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Allan Holdsworth: Chicago 10/3/2010

Allan Holdsworth: Chicago 10/3/2010

Marco Sfogli,Alex Argento: Feature on new CD "Mechanism" by project Damage Control

Project Damage Control (PDC) was formed by Alan Sandifer and Brent Handy in 2005. Our self-funded, independent, self-titled release struck a chord with 50,000 people from around the world, who enjoy rock music of the 70's, 80's and 90's, and the performances of two former Petra band members, John Schlitt and Louie Weaver.

"Project Damage Control" was distributed in the United States by Wesscott Marketing, and internationally by GoGlobal Entertainment. Customer feedback and industry reviews were very positive. The first single, "Liar", was in the Top10, Top5 and Number One for multiple weeks, on ReignRadio, beating out Stryper and other mainstream Christian rock/metal groups.

Alan and Brent began writing and recording new music in 2006. Recording of all instrumental tracks was completed in 2008. Vocal track recording and mixing began in 2009. The latest album, “Mechanism”, was released by PDC in July of 2010.

Imagine picking up an iPod, inserting the earbuds and listening to a playlist programmed by a person with A-Z rock ADD. That is what you will hear on the next PDC release.

Album Credits:

"Project Damage Control"
Alan Sandifer: Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Guitars
Brent Handy: Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Engineer, Keys and Guitar Noises

John Schlitt (Head East, Petra, Solo Artist): Vocals
Louie Weaver (Petra, Viktor Band, Session Artist): Drums
George New (6Foot): Guitars, Bass
Christian Dean (6Foot): Drums
Michael Vines (Solo Artist, Session Artist): Guitars

"Mechanism"  Buy:

Alan Sandifer: Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Guitars
Brent Handy: Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Engineer, Vocals

Greg X Volz: (Petra, Solo Artist, Session Artist): Vocals
John Schlitt: (Petra, Solo Artist, Session Artist): Vocals
Louie Weaver (Petra, Viktor Band, Session Artist): Drums
John Lawry (Petra, Joe English Band, Solo Artist, Session Artist): Synthesizers
Alex Argento (Solo Artist, Session Artist): Piano, Synthesizers
Marco Sfogli (James Labrie band, Solo Artist, Session Artist): Guitars
Greg Bailey (Six Pence, Petra, Session Artist): Bass

Additional Musicians:
Roberio Moreira: Percussion
Brian Gresh: Guitars
Daniel MacFarlane: Guitars
Jeremy Gerretson: Guitars
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Sample solos

Fernando Miyata: clinics and studio with Fernando





Bub Zulu: Guitar Fusion Contest

Guitar Fusion Contest , Mr. Wallimann

Enter: Guitar Fusion Competition

Yngwie Malmsteen: Relentless first week sales announced

"Relentless", the new album from the legendary Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, sold around 1,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release.

Yngwie's previous CD, "Perpetual Flame", opened with around 2,000 units back in October 2008, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Igor Paspalj: Eddie Van Hallen - Eruption, cool version

This solo is reason I started to play guitar. And still, after so many years of great music, I think that is the one of the most influental guitar solos in history of rock guitar :) Hope you gonna like it :)

I used (like always recently) my custom Carvin DC135 and Guitar Rig 4 PRO to record this.

Eddie Van Hallen - Eruption by Igor Paspalj

Timo Tolkki: SYMFONIA interview

Timo Tolkki Interview about SYMFONIA - 2010

Matias Kupiainen: discusses his work on the New Stratovarius CD

So Matias, you’ve been in the band for about two years now. How has the journey been so far?

So far so good. The guys have been very mellow and very nice to work with, so absolutely no reason to complain.

And with Timmo Tolki being in the band for such a long time, how was it to fill those shoes? Did you feel any pressure?: In the beginning of course. I felt a lot of stress and pressure when we first started rehearse the old songs, and at the beginning of the Polaris tour. But now its piece of cake, it’s easy. We’ve now done two records together and proved that we still can compose great songs, so it’s all good.

So how was it to enter the studio for the first time?: Well you have to remember, when we first started to record the Polaris album we had no material at all to work with, and I had just began to play with Stratovarius , so we were basically just a bunch of guys putting some music to the table to see if there was something to make an album out of. The results of that later became the Polaris album, which was that kind of album we were able to do at those circumstances. But now the new album is coming out soon, which I think is much much better. More

Yngwie Malmsteen: Jeff Scott Soto discusses life with Yngwie

Metal Shrine: Working with Yngwie and those two albums, what do you remember from… you didn't audition, do you remember what songs you played or did you just jam?

