purchase in advance and are on sale now, but hurry as only the first 250 tickets sold will receive a free set of Rotosound Strings. These can be ordered from or via the Manson team on Tel +44 (0)1392 496379 see prices below:

For single day tickets -
Advance tickets £8 (£10 on door)
8-16 Students £4 (£5 on door)
Under 8s FREE
For weekend tickets -
Advance tickets £12 (£14 on door)
8-16 Students £8 (£10 on door)
Under 8s FREE

Further artist news, show offers and exhibitors will be announced over the coming months.

If you love all things guitars, then The Manson’s Guitar Show 2010 is the one to be at!

Bane Jelic: Sky Man

Bane Jelic - Sky Man - Live instrumental

Todd Grubbs: Number Station live!

Instrumental rock song from Todd Grubbs
Please visit for more info
© Copyright 2010 Grubbworm Music
Video produced by Virgil Mandanici -

Number Station (Live Performance Version) from the Cd "Toddities, Vol. 2"

News: Shred This 3


George Bellas, Alex Masi,Michael Harris: Virtuoso Month, Win a set of Lion CD's

News: Eddie Trunk... Win an autographed PRS SE Singlecut guitar,

Enter to win an autographed PRS SE Singlecut guitar, courtesy of Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center, signed by the artists from the M3 Rock Festival!

This year's M3 Festival featured Scorpions, Cinderella, Vince Neil, KIX, Winger, L.A. Guns, Warrant, Nelson, Trixter, Jetboy, Dizzy Reed (of G&R), Bang Tango, ZO2, Black Mambooza and Mass.

Here's your chance to take a piece of the show home with you! What are you waiting for?

Enter the competition

Winner will be notified by Saturday, July 24, 2010. Winner's names will also be posted to the contest entry page by Monday, July 26, 2010. Thank you again for your continued support and good luck!

Alex Lifeson: Planet Rock... win a custom Rush guitar!

To celebrate the release of the brand new Rush documentary, Beyond The Lighted Stage, on DVD and Blu Ray we are giving away a quite brilliant prize.

We have a very special one-of-twenty ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD Epiphone Les Paul customised with Beyond The Lighted Stage artwork and we are going to give it away to you.

To win the guitar all you need to do is fil in your details into the form below and you will go into a prize draw.
Enter the competition

Zakk Wylde: Diminished Responsibility for jam track central

ZakkWylde DiminishedResponsibility

News: Shred This 3


George Bellas, Alex Masi: Guitar Virtuoso month at Lion!

July 16th 2010 sees the release of two of the most anticipated instrumental albums of the year with new releases fromGeorge Bellas and Alex Masi. To celebrate these releases we felt it was a good opportunity to show some more appreciation to some of the labels wealth of guitar talent with some spotlight features and new interviews. Amongst these players are a range of styles and individual musical personalities and all are recommended. Keep checking back as new features/interviews will be added every couple of days.

As a special tie in we have a number of instrumental titles all packed full of stunning guitar work on sale this month only at incredibly low prices. All deals for the respective artist will be shown on the artists page but if you can't wait head on over to the Lion Music store now.

To get straight into the content and for the first feature with George Bellas visit

Jan Laurenz: 3D fusion guitar

3D test fusion guitar by Jan Laurenz (you need red/cyan glasses for the 3D effect)

3D test fusion guitar by Jan Laurenz (you need red/cyan glasses for the 3D effect)

Vincenzo Grieco: clinic at dbmusic

Clinic @ Dbmusic

Plus a another lave track.

My Song...

Milan Polak: tapping etude with attitude

Milan Polak lesson - Arpeggio Tapping Etude

Ignazio Di Salvo: classical class

Ignazio Di Salvo Beautiful love 5/4 with spanish guitar

News: July 2010 is Guitar Virtuoso Month at Lion Music starts today!

Prepare for a sizzling summer of shred... new competitions coming your way and the guys over at Lion Music promising some really cool deals and prizes too. Of course this month we also have our newies from George Bellas and Alex Masi, both are the best works in some time from both players. But first up some summer sizzler deals.

Special offers in the Lion Music store (

All the following instrumentals are €5.90

Daniel Palmqvist - A Landscape Made from Dreams
Steen Grontved - Night Vision Goggles
Cyril Achard - Confusion
Joe Stumps' Reign of Terror - Conquer and Divide
Torben Enevoldsen - Flying Solo
Kelly Simonz - The Rule of Right
Joop Wolters - Speed, Traffic and Guitar Accidents
Book of Reflections (feat. Rusty Cooley and Lars Eric Mattsson)
Edward Box - Moonfudge
Jennifer Batten - Momentum
Marco Ferrigno - Hanging Gardens
Lars Eric Mattsson - Electric Voodoo
Tony Hernando - THIII + Live! DVD+CD
Marcel Coenen - A Livetime Journey DVD

Special offer dual and triple packs.

The Michael Harris Collection: Ego Decimation Profile/Worlds Collide/Orchestrate (3 CDs) €19.90
Lars Eric Mattsson triple pack: Dream Child / Earthbound / War (3 CDs)€19.90
The Simone Fiorletta Collection: Parallel Worlds / My Secret Diary / When Reality is Nothing (3 CDs)€19.90
The Milan Polak Collection: Guitar Odyssey / Straight / Dreamscapes (3 CDs)€19.90
The Jimi Hendrix Tribute Collection: The Spirit Lives On vol I + vol II (2 CDs)€10.90

Shred This Three: COMING SOON!

Shred This Three: COMING SOON!

Henrique Paganini: Double Vision competition

A nice interpretation that backing theme!

Concurso Double Vision DVD - Double Vision - Henrique Paganini