Damjan Pejcinoski: live4guitar interview

You have won quite a few other competitions and got placed in many others. Those challenges must be very good for keeping you on your toes. What else do you take from them?

I am not a kind of a person who thinks about music in terms of competition but competitions are really good way for anonymous guitar players to be recognised. Watching other players on YouTube you’ll come up with a conclusion that the guitar playing is further reaching. There are many musicians who gained their reputation via YouTube and their videos took them from the internet to the live stage. I guess that encouraged me and gave me an inspiration to share my passion for guitar with the world.

On which competitions did you enter the top 3?

I won 2nd places at Shred This competition and Strings on Fire contest and won the Shred This Too (with Marco Sfogli) contest. Also I won the Zuia Chitarelor live competition in Romania which was a part of the great guitar event organised by Corrado Sgandurra. more