Sunday, 11 July 2010

Miki Sugimoto: is Jikki S Mickeyfield #2

Female Japanese Guitar Player Miki Sugimoto

Female Japanese Guitar Player Miki Sugimoto - Long live Rock'n Roll from Rainbow

Paul Gilbert :Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow 2008

Paul plays one of the tracks from his new CD at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow supporting Joe Satriani on 14th May 2008.

Paul Gilbert - I Cannot Tell A Lie

Jerome Gache: tribute to Paul Gilbert

Fuzz Universe (Paul Gilbert)

Tim Morrison: box guitar gets a Naruto work out

Naruto - Sadness and Sorrow

Mark Thompson: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III

Thanks to Mark getting from his sick bed to jam over Brett's track!

Mark Thompson:
sick or healthy ive done a vid mate , can't not be in the greatest comp ever mate

Brett garsed's shred this III noodling by mark thompson -

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Dave Weiner: let me jam on your album or mix you music!

Dave Weiner:
email or visit to set up a session or for more info.

Dave Weiner plays on your track or mixes your song!

Valery: two handed Bach on stick

Super tapping from Valery from Saint-Petersburg in Russia

Bach - Air from suite N3 (BWV1068)

bach invention#4

Elliot Noble: tribute to Jeff Loomis

Heard this earlier today and quite liked it so I decided to do it!
Not perfect but it'll do :) Hope you enjoy, remember to comment, rate and subscribe! :P

Born Chorus: Nevermore by Elliot Noble (Boss ME 25)

Rodrigo Gozalbez: a little latin fusion for you and a little shred this too

Rodrigo Gozalbez is from Argentina

latin fusion impro (lead clean guitar sound) - Rodrigo J. Gozalbez

Rodrigo J. Gozalbez - DS Pickups - Fusion Backing

News: super phoenix guitar archtop is happy to announce it's collaboration with the phoenix guitar company in scottsdale, AZ.

Available for viewing or purchasing here in NYC, we have this lovely 15 inch archtop with sitka spruce and maple back and sides, ebony fretboard and stealth tone and volume controls with an kent armstrong pickup in the bridge position made by Kent himself.
A custom cedar creek case is included with paper work. 

Robert Marcello: GPG Workshop

Guitarist Rob Marcello of Danger Danger fame demonstrates a series of effects from the Boss multi-effects ME-20 and ME-70.

Read more at my guitar blog:

GPG Workshop Rob Marcello

Fernando Miyata: incredibly amazing solo live breaks 200,000 views

Just noticed the guitar idol 2008 video I shot ages ago has passed 200,000 video views.

Fernando Miyata: guitar idol 2008

Jack Gardiner: Suhr is a beautiful new blue baby

Jack Gardiner is due to be a proud owner of a Suhr guitar.

Dweezil Zappa, TJ Helmerich: Return of the Son of... CD available

TJ Helmerich:
The new Dweezil Zappa CD "Return of the Son of..." is out! I engineered and mixed this along with, I have a guest guitar solo on the song "King Kong". The whole double CD set is a compilation of live performances from the "Zappa plays Zappa" tours.

he Return Of The Son Of... is a double live album that will appeal to the dedicated Frank & Dweezil Zappa fanbases. The album includes over two hours of music with performances recorded over the past 2 years (Chicago, NYC, UK). The album features the wit and social commentary of Frank Zappa, as interpreted by his son Dweezil. Musical talent is in the Zappa family genes, as Dweezil's guitar virtuosity echoes that of Frank. He pays homage to his father by performing songs from the entire Frank Zappa repertoire.


1. The Deathless Horsie (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
3. Magic Fingers (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
4. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
5. Bamboozled by Love (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
6. King Kong/Band Solos
7. Montana
8. Inca Roads

1. The Torture Never Stops
2. Dirty Love
3. Zomby Woof
4. Billy the Mountain
5. Camarillo Brillo
6. Pygmy Twylyte

buy a copy

Howie Simon: Alcatrazz Rainbow special

Alcatrazz featuring Graham Bonnet will play in the Voices Of Rainbow special live in Japan, with Joe Lyn Turner and Doogie White

September 2010
27 - Big Cat - Osaka, Japan
29 - Bottom Line - Nagoya, Japan
30 - Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall - Tokyo, Japan

Mark Papagno: guitar channel review of new CD.

