Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition

Brett wants you to play... so Shred This has lined up this awesome judging firepower:

Brett Garsed:
Rick Graham:
Tom Quayle:
Magnus Olsson:
Chris Brooks:
Laurie Monk:

The Prizes:
1 Pick Your Own DiMarzio pickups!
2 10 pack Ultimate Fusion Tuition DVD set by Derry Gabel
3 Ibanez DS7 distortion pedal from Magnus Olsson
4 Rick Graham,Chris Brooks, Magnus Olsson in Melodic Soloists CD collection
5 Tristan Klein - Universal Mojo CD

The Steps you need to take to enter:

1 Download the backing track
2 video your response solo
3 and then post your video in response to this video

4 Complete the entry form
5 promote your video
6 Win!

Backing Track Tip: BT chord sequence is Emin7 / Gmin7 / Bbmin7 / C#min7 and repeat. Key changes on every chord, scale wise one approach is to play Dorian based on the root of each chord(and of course minor pentatonic based on the root of each chord will work fine too).

All video responses

What we are looking for: Great improvisation or composition. great tone, note selection A one take solo, no harmonies, no double tracking, just you with the backing track.

Brett Garsed's music:

Competition closes 15th August 2010 at 23:00 BST. We'll then shortlist as soon as we can, but it does take some time

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition