Ralf Jung: playing with a temperature!

This is an excerpt of a clinic I did in Brno....on that whole Czech tour I was pretty sick but since I didnt post a video for a long time I thought this one is a good start - please excuse my dearranged look but with 39 degree fever...... I used a RP1000 with a Hardwire Tube Overdrive in the Stomploop and a Egnator half stack and another Egnator combo for a powerslave. The guitar I used on that tour is my Tyler "Burning Water" Model. The song you hear is one of my songs I released on my "Art of Pop" album which you can purchase at itunes or cd baby or via my webpage

Ralf Jung plays Fearless using a Digitech RP1000

Ralf Jung plays NRG using a Digitech RP1000