Saturday, 17 July 2010

Michael Harris: Darkology stunning debut and Arch rival coming soon!

A stunning new release, top notch guitar and vocals - Darkology sure to be a must on any self respecting progressive metal music shelf!
Seriously good metal EPIC WIN yes please I need to get me some of that!

and coming soon is another awesome package featuring again Michael Harris... more cool details to follow.... but these are the details I have to date:
Rock-a-holics Records is very proud to be re-releasing ARCH RIVAL's amazing debut - "IN THE FACE OF DANGER".

The album has been carefully re-mastered and expanded with the inclusion of some live tracks. There is also an hour long DVD with 4 promotional video clips (2 blue screen, 2 performance/live) and pretty much the entire album performed live, as well as an informative booklet, encased in a 3 panel, double digi pack with all the lyrics and rare pictures of the band from the era. To top it all, there's some brand new cover artwork, depicting the band's mascot, ARCHIE : The Rock Warrior in full rock regalia,(which should also look sweet on vinyl) which has been specially printed using a method which makes the metallic parts of his armor, shine. (You might have seen this effect utilized on some special edition DVDs).

A worldwide release by ROCK-A-HOLICS RECORDS is expected in late May, with JAPANESE and TAIWANESE licenses to be confirmed soon.
(The Japanese edition will feature a special regionally themed cover - as well as both aural and visual bonuses) Artwork to be confirmed (work in progress)

Ilya Kamaldinov: tribute to Steve Vai -- Freak Show Excess

Steve Vai - Freak Show Excess (cover)

Antonis1991CY: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - Cypress soloing!

Antonis1991CY is all the way from the Mediterranean country of Cypress! He's new to Truth In Shredding too and delivers a really tasty solo, including a fast fusion tapped trail out solo.

brett garsed shredIII entry

Ilya Kamaldinov: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - Russian Interval play

Another great solo submitted for the competition! Keep them coming!

Ilya Kamaldinov:
Greetings from Russia. I'm 19. Sorry for silly faces and some notes out of rhythm and of quality,still can't make good ones.. Hope you'll enjoy! Thanks for your attention and time

Ilya Kamaldinov - Shred This Three Entry

Your chance to shine, your day in the sun!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Oziel Zinho: new DVD available

Oziel Zinho:
Ok guys! This video is the introduction of video lessons DVD Rock Guitar for Beginners. The video addresses issues of major and minor scales, patterns that facilitate speed, combs, tappings, blue notes, improvisation and basics to clear arpeggios hehehe, everything clear, direct and practical. I believe that when you finish watching this DVD The person will have very positive results. The DVD has a duration of 70min. To purchase access The DVD costs just £ 30.00 with free shipping for all Brazil (single letter)
To order, make the deposit in the following information:
Agency: 2953-X
C. Current: 32332-2 (Bank of Brazil)
Send photo voucher for with subject "DVD GUITAR ROCK, informing her pagamneoto with your name and complete address.

Guitarra Rock - Trailler

Oziel Zinho:
Short lick of speed digitization of three notes per string, the old rule is worth, start slowly and gradually accelerating goes:)
Patience and good luck:)

Video Aula - Lick Velocidade

News: a little guitar magazine history

Just been going through the loft and came across my guitar magazines from the early 1980's the the mid 1990's. A whole heap of guitar history. I also found a copy of GForce magazine, a fanzine put together by UK guitar fans back in the mid 1980's!

Rodrigo Gozalbez: nu jazz shred

Rodrigo J. Gozalbez - Shred Jazz Improvisation

Edu Ardanuy: Landscape School Musica Moderna

Check out a summary of the workshop sponsored by the Landscape and the Modern Music School, on 22/06/2010, Niterói - RJ.

Workshop com Edu Ardanuy (Resumo) - promoção Landscape Audio e Escola Musica Moderna

Stephen Platt: Random Guitar Playing - New Camera Test

Stephen Platt - Random Guitar Playing - New Camera Test

Jimmy Pel: rocking guitar improvisation in G

Guitar Improvisation in G by Mr Jimmy

News: Shred This III - YouTube response woes?

Hi All, I have had some people say they have posted as a response and it's not appeared. I have posted all the ones I have seen todate. If you have had a similar issue then please do not hesitate to contact me direct on youtube.

A few tips, you can only post your video in response to one video. If you try and post it to more than one you will find that the last video responded too will be the only link. You can fix this by responding again. If you think you have responded and it won't let you post to the Shred This video again, then just post as a response to one of your own videos and then repost to the the shred this video.

Should you have any other problems related to the competition, for example downloads, just mail me direct on youtube.

Keep up the great work

Rusty Cooley: premier guitar arpeggio madness

Rusty Cooley takes you through some tab and some arpeggio madness:

Joe Bonamassa: single free to download

Joe Bonamassa's new single with a FREE download... just type in the promo code: BLOG and enjoy!

News: live in NYC, win two days music education free

The folks over at the New Music Seminar, an educational event for artists happening in NYC next week, have been nice enough to give me two tickets to the event to give to artists.  I thought a lot about whether or not to email the whole ArtistData community about it, but then I realized, this is an opportunity to help a couple artists get 2 days of education for free. Hell yes.

If you're not in NYC, maybe you know an artist who is. Either way, I've put details on my blog about how to win the tickets and about the event in general. The link is:

Yngwie Malmsteen: Marquee club London 1985

I've just been going through some stuff in the loft, last week I moved 600 LP's... This week I found some old photos from my seeing Yngwie Malmsteens Rising Force in 1985. I scanned them so you could at least see te show from back then... I must have a cassette tape of the show as well. The show was jam packed and many of the people that turned up were expecting a secret Bruce Springsteen show as Bruce had arrived in the country earlier that week. Just before the live solo you can clearly hear some of the crowd singing "Bruce, Bruce... we want Bruce!" I was just blown away by the whole band and sheer musicianship. The pictures feature the original Rising Force line up, including Jens Johansson, Anders Johansson, the late Marcel Jacob (sadly missed) and Jeff Scott Soto.

update: 17-11-2011

At the recent Jason Becker Fest I caught up with Canadian mega guitar fan Mike Blackburn only to find that we had both been to the same show and had experienced the same fun around the Bruce Springsteen guest none appearence !