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Stan Lassiter: Mark Varney recommends #4

Stan Lassiter with He's History - Wait in the Queue

Joop Wolters: Brett Gardsed Dimarzio shred this III - FIRST!!!

Wow I spotted this just after it was posted, Joop is the first and Joop is one top player, great tone and improvisation on this cool backing track... I hope this inspires you as much as it does me... Great job Joop!!


Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

t-cophony: tip top acousti tap from one of the best in the business

Recreation (New) - T-cophony

Chandler (New) - T-cophony

April rider (New) - T-cophony

T-cophony, Solo Acoustic Guitar (2009)

Joe Stump: Sam Ash Cincinnati June 2010

Joe Stump - Guitar Showcase - Sam Ash Cincinnati June 2010

Matt Shelvock: Unaccompanied Shred

Matt Shelvock -- Unaccompanied Shred

Akira Takasaki: jamming at musicforce -No.1 High-End Guitar & Bass Shop in Korea (Suhr,Fender MBS,Gibson Historic,Ibanez J-Custom,Suhr,Don Grosh,F-Bass,Alleva-Coppolo,Ken smith,MTD,Bogner,Matchless,Bacchus,Tokai)

Musicforce Repair Service - Akira Takasaki

Guthrie Govan: asia tour highlights

Alex Khan:
Guthrie and I embarked on a clinic tour of the Far East in early-June and it was a spectacular success. Guthrie started out in India with two clinic-gigs which drew over 500 people for one and nearly 300 for the other. I then hooked up with Guthrie in Hong Kong for a clinic there in a packed little restaurant/bar. From there, it was onto Beijing and the clinic there also drew nearly 300 people, which was a pleasant surprise.

But the highlight of the tour was definitely the visit to Seoul where we did a clinic-concert one night and Guthrie did two TV show tapings that will be nationally broadcast in Korea in mid-July. Music Force, the Suhr dealer and distributor in Korea, did a tremendous job organizing and promoting the events. The clinic-concert on June 8 drew nearly 700 people, which was definitely a record for an event like this.

We are already planning another extravaganza in Seoul in October with Guthrie's band also flying in from UK and Andy Wood joining in on the fun as special guest and second guitarist. There'll be four TV station shows for both Guthrie and Andy as well as a concert at an even bigger venue.

I should have more vids and a lot of photos later from the trip, but here are some new vids from the tour for now. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Jennifer Hong at Music Force who took these vids and edited them for our viewing pleasure. Jennifer, who is the marketing manager at Music Force, really gets Guthrie, guitar music in general and guitars as she's from a singer/musical actress/pianist background. She did an amazing job organizing the events and made the experience far beyond what Guthrie and I expected in Seoul. I'd also like to thank Andy Yang, the president of Music Force and his entire staff for making our visit to Seoul so memorable and enjoyable. Can't wait to get back there with Guthrie's band and Andy Wood to boot!

Guthrie govan interview in Hong Kong+ waves.mp4

Guthrie Govan in Korea (Musicforce)

Guthrie Govan Clinic - Prologue / Epilogue

Guthrie Govan Clinic in Korea (Musicforce) - Little Wing

Guthrie Govan Clinic in Korea (Musicforce) - Ner Ner

Brett Garsed: Shred This III on Petrucci forum - Rip it up you guys!!!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Brett Garsed:
Hey everyone,
Thanks to Laurie, Rick, Magnus, Chris and everyone else for asking me to do this! I'm really excited to see/hear everyone else's takes on the backing track.

Been cracking up at some of the You Tube comments too!! I must apologize for my disheveled appearance as it was VERY early in the morning when I filmed the video. I did turn 47 this year which does indeed make me an old bastard but to be honest I'm just happy I'm still alive at all!

I told Laurie to use the "Brad Pitt" filter on my video but I guess he didn't get the e mail!
Rip it up you guys!!!

Andy James, Owen Edwards: working on new DVD and book teaching package

these will be 5 120+ page full colour glossy books and DVD'S (plus the relevant online options/ebooks etc) with the transcription and music editing team who worked on Guitar Techniques from the early days:

New Frontier Guitar Series Books One To Five

Book One: Pentatonic Potency

Massive Exploration into the creative use of Pentatonics in Advanced Rock/Metal/Shred Guitar with unique new approaches and super advanced techniques.

