Oziel Zinho: new DVD available

Oziel Zinho:
Ok guys! This video is the introduction of video lessons DVD Rock Guitar for Beginners. The video addresses issues of major and minor scales, patterns that facilitate speed, combs, tappings, blue notes, improvisation and basics to clear arpeggios hehehe, everything clear, direct and practical. I believe that when you finish watching this DVD The person will have very positive results. The DVD has a duration of 70min. To purchase access www.ozielzinho.com.br/guitarrarock The DVD costs just £ 30.00 with free shipping for all Brazil (single letter)
To order, make the deposit in the following information:
Agency: 2953-X
C. Current: 32332-2 (Bank of Brazil)
Send photo voucher for ozielzinho@gmail.com with subject "DVD GUITAR ROCK, informing her pagamneoto with your name and complete address.

Guitarra Rock - Trailler

Oziel Zinho:
Short lick of speed digitization of three notes per string, the old rule is worth, start slowly and gradually accelerating goes:)
Patience and good luck:)

Video Aula - Lick Velocidade