Magnus Olsson: tries out a classic Ibanez from 1975

Magnus Olsson has an amazing collection of Ibanez guitars and so he put together a video for the Bojen guitar forum... so I have to thank the guitar fans on the Bojen forum for getting magnus to demo this cool amp and guitar.

Magnus Olsson:
"yeah, what wouldn't you do for the Bojen people?". Bojen are a Swedish guitar forum that asked for a sound clip of the amp... the company that has the Ibanez brand (and also TAMA, for example), Hoshino Gakki Ten, have been around since 1908. They have made Ibanez guitars since 1929."

Magnus jams through on Tube Screamer and then a great clean tone at the end... enjoy the hybrid picking throughout... note he's testing the amp not the guitar :)


Here are some close ups of the guitar that was created by Ibanez back in 1975, check out the logo on the headstock

 Ibanez, 1975 Strato 2375ASH.

 Ibanez, it is an 1975 Strato 2375ASH.

This is the amp in close up detail. The style and quality is excellent.

Ibanez TSA15H amp

Ibanez TSA15H amp

Ibanez TSA15H amp