Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ronny Tertnes: Blue Bug Competition

Ronny Tertnes - Blue Bug Competition Entry

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Hedras Ramos: Halo Morbus Guitar signature model

The line of Halo Morbus Guitar was the one who chose Hedras by its form, light weight, body shape and arm. Is the model that represents the image of Hedras. This model has been "customized" for the same Hedras. So chose the components, and colors for this model. As the poster: Maple Neck, Maple Body, (arm and body of mahogany) Seymour Duncan pickups (microphones or pickups Seymour Duncan leading brand), Floyd Rose tremolo (chrome lever or giving effect to the guitar under the number one tremolos)

Ron Thal: it was all about the math... and then you forget it and play from the heart

Bumblefoot (Guns and Roses) talks about his childhood

Ron Thal TC electronics competition

Damjan Pejcinoski: live4guitar interview

You have won quite a few other competitions and got placed in many others. Those challenges must be very good for keeping you on your toes. What else do you take from them?

I am not a kind of a person who thinks about music in terms of competition but competitions are really good way for anonymous guitar players to be recognised. Watching other players on YouTube you’ll come up with a conclusion that the guitar playing is further reaching. There are many musicians who gained their reputation via YouTube and their videos took them from the internet to the live stage. I guess that encouraged me and gave me an inspiration to share my passion for guitar with the world.

On which competitions did you enter the top 3?

I won 2nd places at Shred This competition and Strings on Fire contest and won the Shred This Too (with Marco Sfogli) contest. Also I won the Zuia Chitarelor live competition in Romania which was a part of the great guitar event organised by Corrado Sgandurra. more

Orianthi: Courage (Behind the Scenes)

Take a look at the making of "Courage," the new video from Orianthi and Flyleaf's Lacey Mosley. "The idea for the music video was to really bring the lyrics to life by interspersing my and Lacey's performance with images that we think project courage," said Orianthi.
The singer also let fans in on a secret - she's not a very good driver. "We had lots of different scenes; the first one was set in an RV, driving around... thank god [Lacey] was driving, otherwise we'd probably end up in the closest tree!" Luckily for Orianthi she has her guitar to fall back on - "I love her playing guitar - I've never seen a girl play like her, she's really strong and powerful," Lacey shared.

Orianthi - Courage (Behind the Scenes) ft. Lacey

News: Aristides Instruments Aluminum guitar

We are very happy to announce that we are now carrying Aristedes guitars.
These Magical creations were the idea of Dutch engineer Aristedes Poort. He spent 15 years developing this material that sings just like wood does, only it will never break, crack, warp or anything else. The material is called "Arium".
I would love to keep going but I'll spoil the surprise so please visit us at: customguitarboutique.com and click on the links below where you can check out the photos, read about it and hear a special message from the man himself Aristedes Poort:
We are currently taking orders, but if you would like to test drive one to make your decision, our demo will be here in Jan 2011.


Aristides Instruments: プレミアムギター010 【Founder-Aristides】

Yuki: D_Drive CD available from CD Baby

Yuki's D_Drive Cd can be purchased from CD Baby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ddrivemusic

D_Drive - Something to Drink?

Orianthi: Live on Guitar World

Orianthi Live!

Julio Valle, Mynor Montufar: Highlights from Eternal Life DVD

Julio Valle, Mynor Montufar and Highlights from Eternal Life DVD, This DVD its Available in January 2011.

Highlights from Eternal Life DVD

Jean-Dominique Leonelli: Guitar Addiction Contest

Guitar Addiction Contest:Jean-Do Leonelli's entry.

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Ralf Jung: playing with a temperature!

This is an excerpt of a clinic I did in Brno....on that whole Czech tour I was pretty sick but since I didnt post a video for a long time I thought this one is a good start - please excuse my dearranged look but with 39 degree fever...... I used a RP1000 with a Hardwire Tube Overdrive in the Stomploop and a Egnator half stack and another Egnator combo for a powerslave. The guitar I used on that tour is my Tyler "Burning Water" Model. The song you hear is one of my songs I released on my "Art of Pop" album which you can purchase at itunes or cd baby or via my webpage

Ralf Jung plays Fearless using a Digitech RP1000

Ralf Jung plays NRG using a Digitech RP1000

David Wallimann: time to be a luthier

The new pickups were installed in my Parker Nitefly.
I installed the following:
Dimarzio Area 61 in the neck
Dimarzio Area 58 in the middle
Dimarzio Fred Humbucker in bridge

Same sound setting was used while comparing the pups with the original Parker Nitefly Stock pickups.

Guitar is going straight into a Digidesign Eleven Rack.

New Dimarzio Area Pickups Review

Gabriele Pala: Blue Bug Competition

Milan Polak's Blue Bug Competition Entry

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Tuto Hallgrim: Swedish Hero - tribute to YJM

Swedish Hero By Tuto Hallgrim

Marcos De Ros: Gecko's Dance

Dança da Lagartixa (Gecko's Dance) - Excerpt - Live at the soundcheck. Marcos De Ros.