Jeff Scott Soto: I remember it like it was yesterday. I met Yngwie and I basically got the call… I was surprised I got the call because they didn't expect the demos that I sent them. I was 16 years old when I sang it and I didn't even expect that I would get listened to and when I found out later, that out of the box of tapes that they brought to Yngwie, only two were taken out and played for him. The first one that they played him was the absolute worst one that was in the box and the second one they played him was my tape. Everything else they didn't bother with. That is amazing to me, that they got this 18-year-old kid who was 16 on the demo and that was good enough to play for Yngwie at that point in time compared to everything else that was sent to him. I went down to the studio to meet him and he was working on the instrumental album and he was kind of cold and reserved. He didn't put any real interest into meeting me. He was in the middle of doing his record and was like, "Yeah, I'll take some time and meet this guy, whatever!" He brought me into a little room, pulled out this acoustic guitar and started playing. "OK, I've got this song so just come up with some melodies!" So I'm kind of singing along and he goes, "OK, this is the chorus and this is the melody for this — ba ba bapa ba!" And I'm just jotting down lyrics as fast as I can and I'm trying to remember the melody and singing it to him, just me and him, like a duet kind of thing and he goes, "Yeah, that sounds pretty cool! Let's put it on tape!" He goes into the control room and they set up the microphone in the room in front of him and they start playing that same song, but with the whole band playing and I was like, "Oh, Jesus, now I've got to sing these lyrics and this melody!" and I'm trying to remember everything right on the spot. I think I even have a copy of that. They mixed me a copy of it on a cassette tape and I still have that somewhere at home. And that was my audition. I basically sang "As Above, So Below" with my kind of fake lyrics and tried to remember the melody and all he remembered was the soaring high notes I was able to hit at the very end and he said, "Man, sounds cool! Let's get together at my house and demo some more songs and we'll see what happens from here!" And it was about three weeks of that, that we did together and which eventually led to "Welcome to the band!" more

Derek Sherinian: discusses Yngwie Malmsteen and more

NHOR : You spent five years with Dream Theater, then you were fired for "creative differences". Listening to your solo albums it would still seem that you've been moving along that same path artistically - that of being a heavy, yet progressive style of music. What happened there?

DS : The relationship pretty much ran its course. You have to take into account that when their first keyboardist left, it came down to three of us that auditioned. It was Jordan Rudess, myself, and Jens Johansson. Both of them are great keyboard players. Their first choice was Jordan, but he was unable to commit to the tour, so they settled on me. I ended up doing six months as a sideman, then they hired me into the band full time. I did four years with them. Three records, a DVD and a bunch of touring. more

Vinnie Moore: UFO US tour dates

Confirmed dates so far:

May 11 - Baltimore, MD @ Bourbon Street
May 13 - New York, NY @ BB Kings
May 14 - Foxboro, MA (Boston) @ The Showcase Live
May 20 - Chicago, IL @ The Arcada Theater
May 21 - Chicago, IL @ The Aracada Theate

Dave Reeves: Blue Bug competitions

Milan Polak Blue Bug competition, entry by Dave Reeves

Eric Johnson: new album "Up Close" interview

Guitarist Eric Johnson at Saucer Studios in Austin, Texas. In part 1, Eric talks about the studio and the recording of his new album "Up Close".
Eric Johnson Up Close - part 1 - Saucer Studios

Interview with guitarist Eric Johnson at Saucer Studios in Austin, Texas. In part 2, Eric talks about the writing and production process for his new album "Up Close" and mentions some of the gear he used for particular songs on the album including a Fender Stratocaster with Dimarzio HS2 pickup, Echoplex Tube Driver, 100W Marshall Amp, and Dunlop Fuzz Face Distortion Pedal.

Eric Johnson Interview - Songs From Up Close Album - part 2

Interview with guitarist Eric Johnson at Saucer Studios in Austin, Texas. In part 3, Eric shows us some of the guitars, amps and effects he used for the recording of his new album "Up Close" including his Fender '57 Strat with DiMarzio HS2 bridge pickup, Fender Eric Johnson Signature Strat, Rosewood Eric Johnson Strat with Super V Tremolo, Gibson 335 and SG, Fender Twin Reverb Amps, Stereo TC Electronic Chorus, Boss Digital Delay DD2, EXH Deluxe Memory Man, Barracuda Toadworks Flanger, Danelectro Fuzz Face, Echoplex Tube Driver, 50-100W Marshall, and the secret ingredient: a "tilted" Vox amp.

Eric Johnson Interview - Guitars Amp Effects On Up Close Album - part 3

Joe Satriani: Chickenfoot - "Foxy Lady" (Live in Cabo)

Chickenfoot - "Foxy Lady" (Live in Cabo)

News: Lick Library launch 2010 special advent calender

"Every day between now and Christmas day Lick Library is offering a series of fantastic special offers from their 2010 advent calendar launched today.

The concept is simple and loved by all… every day open the box and see the days’ special offer. You can access the special Lick Library advent calendar from this link . There’s no limit to the amount of special offers you take up so you can take your pick from one or two or all twenty five.

Happy shredding!