Mark Papagno (Guitar); Joshua Davis (Bass); Todd Harrison (Drums)

2010 release. First album from Baltimore based fusion guitarist Mark Papagno. With Joshua Davis on bass (Tim Miller) and Todd Harrison on drums (The Jazz Ambassadors). Trio, the group's first outing is jazz - influenced but has aggresive, rock rooted arrangements highlighted by guitar oriented music.

Mark Papagno: Mark Papagno Trio

1. Open
2. Alchemy (LISTEN TO AUDIO) 
3. Grey
4. Textures (LISTEN TO AUDIO) 
6. Light and Dark
7. The Constant (LISTEN TO AUDIO) 
8. Guiding Lines (LISTEN TO AUDIO) 
9. Arrow in the Blue
10. Synthesis
11. Wave
13. Echoes
14. Across Night Skies

Guitar Channel summary:
Trio is a strong debut from Papagno, and is a fine showcase for his highly developed playing and improv skills. He also proves himself to be a great writer in the jazz fusion realm, and he clearly has the right bandmates to pull off his songs in a compelling way. I definitely want to hear more from Papagno and his trio in the future.
full review

Chris Broderick: Crankitup interview

Chris Broderick at Getaway Rock Festival 2010

Megadeth interview

Marty Friedman: FANTA - Movie - Debut Memorial Event

March 10 (Wednesday) at Shibuya HMV was the pattern of mu FANTA debut anniversary eventBe published! More information

FANTA - Movie - Debut Memorial Event

Joe Stump: Live @ BB Kings

Joe Stump Live @ BB Kings

Alexandre Therrien: Me on TheStage.TV

The full songs todate from the Me on TheStage.TV show

Alexandre Therrien: Me on TheStage.TV

Rob Chappers: "It's a high end guitar thing"

World Guitars - "It's a high end guitar thing"

Raffaele Cadeddu: blue rock Fender Texas Special tele

Testing my new mod, with and handmade (and not so precise in hole!) pickguard and a DiMarzio Tone Zone and a Fender Texas Special tele on this SX with an extremely bright tone for the ash body. All with just 250k volume, no tone. Tone Zone play extremely well splitted, better than i thinked to be honest. Amp in a Vox AC30 with a Pod XT Live on USB recording

SX Ash mod v2 - DiMarzio Tone Zone DP155 & Fender Texas Special tele

Alexandre Therrien: top fusion... for the

Get over the video quality... listen to the music... top quality!

Me on TheStage.TV: "Alexandre Therrien - Jam12"

Me on TheStage.TV: "Alexandre Therrien - CHest Improv #1"

Check out the technology... another way to get you noticed.

Ayman Mokdad: rock jam

AYMAN - Confortably rocking

Scott Henderson: playing like the finest of fine wines!

Like a fine wine, Scott Henderson just seems to get better with age. Scott Henderson I love the way he describes his musical style as "Christian Rap"... join him, some really great videos on the channel

Here's a playlist of some of the coolest highlights.

Scott Henderson: live highlights

Doug Steele: big Dean guitar sale!

This very Saturday, July 17, @ The Jam Hut, 571 High Street Preston..Guitars from $200, lots for OVER 60% off..

Doors open at 10 am.

Massive Dean Guitar Sale!!!

Louis Villanova: a little b-minor improv and shred this too!

Some reallytasty playing from Louis Villanova. You can arrange guitar lessons with Louis via his web site:

I am currently accepting new students in the Phoenix/Mesa area! Special 1/2 price lessons!

Now only $60 per month which includes: 4 thirty minute lessons, one given each week.
Teaching experience for over 20 years & managed a music store.
All Levels & Styles: Shred, Metal, blues, rock, & classical.
Enjoyable & comfortable environment.
Located in Augusta Ranch Community.

Here's the where? when? what? & how?
I teach individual lessons from my home studio in Mesa (Baseline & Ellsworth). I have classes, Mon-Saturday, between the hours of 6pm-9pm in half hour increments. You decide what time works best and we will meet every week at the same time. You will need to have a guitar to play and the will to learn.