Book Two: Modal Madness

Complete in depth examination of the most commonly used major scale modes Ionian, Dorian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Lydian in rock and metal with revolutionary new approaches and super advanced phrasing.

Book Three: Into The Realms Of The Exotica

Breaking down the mysteries of some of the more specialist scales in rock and metal, including Harmonic Minor, Phrygian, Phrygian Dominant, Lydian, Neo Classical, Exotic metal scales including: Kumoi Pentatonic, Kokin Joshi (Friedman/Becker style) etc

Book Four: Ultimate Extreme Technique

The ultimate compendium of advanced rock techniques…

Book Five: Unleashing Creativity

To complete the series an in depth analysis of composition techniques as well as some ultimate examples of all the material covered in books 1-4.

All theory covered, exclusive interviews with many of our favourite guitarists, and a complete emphasis on how to be creative with all the concepts in the real world: these are emphatically not just a ton of death defying licks!
Think a combination of Gambales method books, Stetinas technique one, and most pertinently Guthie's second book.

Misha Mansoor: Bulb lighting the way for Periphery!

Monday July 5th see's the release of the self titled album of Roadrunner new-comers PERIPHERY.

The album, which is already available digitally here in the UK, was something of a trial to record by all accounts. In the interview below, Spencer (vocals) and Mischa (guitars) talk about the recording of the album, with Misha declaring,

"Working on this album was stress city!"

However the end result they seem immensely proud of, with Spencer commenting in how great it felt to hear the album back for the first time. They also discuss theyir influences on the album, naming the obvious (Meshuggah, Sixth, Tool) as well as the not so obvious (Dream Theater, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails).

Click on the player below to check out the video interview and head back here on Monday when we run through the album with the guys track by track over their release week.

News: Road Runners top 10 guitarists

Since 1980, Roadrunner Records has been the home of some of metal’s most notable and revered axe-grinders. To try and identify the greatest of all-time in our extensive catalog would be an impossible feat, so instead, we’re showcasing just ten of our MANY great guitarists, and only focusing on those central to our US roster, which has been alive and well since 1987.

Rather than just show you the riffs that encompass each guitar player’s brute strengths, we’ve enlisted DragonForce’s lightning-fast shredder Herman Li as our guitar expert, giving insight into why each guitarist noted is so amazing from a player’s perspective. And in case that’s not enough information, we’ve also got commentary from Mikael Akerfeldt, Jeff Waters, Andreas Kisser and more on their very own ranking as one of Roadrunner’s best.

Read on to see who we’ve called out and let us know what you think in the comments section below. In alphabetical order, we give you Ten Great Roadrunner Guitarists. Read more

Devin Townsend: V Ziltoid Live @ Tuska 2010

Devin Townsend and Ziltoid have a guitar duel at the Ziltoid the Omniscient World Exclusive Live Show at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2010, Helsinki, Finland

Devin Townsend vs Ziltoid Guitar Duel (Live @ Tuska 2010)

New: BIMM summer schools with prizes!

BIMM have three different Summer Schools running in August 2010 and places are selling out fast! Our programmes, which have been running for eight years, will offer you the opportunity to study technical development and live performance skills in guitar, vocals, drums, or bass. Keyboards are also offered for the Total Guitar Summer School (BIMM Brighton) this year.

You will be using industry standard equipment whilst being taught by some of the biggest names in modern music. BIMM tutors and guests have sold hundreds of thousands of albums signed to major and independent record labels, had chart hits, toured the world and hit the main stage at Download, Glastonbury, Reading and Ozzfest, recorded dozens of Radio 1 sessions, as well as having their music in films on TV and in video games.

Mark Clayden BIMM Bristol College Manager and founding member of Pitchshifter and This is Menace said: "The summer schools are awesome, the tutors and guests help to cut away all the myths and get down to the basics of making you a better player."