Jonas Tamas: Locrian natural lesson with tab

This polyrhythm idea is from my first album Sharp Guitars From a Flat Planet. The song is called Locrian Locusts, because a dark and obscure scale called "Locrian Nat.6" is used in the second half of the song. more

TJ Helmerich: Eight-Finger Freedom lesson with tab

DOZENS OF STUDENTS FLOCK TO TJ Helmerich’s recording class at Musicians Institute each quarter, but perhaps not all of them realize that their esteemed and humble maestro of the mixing console is also a GIT alumnus and a truly innovative guitarist. With both hands on the fretboard, Helmerich can play astonishingly lyrical lines that often feature wide, pianistic leaps and elegant turns of musical phrase. Even with a distorted rock tone dialed in, when Helmerich has his Steinberger GM angled near vertically in his lap, his guitar takes on an element of wind instruments. The notes on the neck seem to be arranged as conveniently for all eight of his fingers as the keys of a saxophone.
“I had no eight-finger influences,” says Helmerich, whose pioneering playing has earned him work with everyone from Planet X to Zappa Plays Zappa, Paul Gilbert to Autograph, U.K. to Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch, and also can be heard on solo albums for Shrapnel and other labels. “All my early heroes—DiMeola, Michael Schenker, Larry Carlton, Rush, Kiss—played ‘normal’ guitar. But when I read in Guitar Player one day that the most valuable thing to have is a unique style, I immediately asked myself, ‘What is no one else doing?’” more

Silvio Cicero: Guitar Addiction solo contest - Tahiti!!!

I think this is the first players we've had from Tahiti

Silvio Cicero - Guitar Addiction solo contest

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Don Lappin: High powered fusion line up for new CD!!!

Just looking forward to a new release Don Lappin's new CD which is choc full of some of the best names in fusion. I'll get the full details out as soon as I can. I leave Don to explain...

Don Lappin:
Hi Everybody!

It's been a while since I was last here and wanted to let you all know that I am recording a new record (Guitar Instrumental Rock)!!! This record will feature:

1) Steve Hunt on Keys (Allan Holdsworth, Billy Cobham, Stanley Clark)
2) Joe Santerre on Bass (Berklee)
3) Chad Wackerman on Drums (Allan Holdsworth, Frank Zappa)
4) Lowly me on Guitar, hahaha......

The record is written, demoed, and I'm now working on charts as well as click/Bass Line tracks for Chad to track his drums with. I plan to start recording my guitars within the next month. I'm hoping to release the record this coming Summer.

I am posting a link to my promo page/video on The purpose of the site is to help artists such as myself secure the necessary funding so that the project can be completed. Although much of the cost is coming out of my own pocket, I hope to raise all I can from Kickstarter.

It would help me out a TON if you could check out the link and help spread the word: maybe post it on your facebook page, etc.... Here is the link to my proposal/video. I have created some really cool rewards for anyone interested in pledging.

You will be happy to know that I will be using my Sils to record the entire record!!! I love them as much now as the day I got them!

I will also stop by here as often as possible with updates on my progress. My facebook page is I will be posting updates there as well.

Thanks everyone!!!

Well I've just jumped in as I think this will be a great project, if you want to know more visit Kickstart

Don Lappin's New Record

Andy Timmons: Analog Stereo Dual Chorus NIG

Andy Timmons Demos Analog Stereo Dual Chorus NIG

Colm Lindsay: Blue Bug Competition - cool musical motifs!

Blue Bug Competition by Milan Polak & T-Rex - Colm Lindsay

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Fabrice Lacourt: Blue Bug Competition

Blue Bug Competition - Fabrice LACOURT

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Mats Moland Træen: Blue Bug Competition

Blue Bug competition entry - Mats Moland Træen

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Keith Medley: "Ancestors" - 27 string guitar

Keith Medley: "Ancestors" - 27 string guitar

Marco Sfogli: James LaBrie solos

I Need You Rhythm

One More Time Unison

I Need You Solo

Tom Quayle: orders a new Suhr!

Tom Quayle's order goes in...

Pipo Ledesma: Guitar Fusion Contest - bebop?

Guitar Fusion Contest - Pipo Ledesma

Enter: Guitar Fusion Competition

Pierre Vic: Ron Thal TC electronics competition

System One - Music Video (featuring TC Electronic G-System)

Ron Thal TC electronics competition

Silvio Cicero: Guitar Addiction solo contest

Silvio Cicero - Guitar Addiction solo contest

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Jennifer Batten, Hedras Ramos: Photo gallery from Jennifer's recent visit to Guatamala

Jennifer Batten made a recent visit to the beautiful country of Guatamala. Hedras Ramos caught up with Jennifer in Guatamala City and was able to demo some tracks from an upcoming CD release. Hedras Ramos had recently met Jennifer Batten at Ziua Chitarelor 3 guitar day in Romania. With Jennifer in town, may be there will be a little additional solo worked added to the new CD?

Jennifer Batten listening to one of Hedras' new tracks 

Jennifer Batten listening to one of Hedras' new tracks 

Jennifer Batten at Casa Instrumental 

Jennifer Batten at Casa Instrumental 

Hedras Ramos and Jennifer at Hedras's studio.

Jennifer Batten Private Press Conference

Jennifer Batten Private Press Conference.

These are some pictures of Hedras Ramos playing with his band on the 27 November 2010 at El sitio3.

Hedras @ El sitio3 27Nov2010

Hedras & BlueROJO at El Sitio 27Nov2010

Hedras @ El Sitio 1 27Nov2010