B minor improv

Louis Villanova:
This is the live guitar track over the backing track , l also edited the video with Vegas 7.

Shred this too again edited video and audio

Adam Lajoie: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - Canada cool canoodling

I've been following Adam Lajoie for a number of years. In my opinion he's got a great musical ear. Most of the time he's playing acoustic, but once in a while his electric guitar gets a run out... So I am really pleased to see that Adam Lajoie has got a Suhr guitar and has entered the competition!

Adam Lajoie:
Ya so I'm not too proud of this one.. Made alot of mistakes horrible rythm haha, was one on the first few takes, but truly I have no excuses, this backing track is too hard for me to make it sound smooth. Alot of off notes but I don't care, this track is too hard for me.

But I give a big thanks to lauriemonk and Brett Garsed for having this comp! lauriemonk you really bring alive the guitar community!

Shred this III Brett Garsed - Adam Lajoie

got a macbook pro, so i'm gonna use this camera now. Doesn't sound too bad. And I rarely play electric now, i'm a bit rusty haha, I can hardly call this shred. I'll put some acoustic vids up later.

quick shred video

Your chance to get the guitar out and give it a twang... go for it!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

David Espinosa Redero: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - Spain for the cup!

David Espinosa Redero shredding for Spain in the world cup... good luck to both Spain and Holland tonight... it's sure to be a cracker!

David Espinosa Redero:
Yes this night we´ll be champions of the world.yes.Thanks for the great competition.Regards from Spain

shred this iii (2).mp4

Dreamfullofzen: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - Egyptian zen soloing!

Another great take... even if the computer gremlins!

Generally speaking there are a ton of guitar competitions going on nowadays on Youtube, but I had to get in on the 3rd Shred This! competition, especially since Brett Garsed is involved, and the backing track is just super cool.

Unfortunately not a very good take this one, but it was getting late and my computer kept cocking up on me everytime I did do a good take (recording HD video and running GR3 at the same time on the same machine is generally not a good idea.....).

Thanks guys,


SHRED THIS III - Thanks Brett & Laurie

Tiago de Moura: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - a real beaut from Brazil!

Tiago de Moura another fine player from Brazil

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition by Tiago de Moura

We need players from all over the world, just like the world cup we recognise that are talented players all over the globe... may be we missed you... join us!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Rich Bischoff: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - Utah fusion

Rich Bischoff is new to me, but delivers a cracking little fusion solo for the competition

Shred This Three

Join Rich Bischoff from Utah and have a go!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Chris Brooks:clinic live videos

Don't forget to subscribe to Chris Brooks:

Fan footage of my July 8, 2010 gig for Blackstar Amps and Maxx Music in Castle Hill Sydney . This is an excerpt of a new song called Velvet Claws which will appear on my next album.

I'm using my Suhr Custom guitar into a Suhr Koko Boost and then into Blackstar's HT Dual Pedal and then into a their Artisan 30 amp, with my own Boss reverb and delay. With no foldback I was a little thrown back in this first song of the night so there are errors. Enjoy regardless!

I'm am not officially a Blackstar endorser but my rig for the night was very nice.

Chris Brooks - Velvet Claws (new song) Live at Castle Hill

Plus a couple more

Chris Brooks - Transfiguration, Live at Castle Hill

Chris Brooks - Kryptica Live at Castle Hill Tavern

Jennifer Batten: ZC 3 announces first guitar star for the bill

Ziua Chitarelor Are You Ready For Ziua Chitarelor 3??????
Cause it will be on September the 18th!!!!!!!!!! I promised to say the names ..... ok today I say the first confirmed name ...... Jennifer Batten!!!!!!!!!
follow the announcements

First name: Jennifer Batten!

Brett Garsed: YouTube Channel - subscribe!

Bret Garsed is on YouTube, please go on over and subscribe to Brett Garsed's new video Channel and say hi! :

You might just recognise this one :)

Slide guitar solo

Fabiano Rodriguo: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - or shred this 9?

Fabiano Rodriguo liked the backing track so much he had another go with some extra video effects.

SHRED THIS III- Garsed and DiMarzio Competition