Star Tutors and Special Guests for 2010 include members of:

Skindred, Nevermore, Ocean Color Scene, Paul Weller, Cooper Temple Clause, Massive Attack, CSS, Testament , Skunk Anansie, Feeder, Blue Aeroplanes, Ghost Of A Thousand, Gay Dad, Reef, Charlotte Hatherley, Carl Palmer, The Crimea, Biomechanical, Prodigy , Hundred Reasons, Supergrass, Sikth, Therapy, Pitchshifter, This is Menace, Malakai, Kerrang! Radio, Kerrang! Magazine, Total Guitar Magazine, Guitar Techniques Magazine, Guitarist Magazine, Rhythm Magazine and more (subject to change).

BIMM Bristol Total Guitar summer school - 2/3/4/5 August

Ibanez are also offering 1 free 'RG Series Limited Edition' guitar for the Total Guitar Summer School to one lucky winner + amazing prizes from Peavey

BIMM Brighton Total Guitar summer school - 9/10/11/12 August

Ibanez are also offering 1 free 'RG Series Limited Edition' guitar for the Total Guitar Summer School to one lucky winner + amazing prizes from Peavey and Brighton's GAK – Guitar Amp and Keyboard Centre who will also be providing goodie bags , as well as a GAK discount card!

BIMM Brighton Metal Hammer summer school - 16/17/18/19 August

This year sees BIMM endorses Orange Amps offer up some incredible prizes for the best guitarist. The stack consists of the Orange Tiny Terror Head and 1 x 12 cab (there are also 5 swag bags for the runners up) Brighton's GAK – Guitar Amp and Keyboard Centre will also be providing goodie bags , as well as a GAK discount card!

How to apply:

Call BIMM now on 0844 2 646 666 to speak to us personally or email This year promises to be a sell out so apply early to avoid disappointment. Or check out

News: guitarist of the year 2010... only for UK guitarists

Spotted on Mark McGuigan's blog

Britain’s got guitar talent – and Guitarist is going to find it! The London Music Show 2010 will see the long-awaited return of the Guitarist Of The Year competition, so enter now for the chance to win fantastic prizes, and to battle it out at one of three live finals held at the London Music Show on 8, 9 and 10 October at the ExCel Centre.

Guitarist Of The Year is actually three competitions in one…

Young Guitarist Of The Year (open to GB residents aged 16 or below on 8 October)
Guitarist Of The Year (open to GB residents aged 17 and over on 9 October)
Acoustic Guitarist Of The Year (open to all GB residents).

The final of each competition will take place on a separate day at the London Music Show.

Keith Whalen: Melodic Minor and Harmonic Minor Modes

Keith Whalen Melodic Minor and Harmonic Minor Modes

The melodic and harmonic minor modes function exactly like their major counterpart, except the intervals vary slightly and the modal names are significantly harder to memorize. The Ionian scale, which is the modal name for our universal major scale, is the parent to 6 other scales which are considered modes. The easiest way of envisioning and understanding the way modes work would be to play the C major scale on a piano: More

Chatreeo Bae: shredding an ESP double neck

Chatreao has post 1091 guitar videos... here's a cool double neck.


Danny Gill: Guitar Tapping Tips

Here Danny Gill from Licklibrary demonstrates how much distortion to use when tapping.

In these Sessions we asked Danny Gill questions left over from the Webcast posted in by Lickbrary members & viewers.

For more info or to view the whole webcast follow the link: -

Or for guitar lessons Danny Gill has worked on you can view samples here on youtube by following: -

Want to work on your tapping techinque?? Follow this link to the Essential guitar Tapping practice routines

Danny Gill - Guitar Tapping Tips - Session 15 LickLibrary

James Gilmore: Sam Ash clinic

Guitar virtuoso James D. Gilmore performing "Axe to Grind" at a Shred Guitar Clinic at the Sam Ash Megastore in Cincinnati on June, 24th, 2010. James did the clinic along with friends Joe Stump, & Matthew Mills! Single mount DV camera with pro-condenser audio mic's.
Visit online: |

James D. Gilmore guitar clinic at Sam Ash in Cincinnati

Alex Razayeski: jam versus dad

Alex Raz age 13, takes on his dad, old guy Steve Raz for more info on Alex

Like Father Like Son Guitar Shredding

Adam Ironside: discusses his guitars

Just a video showing my guitars. I realised I hadn't really done one and don't talk much about my guitars on youtube. Hope some of you find it interesting.

My Guitars

Paul Gilbert: clinic dates

It's summertime.

