Saturday, 30 October 2010

News: win free tickets to the abstract logix festival!!

Thanks to Rich from guitar channel. Rich will be at the festival, so hopefully we'll get some inside track information from the show.

Sponsored by Jazz Rock World: and Rick Calic have generously sponsored 3 pairs of tickets to be given away for the New Universe Music Festival. The winner will be notified by email on November 10 and their tickets will be waiting for them at the Box Office.

Lorenzo Venza: Utopia "ice and kives" in other words

Utopia "ice and kives" in other words

Rick Graham: sick quick licks # 2!

Here's lick 2 of the series guys! this might be what Cee Lo Green might play if he were a guitarist ;-)

Ulf Katschrowski: 2nd LIVE4GUITAR competition

2nd LIVE4GUITAR competition - Katschrowski

Live4Guitar competition

Jack Gardiner: tribute to Rick Graham

Hey guys! First i must say, I don't play this piece note for note perfect. There are a few mistakes!
This song is amazing. I just had to have a crack at it! Rick's playing constantly inspires me. Seriously, check out his website and be sure to buy his album Insideout!

At one point I have a dorian moment... when i blatently shouldn't. My apologies haha

Just a Dream Cover by Jack Gardiner

Scott Mishoe: private lesson 1995

Metal Mike Chlasciak begins our video from 1995, filmed by Rob Johnson and a private guitar lesson from Scott Mishoe.

Scott Mishoe private lesson 1995

Magnus Olsson: tries out a classic Ibanez from 1975

Magnus Olsson has an amazing collection of Ibanez guitars and so he put together a video for the Bojen guitar forum... so I have to thank the guitar fans on the Bojen forum for getting magnus to demo this cool amp and guitar.

Magnus Olsson:
"yeah, what wouldn't you do for the Bojen people?". Bojen are a Swedish guitar forum that asked for a sound clip of the amp... the company that has the Ibanez brand (and also TAMA, for example), Hoshino Gakki Ten, have been around since 1908. They have made Ibanez guitars since 1929."

Magnus jams through on Tube Screamer and then a great clean tone at the end... enjoy the hybrid picking throughout... note he's testing the amp not the guitar :)


Here are some close ups of the guitar that was created by Ibanez back in 1975, check out the logo on the headstock

 Ibanez, 1975 Strato 2375ASH.

 Ibanez, it is an 1975 Strato 2375ASH.

This is the amp in close up detail. The style and quality is excellent.

Ibanez TSA15H amp

Ibanez TSA15H amp

Ibanez TSA15H amp

Rusty Cooley: Mega News Update... new 8 string beast on the way!

Rusty Cooley:
I’m happy to announce that I will be hosting a TV show in Houston, Texas on Channel 55 called Guitar Asylum TV. The show will begin airing in February 2011 on Saturday night’s at 12:30. The show will also be available for rebroadcast via the internet. A full press release is coming soon. Please check out and The show will feature uber shredding guitar lessons and interviews with today’s hottest guitarists. Guests already lined up include Jeff Loomis, Oli Herbert, Nile, Periphery, John Petrucci, Mark Tremonti and Gus G. The guests will also be showing off there riffs and licks as well as the gear that they use.

I’m also on twitter now check it out

Day Of Reckoning has finished a new demo you can hear a couple of tracks at

Check out the shred round table guitar lesson with video at The lesson features myself Oli Herbert, Mike Orlando and Jeff Beasley

I played a guest solo on the new After the Burial cd “In Dreams” on Sumerian Records. The cd will be released on November 23. If you are not familiar with A.T.B. check them out it’s 8 string madness!

Coming in 2011, 2 new RC 8 Dean guitars one will strung high A to low B ant the evil twin will be high E to low F#

Vinnie Moore: performing in Korea 2008

Vinnie Moore performing Meltdown in The Studio (Korea)

Vinnie Moore music korea 2008

Fabrizio Leo: Bicio live and demoing TRex pedals

Fabrizio Leo - "E Penso a Te" Guitar Solo

Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo 2010

Nicolas Waldo: Big Trick Clinic Bogotá, Colombia

NICOLA Waldo - Guitar Clinic 2010 (Guitar Workshop)


Tools and tricks for creating guitar solos.
• How to be more rapid and accurate in less time and without fail in the attempt
• How to improve the practice and study time
• Elasticity VS Force

Academia Philadelphia - 4:00 pm

PRE - SALE $ 20,000
DAY OF EVENT $ 30,000


Normandy, Bogotá, Colombia
Av Boyaca No 55-42 Tels: 4935853-801 4532-312 390 1165

Villa light, Bogota, Colombia
Carrera 80 ª No. 57-24 Tels: 4-914759 - 311 224 4685

Wore the official video of the workshop here!

News: Guitar international on facebook

Guitar International Magazinewe're gearing up for a big announcement this Monday, don't want to give it away yet but it involves us giving you, our readers, 3650 free musical gifts! Stay tuned for more info.