Here is where I'll be:

June 27th - McLean, Virginia (close to Washington D.C.)
National Guitar Workshop Clinic
July 2nd - 10th - Japan
I'll be traveling to Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya to tell
everyone about my new "
Fuzz Universe" CD.

July 15th - Los Angeles, CA
National Guitar Workshop Clinic

July 17th - Independence, MO
Guitar Center Clinic
INFO: (816) 373-9191

July 18th - Kansas City (Overland Park), MO
INFO: (913) 451-0700

July 20th - New Milford, CT
National Guitar Workshop Clinic

I'm truly looking forward to all of this. I hope to see you there.

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g musicplayers interview

MPc: Why don’t we start with the obvious first question: how did you land the Ozzy gig?

GG: Someone from his management, about a year ago, gave me an email and said “Would you be interested in coming down and auditioning? We might be looking for a guitar player.” So, wow, what a shock, right? I’m like Fuck, what the fuck happened, did Zakk lose an arm or something? But, I felt like, what do I have to lose, right? I’ll just go down there, learn the songs, do my best.

I’m that kind of guy. Whatever shows up I’ll just take it, whatever shows up. And I didn’t really expect I was gonna’ get the gig, I was like, “Well at least I get to jam with Ozzy” (laughs) — nice fuckin’ guy. I came down from Greece to L.A. and it was a good vibe, it just felt good. We did a few songs, Ozzy came down, Sharon came down, and it just felt good. And at the end of the audition Ozzy turned around and said, “You’re fucking great, man.” And a few minutes later they had some small talking there, and they came back and said, “Would you like to come back and do a small gig with Ozzy? He has this event called BlizzCon that we’re gonna’ do.” And that was my first gig; that was my introduction. Full interview

Firewind 2010 lineup: The band recently completed work on their sixth album, Days Of Defiance.

Michael Ehre – Drums
Petros Christo – Bass
Apollo Papathanasio – Vocals
Gus G. – Guitars
Bob Katsionis – Keyboards

16 - Golden Apple Festival - Kastoria (info)
17 - 7th Rocking Under The Rocks Festival - Kalabaka (info)

Slash: UTV interview

Slash interview with Maurice Jay on UTV Live, Belfast 2010

Andrea Quartarone: live clinc Korea

Andrea Quartarone: live clinic Korea

Rick Graham: shred knowledge interview

I guess I am more of a Rock player than anything else really. Having said that I've spent quite a lot of time studying other styles of music and was very serious about classical guitar during the latter half of the 1990's. That influence was pretty strong and it really exposed me to some wonderful music and in particular the music of J.S.Bach. Actually, my new album includes a classical guitar performance of a Fugue written by the man himself but that aside, yeah, I would say melodic rock would be an accurate description.

My new album is due out on June 1st and I'm very excited about getting it out there. I've been meaning to put this album together for quite some time now and early this year I decided that enough was enough, I need to get my act together and commit some of my tunes to disc. I bought some new studio gear and got together all of the demos I had made which I thought would work for the album and began to record everything. Once I had finished the recording I sent the sessions off to Carl Roa from Magic Elf Studios in New York for mixing and mastering and now here I am now days away from the release date. It's exciting stuff! full interview

Matthew Mills: ohio shows 2010

Matthew Mills Neoclassical Rock Guitar Player ohio shows 2010

Mando Padilla: Dunlop / Zakk Wylde 2010 Winner

Armando E. Padilla (aka Mando P) demonstrates gear from the Dunlop/Zakk Wylde contest. Demos include riffs from songs by Pantera, Pat Travers, The Stooges, Santana, The Allman Brothers, Black Label Society and Mando P.

Mando Padilla - Dunlop / Zakk Wylde 2010 Winner

Stan Lassiter: Mark Varney recommends #3

Stan Lassiter with He's History Hendrix Jam

News: Protone pedals giveaway.

Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be entered to win an autographed Blasko Signature Bass Overdrive!

Blasko Signature Overdrive Pedal Promo

Denis Rexhepi: my first self recorded song

Denis Rexhepi-The First Miracle

John Petrucci: fan site spotted

John Petrucci is Fucking Huge: WTF IS THIS?

Aside from being an established guitar god, John Petrucci is fucking huge.
I mean look at him...